Speculating on the Powerful Mighty+ Vaporizer

Storz and Bickel introduced the Mighty vaporizer to the market back in 2014. After all these years, the Mighty remains the king in the dry herb vaporizers. However, with the launch of the Crafty+ last year, the consumers started to wonder if there is a Mighty vaporizer update on the list.

With increasing curiosity and the possibility of the release date. We at Haze Smoke Shop decided to dive into the forums of the vaping world to find out what people would expect from the Mighty Plus. We will also try to predict what new features and upgrades the Storz and Bickel Engineering team will offer with their latest release.

Mighty+ Vaporizer - Haze Smoke Shop USA

Let’s dive in and determine what Storz & Bickel has confirmed. And what consumers expect from the updated version of Mighty vaporizer.

Storz & Bickel on Improved Heating

Storz & Bickel has kept most of the features hidden from the followers. The company hasn’t confirmed much. But the company’s co-founder has given a glimpse of what to expect from the Mighty Plus. In their 20 year Volcano-Documentary, the company mentioned how they are working on Mighty plus, which will have improved heat-up times and other upgrades to cater to everyone’s needs.

 The Mighty vaporizer has a combination of convection heating and conduction to provide a fast and continuous vaping experience. However, the company has confirmed the faster heat-up time, and they haven’t made it clear how they will do it.

Different forums have pointed out that Crafty plus has come out with a faster heating time. This makes them speculate that Mighty plus will take you from 0 to 420 in a matter of seconds.

Expected Improvements in Mighty+ Vaporizer

The precise details of the already existing vaporizer make it hard to replace the iconic Mighty vaporizer. However, with today’s technology and updates, people want the upgraded devices even with minor changes.

We have noticed three of the common themes in different forums about the upcoming model: the improved battery, USB-C charging, and the slight change in the design.

Mighty+ Vaporizer Design

Something we all agree on about Storz & Bickel is the reasonably compact designs of their products. They do make small changes, but nothing drastic, which is why their latest Volcano Hybrid features a similar design as the Volcano class released 20 years earlier. This is true for Crafty+, and we assume this will be the case with Mighty+ as well.

Still, the users are hoping for the small changes in the updated Mighty version. At present, the Mighty has a curved bottom and cannot stand on its own that risk the possibility of knocking it over. So, the vape enthusiast is at least hoping for the design for Mighty+ that will have a self-standing feature. This would allow users to enjoy a worry-free experience along with easy loading and safe storing. In addition, the rumors also speculate a new OLED display that will come with a cleaner interface to let users see the information on the display.

Improved Battery and USB-C Charging

The Mighty vaporizers are famous for their excellent battery life in the market. Although several other vaporizers are renowned for better battery life, the Mighty’s pair of 18650 batteries is always working fine.

Just like the Crafty+ upgraded battery life by one hour, we hope to see the enhanced Mighty+ power as well. Rumors have pointed towards the battery upgrade, arguing the 10-20% more battery life. Again, we hope that Storz & Bickel offer the removable batteries, but that would not likely be in the package.

Another possibility of upgrade is the USB-C charging port which makes all the sense with the recent switch of companies to it. One of the users saw the Mighty+ icon on the Crafty+ USB-C charger, confirming the possibility of the USB-C charger with Mighty+. The USB-C charger lets the user charge the device with a 100W capacity. Apart from this, USB-C also offers faster charging with pass-through charging so the user can vape while charging!

Mighty+ Release Date?

Storz & Bickel is famous for its legendary vaporizers, which have revolutionized the vaping world. The Mighty is still one of the best vaporizers out in the market, and we do not doubt that the Mighty+ will be even better than the current version.

The short answer to when it will be released is we don’t know. Although it wouldn’t be crazy to think that Mighty+ may release in 2021, we can’t be sure.

Note: Storz & Bickel hasn’t fully confirmed the new features this article has discussed Mighty+.