G Pen Roam Review 2021: The Powerful Way to Dab on the Go

G Pen is one of the top players in the vape world and has released several amazing products under their banner. So whether you have just entered the vaping world or are a vape enthusiast, you must have heard of Grenco Science. One such option from Grenco Science is G Pen Roam which has revolutionized how we all view the portable consumption of concentrates. Released on April 1st, 2010, it has gained a prestigious place within the world of electric dab rigs because of self-contained water filtration.

G Pen Roam - Haze Smoke Shop USA

So, let’s take a closer look at the G Pen Roam by Grenco Science and see if it lives up to all the hype!

Design & Features

The Roam comes with a durable aluminium alloy with an ergonomic design that user feel comfortable holding. The bottom of the device is slightly thicker than the top part that helps it stand upright. Moreover, it comes with three buttons and an LED screen along with haptic feedback. The logo on the front part lights up whenever the device is turned on. Also, you can easily slide up the device body to access the glass tube, air path, and silicone mouthpiece.

G Pen Roam - Haze Smoke Shop USA

G Pen Roam Heating Coil

Located on top of the device, the device features a quartz coil. It has a protective housing that keeps the heat source away from the fingers. Moreover, you can slide the housing to the device for cleaning, maintenance, and loading. The housing is the quartz tank with the heating element at the bottom.

G Pen Roam - Haze Smoke Shop USA

Water filtration

One of the most unique and celebrated features of the device is a self-contained water filtration glass tube. Before it was released, the vaping world offered two types of wax vaporizer, dab pens with portability and e-nails with water filtration. However, with the release of Roam, the scenario has changed. The Roam combines portability with water filtration to emerge as a king of wax vaporizers.

Some of the e-nails have the water tube at the bottom while others have it on the top. In short, none have the hydro tube inside the device. The Roam has changed it with a combination of portability and water filtration.

The water tube is inside the body of the Roam, which doesn’t make it visible while using. Moreover, the attachment is leak-proof and connects to a removable mouthpiece that sticks out of the device to fill it with water.

G Pen Roam Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of the Roam is excellent. Water filtration is one of the most stable features & exclusive in its way and holds the water internally. Moreover, it features a fantastic range of temperatures that allows the device to exhibit fantastic flavor. Overall, the long vapor path and the vapor passing through water cool it down before it reaches your lip. 

Interface & Use

The device comes with three buttons, including two temperature plus & minus buttons and a power button. It also has an LCD that displays battery level, temperature level, and other settings.

G Pen Roam - Haze Smoke Shop USA

The use is straightforward and requires the user to follow the following steps;

  • The first thing is to charge the battery that takes almost 90 minutes entirely.
  • Now, fill up the hydro-tube till the line mark.
  • Turn on the device by clicking on the power button five times.
  • Adjust the temperature settings using the plus and minus buttons in 25F increment. Watch the video here for more clarity!

G Pen Roam Heat Activation Modes

The Roam Features two heat activation modes: Automatic & Manual.

Automatic Heat Mode: You need to press the power button twice to activate the auto-heat. The device will heat up and vibrate to give the signal. It will stay the same for 30 seconds and then vibrate again to indicate heat deactivation. Moreover, you can always click the button twice to deactivate heat anytime.

Manual Heat Mode: Click and hold the power button to activate the heat manually. The device will heat till the selected temperature and maintain its heat until the user releases the button.

Max Mode: Whenever the device reaches the maximum temperature (800F), you can press the power button to start the Max mode that reflects total output without any temperature control. The LED screen displays “MAX” while this mode is active. Sometimes the device overheats, and the LED display steps in to give a signal by showing hand. It will then turn off when cool down to operate the other temperature settings. Moreover, this mode also cleans the device by burning off the residue of the extracts that require high temperatures.

Other Important Functions

Temperature Range: 600F to 800F (315C to 425C)

Troubleshoot: When the device detects some problem, it will display an X with an arrow pointing downward. To resolve this issue, kindly check your tank or coil for connections and try again! 

Switch between C and F: Hold the up bottom and power button at one time for three seconds to change the Celsius into Fahrenheit and vice versa. 

Other Important Functions

Final Verdict

The Roam has brought a revolution in the wax vaping world. The device comes with a great concept that other manufacturers will copy. A lot of thought has gone into the designing and engineering of this vape. Moreover, a Perfect water filtration system into the portable device is not easy, but G Pen has pulled it off very well.