Utillian 5(V3) Review-Everything You Need to Know About It

The Utillian 5 was the first-ever wax pen made by Utillian in 2019, which has become one of the leading wax pens on the market. However, the company was keen on making updates to the device to enhance its performance further. Fast forward to 2021; the company has released the Utillian 5(V3) with updated features making it one of the best wax pens at an affordable price. There is a lot to learn about this version, so today at Haze Smoke Shop, we will look into details of what the Utillian 5(V3) is all about!


The Utillian 5(V3) has a stainless steel exterior and no glass or plastic parts. The device has a metal design and larger size than the usual wax pens making it an excellent and heavy vaporizer. Despite having a larger size and heavyweight, the device doesn’t feel too bulky and can fit into a pocket very easily. In addition, the device is comfortable to hold and can surely withstand a few knocks. The device comes with a matte finish and is available in black and titanium color.

Improved Loading & Mouthpiece

The Utillian has redesigned the mouthpiece for the V3 as it comes with a built-in splash guard and a loading tool. With an updated mouthpiece, the user can set up the wax session on the go without spilling and making any mess.

Massive Battery

One of the best-selling points of Utillian 5 is a powerful battery. However, for the Utillian 5(V3), the company has improved the already powerful battery by raising its capacity to 1500mAh. Overall, the battery can last a day without it needing a recharge. Moreover, the device comes with a Micro USB charging cable and takes around an hour to recharge. LED lights on the side light up to indicate the charging process. Overall, the battery performs one and is a significant selling point.

Twisted Kanthal Coil & Triple Titanium Coil

The Utillian 5(V3) comes with two interchangeable coil options that allow users to enjoy the kind of session they want. Both coils are threaded and fit easily into the atomizer. In addition, both coils hold the ceramic rod porous and allow the wax to melt efficiently, resulting in excellent vapor production and less waste.

One is a Dual Twisted Kanthal that is less intense but produces exceptional flavor. The coil can handle both small and large loads of extracts allowing enthusiasts to have tasty vapors. Also, the 4mm coil is twisted around a black ceramic coil and has a huge area that ensures maximum vaporization. Suitable more for solo sessions, the coil stays clean and needs cleaning after several weeks of use.

The other is a Triple Titanium Coil that produces massive clouds and holds an amount of 0.3g of concentrates. The coil is wrapped around the black ceramic rods, which are porous and allow the wax to wick in place rather than slipping off the coil. Also, the coils are more suitable for the group session and are known as the absolute powerhouse making intense clouds.

Four Preset Temperature Settings

The Utillian 5(V3) has four temperature settings. The user can select 2.2V, 2.4V, 2.6V, or 2.8V. Considering the device is not that pricy, the temperature range is excellent. The first two settings-2.2V & 2.4V, are perfect for those looking for flavorful hits. On the other hand, the 2.6V & 2.8V options are for those looking for heavy vapors. LEDs on the side also light up, indicating the current set temperature. All four LEDs flash when the user turns on or turns off the device.

Adjustable Airflow

Another impressive Utillian 5(V3) feature is the adjustable airflow ring. The device features four small holes on the bottom of the atomizer and directly above the battery. However, a small airflow ring can adjust the open pores numbers. With one air hole open, the device gives limited draw, and overall, the one or two air holes work perfectly with the two lower temperature settings. On the other hand, the four open-air holes work with the highest temperature and provide impressive clouds. Overall, all users need is to twist the ring according to their personal preference.

Compatibility with a Bubbler

One of the best ways to upgrade the vapor quality for your Utillian 5(V3) is the attachment of the bubbler. You can attach the 14mm whip bubbler that fits perfectly in the mouthpiece slot. The bubbler not only ensures the smooth vapors but adds variety to it.

Ease of Use

One of the most prominent features of the Utillian 5(V3) is the ease of use and design. The user can turn on the device with five clicks and use the same buttons to set the settings. Also, explore the four different temperature options with two clicks, and another five clicks will turn off the device. The user can also vape a load of concentrate by simply holding down the firing button.

With a built-in splash guard and loading tool, loading the concentrate in the oven has become easier now. The user can slide the top cap and mouthpiece to expose the oven, load it, and use it with one click. The device also comes with larger coils than the usual coils used in wax pens for concentrates, making it super convenient for loading, cleaning, and maintenance.

 Final Say

There are several great portable wax pens on the market. Still, Utillian 5(V3) stands out with its massive battery, two coil options, built-in splash guard & loading tool in the mouthpiece, and other remarkable features.

Overall, the Utillian 5(V3) offers a high-end vape’s performance for the price and is perfect for beginners and experts. So, if you are looking for a new wax pen with the latest features at an affordable price, Utillian 5(V3) can be your friend!