The Outstanding Zeus Arc/Arc GT Parts and Accessories

Zeus Arsenal, a German vape manufacturer, has introduced two dry herb vaporizers- Zeus Arc and Zeus Arc GT. Initially, Zeus Arc targeted the premium vape market and then came along Zeus Arc GT, which targets the luxury market. Overall, Zeus is a versatile brand that offers modern features and also delivers tasty vapors. Are you looking for a shop to buy your desired vaporizer? The Haze Smoke Shop is the best place to find the Arc, Arc GT along with replacement and few suppositive accessories for Zeus Arc/Arc GT. Certainly, we guarantee high-quality accessories replacement and a wide selection of unique products.

Zeus Arc/Arc GT - Haze Smoke Shop USA

ZEUS Arc and Zeus Arc GT Vaporizers

The official packages of Zeus Arc/Arc GT, dry herb vaporizers, have vaporizers with a sleek look and an LED colored lighting display. Quite interestingly, both vapes look similar except for the “GT” logo displayed on one side of the Arc GT. Moreover, these ultra-compact devices come with a built-in magnetic tool and can easily fit into the palm of your hand. Furthermore, the outer shell has a sleek matte black finish, engineered by the experts in Germany using aluminium. They both feature deep chambers having a capacity of 0.5g of dry herb and a silicone mouthpiece above it. The notable differences are Arc features a stainless steel chamber, pathway, and heat sink. On the other hand, the GT features a gold plated chamber, pathway, and heat sink.

Zeus Arc/Arc GT - Haze Smoke Shop USA
Zeus Arc/Arc GT - Haze Smoke Shop USA

USB Charging Cable

The Zeus promotes convenience with Arc and Arc GT’s release and offers a USB Charging Cable with each. Moreover, you can attach the power adapter with a charging cable or attach it to an electronic device for a recharge.

Zeus Arc/Arc GT - Haze Smoke Shop USA

Zeus Arc/Arc GT Flow Sink Tool

The Flow Sink Tool for the Arc and Arc GT helps to remove the flow sink from the unit’s air path. But how to use this Flow Sink Tool? All you have to do is take it and put it inside the device from the bottom. Furthermore, the tool will push the flow sink screen out of the device from the top. The Haze Smoke Shop also offers a replacement tool identical to one that comes with the original one.

Zeus Arc/Arc GT - Glass Spacer

Zeus Arc/Arc GT Glass Spacer

Want to shrink the size of your Arc or Arc GT chamber for a micro session? Arc and Arc GT’s official package comes with a Glass Spacer that cuts the heating chamber’s size in half. Moreover, this spacer lets the user enjoy the shorter sessions. Place it on the bottom or on top of the chamber to fill up space, and if the original one is damaged or lost, you can get your replacement Glass Spacer at Haze Smoke Shop.

Zeus Arc/Arc GT - Flow Sink Screen

Zeus Arc/Arc GT Flow Sink Screen

Flow sink screens are the cooling chamber installed inside the Arc and Arc GT. IF you want these screens to last longer, clean them by soaking them in isopropyl alcohol and then rinse them, which will prolong their life span. However, if you want to replace them, Haze Smoke Shop offers the Zeus Arc and Arc GT replacement screens. The only difference between the vape screens is the material as Arc comes with a Stainless Steel Flow Sink, and Arc GT comes with a Gold Plated Screen that improves the vapes’ performance.

Heat Sink

Zeus Arc/Arc GT Heat Sink

Another essential accessory of Arc and Arc GT is Heat Sink, a Stainless Steel Heat Sink for the Arc, and Gold-plated Heat Sink for the Arc GT. It removes the vapors’ heat as it fits in the mouthpiece and cools down the vapor before hitting the lips. The replacement heat sink is the perfect replacement if you accidentally damage the original one!


Zeus Arc/Arc GT Tool

Attached to the unit’s bottom is the Aluminium Arc Tool or Gold-plated Arc GT Tool. Moreover, the tool allows the users to stir the chamber or empty it at the end of the session. All you have to do is detach it from the bottom and use it as you want! The tool is also helpful to clean the mouthpiece screen and remove the residue from it as well.

Power Bank

Zeus Power Bank

Are you worried about running out of charge? You don’t need to worry as Zeus has come out with a solution for this issue too. The official accessory line offers a Power bank, a perfect companion for Zeus Products. Furthermore, the Power bank provides a 5000mAh battery with a USB charging cable to keep the favorite vaporizer charged. The most important benefits of the power bank are convenience and quick charge. You only have to plug the USB cable into the ZEUS charger and the opposite end into the vaporizer.

Zeus Grime Wipes

Zeus Grime Wipes

The Zeus offers the package of five Grime wipes with the original package that takes care of the device and ensures a longer lifespan. Wipes clean the different components of the vaporizers, and each stick has the ethyl alcohol that provides hassle-free maintenance of components made of glass, ceramic, and metal. So, how is it done? Pop off the stick’s top, and alcohol will drain down to the cotton part. Wipes can clean different parts and then throw them away. The Haze Smoke Shop offers the package of Zeus Grime wipes on websites to facilitate Zeus users.


Zeus Grime Sticks

Are you worried about cleaning the heating chamber and other fragile components of the vaporizers? No worries!! Zeus Arc and Zeus Arc GT come with a package of five Grime Sticks conveniently cleaning the heating chamber and other vaporizers’ components. The Zeus Grime Sticks have ethyl alcohol that helps to maintain Arc and Arc GT. It would be best if you popped off the stick’s top to drain alcohol to the cotton part to clean the fragile parts. You can also get your replacement Grime Sticks at Haze Smoke Shop.

Cleaning Bristles

Cleaning Bristles

Zeus is very thoughtful of its users and offers different cleaning accessories that help users clean and maintain their Zeus products. One such addition is Cleaning Bristles, which comes with the Arc and Arc GT. The accessory is ideal for removing the build-up residue from the Arc or Arc GT’s tight parts. The Cleaning Bristles come five in quantity with Arc and Arc GT and works in harmony with cleaner and grime sticks.

Care Package

Zeus Arc/ Arc GT Care Package

Zeus has always been very thoughtful of their followers, and they didn’t disappoint with the care package either. The Zeus offers the care package with a replacement screen, silicone mouthpiece, and a flow sink screen. The only noticeable difference is Arc care package screen’s material is stainless steel, and while the Arc GT care package screens are gold-plated. The care package allows the user to refresh their device and take it back to the tip-top position if you lose the original pieces, making vaping a convenient experience.

Zeus Armor Case

Zeus Armor Case

Carrying vaporizers is a difficult job, and Zeus makes it comfortable by offering the Zeus Armor Case to make carrying devices convenient on the go! The case is light-weight, shock resistant, and comes with a zipper to minimize odors. Additional benefits include the custom slot for Zeus bolt grinder and have extra space for herbs, accessories, and chargers.