DaVinci IQ2 vs DaVinci IQC : Who is the Winner?

The market is full of thousands of portable vaporizer options, but the real enthusiast knows the brands’ worth, like DaVinci in the vaping industry. Amazingly crafted, the DaVinci products are constructed with premium material and deliver great clouds. DaVinci released IQ2 in 2019 as an update on the original IQ. It introduced the latest features like adjustable airflow, better battery insulation, a dosing control, and a fancy aluminium body.

Just when we thought IQ2 was perfect, DaVinci bought us the latest innovative device of DaVinci IQC in July, 2021. The IQC is the newest device in the IQ series, which is not a direct successor of the DaVinci IQ2 but rather an updated version of the first generation of the DaVinci IQ with several improvements. The latest DaVinci shares many features with IQ2 but is relatively cheaper than it.


The design philosophy of DaVinci argues about designing tiny devices to change the conversations about cannabis consumption. Keeping the philosophy in mind, the DaVinci IQC & IQ2 are sleek and discreet devices perfect for daily use, even in public. Both look quite similar; however, the difference lies in the money you’ll pay: the DaVinci IQC is cheaper than the DaVinci IQ2. So if you can live with an AFC on your vaporizer, you can save money!

The IQC has maintained the DaVinci style and has an aluminium finish with a dot-matrix display and a sleek logo. Moreover, the body has a rugged feel compared to the IQ2, giving it overall balance. The DaVinci IQC is thinner and lighter than the IQ2, and the use of both is the same, but there is no AFC on the IQC device.

Flavor Chamber

Like the other IQ devices, the IQC and IQ2 come with a flavor chamber, but the only difference between both is IQC has a silicone cap that cools down the vapor & does a better job of dampening heat. However, the separate ceramic options are available separately. For the IQ2, the cap material is zirconia that doubles the storage container and can hold enough herbs for one session.

One of the DaVinci IQC and IQ2’s highlighted common features is the adjustable oven size. They both come with a flexible spacer called “pearl” located on the oven lid to shrink the oven and change its size. The pearl is 100% Zirconia and reflects the heat that evenly bakes the herbs. The full oven can pack half a gram of dry herbs. However, if you unscrew the pearl to extend it, it reduces the size of the oven by about a third. Other common features include the pre-set smart paths and options to dial in specific temperatures and the water pipe adapters for vaping.


DaVinci IQC & IQ2 come with two mouthpieces, a flat mouthpiece for discretion, and the extended one to use the 10mm glass connection. The flat mouthpiece sits on top of the device while the other is straw style. The only difference between both mouthpieces is the material difference. The IQ2 mouthpiece material is zirconium ceramic, while IQC mouthpieces are made of antimicrobial polymers.

Battery Life and Charging

Both IQC and IQ2 come with the 18650 battery. However, the IQC has the edge over the IQ2. IQC comes with a type-c charge and can charge the device in only 2 hours. Moreover, it allows users to have a session of 60 minutes on one go. On the other hand, the IQ2 has an older USB port which takes up to 5 hours to recharge the device. Both the devices support pass-through charging, and of course, you can always use the external 18650 chargers to have a fully charged battery.

Temperature Settings

Both the devices were designed in the same way; each has an adjustable heating pearl that allows adjusting the heat conduction and micro-dosing. Also, the IQC has a quick heating time of 30 seconds, while the IQ2 has a heating time of around 60 seconds. However, both devices use the same Smart Path temperature, precision mode, and boost mode when it comes to temperature control. In addition, both devices use the same interface, which has been around since the original IQ. Here’s how the temperature settings work for both devices!

Smart Path™ Mode:

This mode gives you the preset temperature range to choose from. Each can be adjusted with the app. Moreover, the smart profiles will increase the oven temperature during the session and last eight minutes. You can also customize and control settings to a “T” with the app.

•           Mode 1: starts at 350° F and can increase to 370° F

•           Mode 2: starts at 370° F and can increase to 390° F

•           Mode 3: starts at 390° F and can increase to 410° F

•           Mode 4: starts at 410° F and can increase to 430° F

Precision Mode:

You can also turn into a precision mode that keeps the temperature constant throughout the session. Also, you can see the precise temperature on the LED grid, and the device will vibrate once it reaches the temperature. 

Boost Mode:

The boost mode will immediately boost the device’s temperature to 430° F and turn the control button red.

Smartphone App

Both devices work with the DaVinci App. The app functions the same on both devices ranging from the smart path, precision temperature, and stealth mode. The only difference you could see is the real-time dosage tracking features you get on IQ2, which is missing from IQC. Also, you can enable or disable Bluetooth on each device according to your preference.

Remember that the smartphone app is not available in Apple’s IOS store anymore, and there is no news about if it will be available again. However, if your app is already on your phone, you are fine, but you won’t get any updates. Moreover, this is not the case with Android devices that can receive updates from time to time and are available on the google app store. So, if you own an iPhone and you never downloaded the app, it’s not your lucky time, at least for now.

Vapor Quality

With a heat-up time of 30 seconds, the IQC is quick to produce amazing vapors. Like IQ2, it has a glass-lined ceramic oven that maintains the flavors of the herbs. Additionally, the removable chamber and discrete mouthpiece cool down the vapor along the way. However, the first notable difference to notice is the ceramic zirconia mouthpiece of the IQ2, which offers better flavor than high-temperature silicone mouthpiece IQC. Also, the flavor profile of IQC is not as neutral as IQ2 due to the taste of the silicone impacting vapors.

One outstanding feature that enhances the vapor quality in the device includes the complete digital temperature control with different modes, including four smart paths, boost mode, and stealth mode, making vaping convenient for the vape enthusiast. The difference in the airflow is another important feature. IQ2 allows airflow adjustment to get the perfect draw which is solely missing from the IQC. Also, if you compare the adjusting dial on the bottom of the IQ2, IQC doesn’t get the point here!

Other Features

The IQ2 has few advantages over the IQC. The first is airflow adjustability which is not common among portable vaporizers. Another prominent feature of the IQ2 is the dosing feature that you can calculate using an app. Also, the IQ2 comes with two ceramic mouthpiece options and an extract kit for the concentrates. And last but not least, the IQ2 comes with a 10-year warranty as compared to 5 years warranty of IQC.

On the other hand, the DaVinci IQC is more secure as it has a significantly larger magnet than DaVinci IQ2. Also, the mouthpiece material has changed for IQC as both mouthpieces are made of polymer that feels like sturdy rubber and keeps the vapors cool. Also, the new mouthpiece is antimicrobial that is patented by DaVinci and curb germs and bacteria growth.

Final say!

It is not very common that we come across a device that’s an update on something which has already proven itself in the market and is even cheaper than the predecessor. Basically, IQC is the updated version of the original IQ, and it has stayed true to the quality the brand offers with the list of updated features. The DaVinci IQC is relatively small, lighter, and thinner than the DaVinci IQ2. It uses the same technology as the IQ2 and is powered by a removable 18650 battery. However, IQ2’s battery lasts longer and has the dial on the bottom to regulate airflow.

So if you are on a budget and want a vape with fast recharging and heating, DaVinci IQC is an amazing choice. However, if you already have in IQ2, there is not really a need to move to a new model as it already is a powerhouse!