Arizer Air Max Preview 2022-The New Vape In the Market!

Arizer is an established company from Canada with an exceptional reputation. The company has successfully ruled the market with its original products and updated version. Nevertheless, Arizer is here again with the announcement of the Air Max, which is going to be a portable dry herb vaporizer. Also, the Arizer Air Max will be the latest release in the Arizer Air lineup, following Arizer Air and Air 2.

With the recent announcement of the Air Max, it is a fantastic time to review all the upcoming changes and updates the device is coming with. So let’s not waste any more time because Today at Haze Smoke Shop, we take a peek at Arizer Air Max to let our followers know it better!

Arizer Air Max

Quality Design of Arizer Air Max

The Arizer Air Max is the same size as Air 2 and is available only in black stainless steel color. The device looks like other modern and latest devices from Arizer. However, it includes 14mm WPA in the package instead of the plastic-tipped mouthpiece. Moreover, the device uses the same glass as the updated version of Air and Solo. This means it comes with a chamber of 0.25g capacity.

Swappable Battery in Arizer Air Max

The latest Arizer Air Max comes with a swappable 26650 battery. This is the upgrade over the 18650 batteries featured in the older model. However, it will be difficult for the vapers to carry it as a backup on the go. Also, it features pass-through charging after fifteen minutes of charging. Moreover, it has a USB-C upgrade that will bring the charging time to an hour from the two hours on previous Arizer models.

Isolated Air Path

The Arizer has confirmed the isolated air path in the device just like the latest version of the Air 2. The combination of the isolated airpath and upgraded oven could improve the vapor quality. The users speculate that the Air Max can become the new market leader among portable vaporizers if they also improve the airflow and draw restrictions.

Arizer Air Max Device Discreetness

Air Max has the same size as the Air 2. However, the glass size may change for the latest device, but it will come with a carrying case, making the carrying easier. Moreover, it will come out in black color and dark mode to keep the device discreet.

Upgraded LED Screen

One of the coolest updates is on the LED Screen. The Air Max features a dark mode that darkens the lights and screen, ensuring better discreetness. Moreover, with automatic screen inversion, users can set custom sessions according to their preferences.

Bottom Line

The released and speculated details of the Air Max reflect the device’s standard. As we zealously wait for the release of Air Max, we can pick the other Arizer devices for the amazing experience!