Zeus Arc Review- A Power House Leading the Dry Herb Vaping!

The Zeus has Zeus Arc in an offer famous for the high-quality dry herb vaporizer. The Zeus Arc has a compact body, haptic feedback, and internal acceleration sensor with quality features that meet the latest requirement for a vaporizer. So, today at Haze Smoke Shop, we will explore how Arc enhances the vaporizing experience for beginners and experts.

Zeus Arc - Haze Smoke Shop USA

Zeus Arc Design

The devices come with an “Engineered in Germany” that makes the quality noticeably different from the other dry herb portable vaporizer. It has an elegant construction with a hard-coated aluminium case that feels stable and is not too heavy. And also, because of its small size, it can be very discreet.

The Zeus Arc GT features the stainless steel vapor path, unique for its heat sink that cools down vapors before it hits your mouth. The vapor path evenly distributes the heat that prevents combustion and overheating. This e compact device also features an accelerometer, haptic feedback, USB charging port, built-in multi-tool, and upgradeable firmware. Moreover, the portability is the biggest strength of the device. The device is considered to be a compact and portable unit. Therefore, you can enjoy the delicious vapors on the go stress-free way.

Vapor Production

The Zeus Arc lives up to its name as the device is quite powerful. The range of temperature settings allows the users to enjoy flavorful and thick clouds. The vapors are also smooth even at the highest temperature and are not too harsh on the throat while inhaling. So it is best to start with a low level and increase slowly over time.

At first setting, the vapors taste very good, and vapors are not so thick. On the second level, the device gives a balanced experience of vapors and taste. Moreover, at the third level, the vapors are thickest than the other levels and could be too warm for some people. It is recommended to use the water filter adapter with this setting.

How to Use the Zeus Arc

Using the Zeus Arc GT is a convenient and straightforward method. First, hold the main button and wait for the unit to heat up. This almost takes around a minute. LED light on the device blinks while heating up and turns solid green when the device reaches the desired temperature and is ready to go. The device has three different temperature settings allowing users to draw the sessions per their preference. However, the temperature is changeable with the firmware. The user simply needs to download the firmware on the computer and plug in the device to customize the device’s temperature settings.

Another essential thing to remember about the device is its power saver mode, which turns off the device after 10 minutes of no use to conserve battery life. In addition, a lip at the top of the device allows you to load the herbs quickly and prevent spillage. Also, the magnetic tool at the bottom helps users to empty the chamber.

For cleaning and maintenance purposes, remove the rubber lid and reveal the chamber. Clean the chamber with the help of the Zeus grime sticks. Now, please take out the heat sink and flow sink screen and submerge it into isopropyl alcohol. Take it out after some time, wipe it with water and leave it to dry.

LED Status Indicator

The following detail will explain what the LEDs mean;

  • Solid red: battery level
  • Pulsating red: charging
  • Flashing red: low battery level
  • Solid blue: change of temperature level
  • Pulsating blue: heating up
  • Solid green: the device is ready to vape
  • Pulsating white: cooling down of the device
  • Flashing yellow: potential fault

Final Words

The Zeus Arc is an impressive device that brings power and uniqueness together. You will get hundreds of options in the market at a lower price, but none can produce the quality vapors as Arc does. So if you are looking for a user-friendly, practical device that offers great features, the Zeus Arc might be just for you!