A Guide to Arizer Solo 2 Parts And Accessories

Arizer Solo 2 is the original Solo’s successor and has come out as a winner. The updates seem minor but make it one of the most powerful dry herb vaporizers. Arizer’s portable vapes are unique in design and come with several unique accessories and parts.

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer in blue and black color

The Arizer products are famous for their decent outlook, durability, affordability, and number of spare parts they come with! If you own a portable Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer, you might get confused at the beginning with all the pieces. So if you are one of those people who are not familiar with Solo 2 yet, and still confused with which part goes or where. We are going to make it easy for you. Today at Haze Smoke Shop, we take a peek at Arizer Solo 2 parts and accessories to let our followers know it better!

Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer with complete set of accessories
Arizer solo 2 glass aroma tube

Glass Aroma Tubes

Solo 2’s entire vapor path is made of borosilicate glass. Glass aroma tubes come in two sizes-90mm & 110mm, so in case you break one, you’ll have a spare in hand. Since the glass is tasteless, the vapor passes from the path, only picks up its herb’s flavor. You insert the glass stem on top of the unit, allowing users to enjoy exceptional vapors. However, the great thing about the Arizer parts is that they are easily replaceable and available on the Haze Smoke Shop.

Arizer solo 2 aroma dish

Aroma Dish

Solo 2 offers a glass aroma dish that allows you to scent a room with a favorite herb or essential oil. All users have to load the larger end of the aroma dish with oil or the herbs and insert the smaller end into the cooking pot. Hold up the button for six seconds, and the Aroma dish will help the user get rid of the unwanted smells from home. Please make sure to use a small quantity as there is a hole at the Aroma Dish’s bottom. Also, the replacement aroma dish is available at Haze Smoke Shop.

Arizer solo 2 pvc travel tubes

Travel Tubes

The package comes with PVC travel tubes and in three different sizes- 90mm & 110mm and Aroma dish size. The tubes have silicone caps protecting the glass aroma tube and preventing odor. Overall, the travel tube helps the user to carry around the aroma dish, glass aroma tubes, and herbs in this travel tube. If you have broken the original ones, get your replacement at Haze Smoke Shop.

arizer solo 2 stem caps

Stem Caps

The Arizer offers two stem caps with Arizer Solo 2 to cover the Glass Aroma Tubes while on the go. The silicone stem caps are durable and protect Glass Aroma Tubes on the go.

Filter Screens

filter screens for arizer solo 2

If you are a regular user, you likely need to replace the filter screens on your Arizer Solo 2. Regardless of what vaporizer you’ve got, the screen is one of the parts that always need attention. Regular cleaning of filter screens always helps. Soak them in the rubbing alcohol and rinse it off after some time. Dry it before you start using it.

The Arizer Solo 2 also comes with four filter screens used at the bottom of the Glass Aroma Tube to allow cool vapors. The screens filter the vapors that make the experience smooth and lets the user enjoy the session. If you think it’s now time to change the screen, you can replace it with extra screens that come with the package or get a replacement pack of the screen at Haze Smoke Shop.

Usb charger for arizer solo 2


The device comes with a USB charger that could be used with a power adapter or attached to an electronic device for charging. The user can use the charger by plugging the adapter into the socket and connect the charger to Solo 2.

arizer solo 2 car charger

The Arizer also offers the car charger for the Solo 2. This charger does not come with the original pack but can be spotted at Haze Smoke Shop. The car charger is attached to the car’s cigarette socket, while the other end is attached to the solo 2 that charges the device on the go, which makes the vaping experience convenient.

stainless steel Stirring tool for arizer solo 2

Stirring Tool

Arizer Solo 2 package comes with a stirring tool made of stainless steel. The stirring tool is a useful instrument that helps users emptying the herbs from the bowl after a vaping session. It also allows the user to stir the herbs in the bowl during a session.

black carrying case for arizer solo 2

Carrying Case

Arizer has a solution for everything!! Want to take your Arizer Solo 2 on the go? No worries!! The Arizer offers a carrying case that makes the carrying of the device convenient. The case is light-weight, shock resistant, and allows users to take vape wherever they want!


The Arizer portable vaporizers come with a two-year warranty, while the warranty does not cover the glass parts. However, they are inexpensive and are readily available at Haze Smoke Shop. When you receive your parcel, open it, and check if all the parts are present and working right!