Utillian 620 vs Pax 3-Which is the Better & Powerful Option?

The vaporizers are becoming more and more popular after the health specialist has started to look for healthier ways to consume cannabis. So if you were unsure about where to begin with your vaping devices, you sure have come to the right place! There are a lot of options available in portable vaporizers depending on the performance need of vape enthusiasts. However, two high-rated portable vaporizers on the higher end of the performance spectrum come with unique features and experience- Utillian 620 from the Utillian and the Pax 3 from the Pax labs. Both devices claim to be the best on the market, so it is fair to put them against each other to find out better i.e. Utillian 620 vs Pax 3.

Utillian 620 vs Pax 3 - Haze Smoke Shop USA

 Haze Smoke Shop will be looking at the ins and outs of arguably one of the best vaporizers in the market to see if they are worth the hype!

Design and Distinguished Features – Utillian 620 vs Pax 3

Utillian 620 vs Pax 3 - Haze Smoke Shop USA

The Pax 3 has a sleek and compact design and can fit into a pocket. The ornamentation is minimum and features X shaped LED on the main body. LED serves as the leading indicator for the device, telling the information about the battery life and heating settings. Most importantly, the Pax 3 comes with a flat and a raised mouthpiece. Additionally, it also comes with two types of dry herb oven lids: full-oven and half-oven. Finally, it also comes with a concentrate insert allowing the vaporizer to enjoy concentrates.

The user can connect the Pax via Bluetooth to an app for more in-depth information and control. The Bluetooth app lets the user customize the session according to their preference. Moreover, the device’s body is of anodized aluminum, which stands to the trials and tribulations of daily use.

Design and Heating

Like Pax 3, the Utillian 620 has a discreet design and is a travel-friendly vaporizer because of its portability. In addition, the device is designed with one of the finest materials and offers impressive features making vaping fun for the users.

It has a sturdy and durable aluminium body that is unbreakable. Additionally, the unit makes the loading easy with the magnetic mouthpiece made of glass. The sliding mouthpiece also cools down the vapors before they reach your lips. Moreover, it comes with an aluminium heating chamber that can fit 0.1 to 0.2 grams of herbs in the chamber. The heating chamber is removable that helps the user keep it debris-free.

Most importantly, the latest Utillian 620 introduced a new convection heating, also called Helix heating, which increases oven’s intensity. The air goes from the spiral-shaped metal before it reaches the oven and then creates the heat before distributing it in the oven. The Helix element is tucked magnetically at the bottom of the vape. Also, it ensures the easier cleaning of the vapor path. Convection heating means that the heating element doesn’t touch the herb in the oven. Instead, the unit generates the heat outside the oven and then pulls in while the user vaporizes, resulting in flavorf

Battery LifeUtillian 620 vs Pax 3

PAX 3 has a battery life of 90 minutes to a full two hours, depending on the temperature you use and how many times the user warms up or cools down the device. For instance, shorter sessions on high temperature will provide around 90 minutes of run time, while the longer sessions with PAX 3 world provide a run time close to two hours. And, if you are sharing. PAX 3 with several people can turn the one long session into two with a hot reload, making it the best option in the market. On the other hand, the Utillian 620 comes with a 2300mAh battery, and the unit lasts for around 60 minutes when fully charged.

Temperature Settings

Utillian 620 vs Pax 3 - Haze Smoke Shop USA

Vaping offers new ways to enjoy dry herbs and concentrates. All this is possible with different temperature settings offered by different vaporizers. Lower temperature offers subtle vapors; on the other hand, higher temperature generates dense clouds.

The Pax 3 features four convection heating preset temperature settings including 360°F, 380°F, 400°F, and 420°F. The user can switch to the following temperature setting by holding down the main control button. However, you can connect the device to the app for more options.

The app doesn’t not only lets users enjoy precise temperature control but also unlocks the new functions. The most interesting of these is boos mode. This setting allows the heating system to generate dense vapors. Another handy feature is the stealth mode that turns off the LED light on the body, ensuring lowkey vaping.

On the other hand, The Utillian 620 has simple temperature settings. For example, the user can control the temperature by setting it between 320°F-428°F.

Quality of Vapor

PAX 3 is known as the standard-setter of the industry and lives up to its reputation. The vapor quality and flavor of herbs are best in a low-temperature setting. Towards the end of the session, the vapors become warm.

On the other hand, the vapor path of Utillian 620 is isolated and composed of metal and glass, which results in strong flavor. Also, the device’s cloud production is healthy, and the stir stick allows the user to stir herbs mid-session for the right consistency. The device also supports the airflow that helps the users to enjoy vapors of excellent quality. Overall, the unit’s vapor quality is perfect, and if you are looking for a budget-friendly portable vaporizer with strong hits, this is the one for you!

Ease of Use

Utillian 620 vs Pax 3 - Haze Smoke Shop USA

The Pax 3 features a single-button control and LED “X” display. The display usually lights up in different ways to display additional settings. For instance, if the device lights up and pulses gently, the vaporizer is activated and starts heating. Additionally, the vaporizer’s display corresponds to different temperature settings differently- one for the lowest setting, two for the following settings, and so on up to four.

Users can get to know the Pax 3 better if they connect the device with the smartphone app. The app allows users to understand what’s going on inside the vape and control the heating system.

Similarly, Utillian 620 is a straightforward device. All you need is to Pull off the magnetic mouthpiece from the unit and load the dry herb into the heating chamber. Then replace the mouthpiece and turn on the device by clicking the power button five times. Next, use the up and down button to select the desired temperature. Finally, the unit vibrates when it reaches the desired temperature.

Final Thoughts – Utillian 620 vs Pax 3

Compared to the other popular portable vaporizers, the PAX 3 stands out as it is convenient and a low-maintenance device. In addition, it heats up faster than most of the vaporizers available today. One of the cool characteristics is a full and half oven. Another important update is raised mouthpiece isolating the mouth from the device that prevents lips from burning. PAX 3 deserves to be count as a top-tier vaporizer with its exceptional design and quality vapor production.  So, if you are into quality vaping, the PAX 3 is one of the best options out there!

On the other hand, while assessing Utillian 620, we can say that we are fond of this device even though it doesn’t have a removable battery or a USB-C charging cable. Overall, the performance is solid at a minimal price, along with good battery life. Also, the device is small and easy to carry, making it one of the most loved dry herb vaporizers on the market. So the choice is yours, and decide based on what features you want better in your vaping devices!