G Pen Dash Review-Should You Buy in 2022?

G Pen had some busy business years with releasing significant extract vapes, including Roam and Connect. Unfortunately, both devices received mixed reviews. However, with the release of the new dry herb vaporizer G Pen Dash, the hopes have gone up again! The latest G Pen Dash is a portable, entry-level simple-to-use vape with unique features such as a magnetic mouthpiece, haptic feedback, and a glass-lined oven. In this review by Haze Smoke Shop, we’ll be going over the key features and who the vape suits the best!

G Pen Dash - Haze Smoke Shop USA

Design of G Pen Dash

The Dash comes with an exterior shell made of Aluminium. It also has air intake holes on the front and back of the shell with one button interface. The device also has 3 LED lights that change with every temperature setting. There is also a micro-USB port at the bottom of the device, which supports pass-through charging.


The G Pen Dash has an isolated airpath, so the visible part of the mouthpiece is just a cover of the internal mouthpiece. You can pull the isolated mouthpiece out from the cover, and it contains a helix that cools down the vapor. The presence of the helix makes the mouthpiece different from the vape in the same range. Moreover, the air that passes through the helix cools down the vapor before reaching the mouth.

Moreover, the mouthpiece is magnetic, with two pins at the side to make it look perfect. The mouthpiece design is unique as it has no latches. The other vapes in the same price range are held in place with a latch that fails quickly. Moreover, using a magnet and small pins to line it up and close it makes the mouthpiece smart and durable.

Heating Chamber

The G Pen Dash has a glass-lined oven that seems perfect for the solo session. It features air-intake hotels all around that pull the air through the holes to the bottom of the oven. The oven has a simple design that is easy to clean. Moreover, the vape’s top has a smooth surface that easily slides the herb into the oven.

G Pen Dash Interface

The Dash has a one-button interface and haptic feedback, which means it vibrates when the desired temperature is reached. For example, when a user presses the button five times, the device turns on and begins to heat. However, pressing the button three times will toggle the three temperature levels that reflect Blue at 375°F, Green at 401°F, and Red at 428°F. The device also has LEDs reflecting the battery strength.

G Pen Dash Performance

The overall performance of the device is fantastic. However, there are a few issues that are worth mentioning. The Dash is a small vape but has a limitation regarding heat dispersion. Since Dash is so small and has nowhere to dissipate, this keeps the device and vapors warm, which can be uncomfortable. The device shares the problem with similar vapes or even some expensive ones. However, G Pen has tried to overcome this problem by having a helix insert that cools down the vapor. It is established that the only way to completely wipe off this issue is to create a bigger vape.

The vapor of the Dash is surprisingly thick and strong, considering the device’s price. The quality is not as good as the Solo 2 or the Utillian 620, but comparing this device with those vapes is not fair. Moreover, it is powered by 950mAh Battery with 1-2 hours of charging time that lasts for 5- 7 sessions.

Final Words

The Dash isn’t your best option if you are an advanced user looking for a device with advanced features. But if you are new to this world of vaping and looking for a simple device, Dash can be your best friend.