All About Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Infuser: Your Dream Gravity Hookah!

Owned by Grenco Sciences, Stündenglass is known for rejuvenating the gravity bong as the straightforward Hookah. The star device from Stündenglass has 360° rotting twin glass globes, a contactless mouthpiece, and sleek housing. Besides, the endorsement by various celebrities has made it a new star in the market. The Original Stündenglass Gravity Infuser features pint-size glass globes on each side of the metal axis. However, the latest Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Infuser is a scaled-down version of the same device for everyday users.

Here’s everything you should know about the Kompact Stündenglass gravity Hookah!

What is the Kompact Stündenglass Gravity Hookah?

The Stündenglass Kompact gravity rotating glass hookah works on the kinetic motion principle to produce rich, deep hits. It comes in different sizes, and the latest Kompact Infuser has a slightly more manageable size.

The Kompact Gravity Hookah features two borosilicate glass globes screwed into the axis of aluminum-made housing. One side of the axis has the mouthpiece, and the other side has the place for a bowl. The globes are unique as they turn to the other axis to rush the water to the other side. It ensures the drawing from the bowl and forcing the smoke to go out from the 45° adjustable mouthpiece. To enjoy the relaxing session, the user can directly attach the adjustable mouthpiece to a 3-foot long hookah hose.

The gravity hookah is a friendly device that arrives almost assembled in its sleek travel case and manageable weight even after the water is added.

What Comes in the Box?

Each Gravity Infuser package include the following;

  • High-grade travel case with shoulder strap and silicone handle
  • Bowl kit including coal tray, male-male-adapter, and metal bowls
  • Glass Bowl liner for herbs
  • 3-foot silicone hose
  • Replacement up-stem
  • Cleaning kit that includes a microfiber cleaning cloth, alcohol wipes, pipe cleaner bundle, and tube scrubbers

Sturdy Construction of Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Infuser

The standard expectation is durable construction which is true for Gravity Hookah too. The team at Stündenglass makes sure that Gravity Hookah lasts longer, which is greatly due to high-grade materials such as stainless steel, Teflon seals, and aircraft-grade aluminium.

The base is rock solid and never tips over during use. Another plus thing about the design is the easy removal of the glass globes for cleaning and filling. You can easily put the glass globes into the sink and tackle the cleaning with a sponge!

Moreover, the 360° rotating glass hookah provokes a high-tech feel. The rotating glass stimulates the kinetic motion through the water displacement paired with the opposing airflow principle and natural force of gravity. The elevated design with an ergonomically rotating cylinder and the entertaining experience of using the infuser is superb!

Contactless Smoke Delivery System

Vape enthusiasts and hookah users have thought about making it safe with the present public health situation. One of the benefits of using the Stündenglass is utilizing the contactless smoke delivery system.

Before the pandemic, smoking was a laid-back experience and would sometimes involve plenty of friends having a session of smoke together. But, those were the days of the past, and things have changed after 2020, and the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah is doing an amazing job by ensuring contactless smoke delivery!

The contactless attachment allows the inhaling of the smoke without putting your mouth on anything. The smoke is usually pushed out via water pressure, which means the mouthpiece doesn’t need an airtight seal for you to enjoy a smoke. This system also resolves the accidental ingestion of water from the water pipe.

How does Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Infuser work?

The Kompact Gravity bong works very simply and requires very little effort to set it up after getting it out of the case. The water-filtering glass chambered up-stem and down-stem come attached to the axis. However, you need to unscrew one glass globe to fill it with water to get the device ready to use. Also, if you want the extra filtration, attach the percolator to the up-stem, and for maximum airflow, remove the percolator from the up-stems.

Once the glass globe is screwed back into its housing, put the male-to-male adapter into the tray with the lip of the tray facing upward. Then place the tray and adapter into the 14mm opening on the compact. Also, add the aluminium bowl on top of the male-to-male adapter, and you also can add a glass wand into it.

Once you complete the assembly, light your material and simply rotate the chambers on their axis. The device draws air from the bowl and forces smoke out of the mouthpiece as the chambers rotate. However, you can also attach the magnetic hose connector to the mouthpiece and plug in the hose to enjoy a smoke.

Should you buy it?

One of the biggest debates on the Kompact Gravity Hookah is the price tag larger than the average device, but the elite construction, unique features, and overall experience make this worth it for the dedicated enthusiast. Overall, the Gravity Hookah is an amazing purchase. It is convenient travel-friendly, and its unique contactless smoke delivery system for healthy group sessions adds it to a must-buy list!