Arizer XQ2 vs Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer-Who is More Powerful?

The desktop vaporizers usually use bags & whips and are famous for vapor quality throughout the session. Arizer recently released another desktop vaporizer, Arizer XQ2, and the market has again become excited about what Arizer has new on its plate. The people have started comparing it to the king- The Volcano Hybrid. Since the Arizer XQ2 comes as an upgrade over the Extreme Q, it has the latest features to boost the session’s customization and quality. But the real question is how it works compared to Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer? Today at Haze Smoke Shop, we will do our best to draw the comparison of Arizer XQ2 vs Volcano Hybrid!

Arizer XQ2 vs Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

Design Review – Arizer XQ2 vs Volcano Hybrid

The Arizer XQ2 comes with amazing improvement over the EQ. It has a cone shape and is relatively taller than other desktop vaporizers. The body has a matte finish, and the top is where you attach the collection bag or the whip attachment. Moreover, the 3-inch whip attachment comes with a glass end that is easier to clean and maintain. The silicone tubing swivels 360°, ensuring easy sharing. Additionally, the balloon attachment is usually made for high volume and is easily detachable, making it more portable. It also comes with a borosilicate glass attachment to ensure pure vapors. The only knock of the device is its all fragile glass accessories and have to be carried with caution to prevent any damage.

On the other hand, the Volcano is an aesthetic device. The device comes in a metal finish or a new matte black onyx option. In addition, it comes with heavier hardware, making it heavier and difficult to move around. Moreover, the accessories are less fragile, and you don’t have to worry about their breaking.

Key Features Evaluation – Arizer XQ2 vs Volcano Hybrid

Arizer had promised the updated looks and easier-to-use device’s operating system. So the latest XQ2 and its user-friendly operating system. The latest Arizer XQ2 has a toned-down LED display that looks better than ever. Also, the latest display highlights the current temperature and the target temperature in the large and bold text, which is much easier to read. Also, one of the top features of the XQ2 seems to be the LED strip which you can set to Dynamic Mode, Spectrum Mode, one of the eight color options, or none. For the Spectrum mode, the color changes every two seconds, and for the Dynamic mode, the change happens in the given ways.

  • Yellow to Orange- Heating process
  • Blinks the Green color twice- Set temperature
  • Pulses Orange continuously- Stable temperature
  • Pulses purple- Fan operation
  • Pulses Cyan- Cooling mode
  • Pulses Blue-Cooling with a fan

Moreover, you can switch off the lights whenever you want. Also, the device’s remote control is redesigned with direct access to amazing features. The amazing remote control features include the power button, audio control button, auto-off timer button, three temperature preset buttons, and fan speed control buttons.

On the other hand, the main features of the Volcano Hybrid include chamber locking, helix heating, and the application. The application allows the user to customize the sessions according to the user’s preference. Also, the box comes with a serial number which gets the app up and running. Moreover, the helix heating technology on the volcano ensures the best heating among the desktop vaporizers. Last but not least, the chamber locking feature of the device makes hitting with a whip more convenient for parties.

Heating Comparison – Arizer XQ2 vs Volcano Hybrid


The XQ2 comes with the redesigned connoisseur bowl that stays closer to the heat sources, which means it will have more vapor extraction. In addition, the device features convection heating with a temperature range between 122°F- 500°F that ensures big clouds efficiently. Also, it takes almost 3.4 minutes of heating to ensure the user enjoys the optimal temperature control. The XQ2 comes with a ceramic heating rod and is smaller in face value than the Volcano Hybrid, but the device produces large hits despite this.

Also, another thing about the XQ2 is that the longer the session goes, the more conduction the chamber gets due to the hot glass chamber. It also works very well with the lowered glass connoisseur bowl on the device. However, if you are interested in convection heating, use the flavor chamber that keeps the bowl further from the heat. This move ensures the best flavor out of the device. Moreover, the fantastic thing about the remote is adjusting the temperature by single increments.

Volcano Hybrid

On the other hand, the Volcano Hybrid uses the hybrid heating that has a patented helix hot-air system ensuring excellent airflow for the dry herbs. The device comes with a precise temperature range between 104°F to 446°F. It takes only 90 seconds to reach the minimum heat and almost 3 minutes to reach the pre-heat for good vapor production. One of the most amazing things about the Hybrid is that it doesn’t need pre-heat while using the balloon accessory. You can use it in as less time as 45 seconds. However, if you are using the whip, the first few draws will be weaker even with an assist of a fan, but it still will be faster than the XQ2.

One of the biggest positives of the Hybrid is full hybrid heating. It allows the use of both conduction and convection heating, allowing more power access for the vape. This is why Volcano Hybrid is famous among vaping connoisseurs for the rich clouds. Also, heating relies on conduction and convection, unlike XQ2, which relies on hot air.

The Difference Between Chambers

One crucial thing about Volcano is the bowl right on top of the heating element compared to the XQ2’s raised bowl. Also, for the XQ2, you need to use the coarse grind to maximize the hot air to pass through the chamber. However, you can use any grind for the Hybrid because of the metal screen. Another important thing about the Volcano is its ability to be session-ready on turning on the heat. Also, with the whip attachment, the use is not as easy as the easily swappable XQ2 connoisseur glass bowl and frosted glass for the whip.

The Balloon Kit Comparison

The Volcano kit comes with three balloons, and XQ2 comes with the two. However, the quality of the XQ2 balloon has greatly improved with the inclusion of a cap. However, it is not on the same level as the Hybrid. The Hybrid balloon releases the air with gentle pressure. Also, the balloon assembly for the Volcano is slightly easier than the XQ2. You only have to screw on the filling chamber following by placing the valve balloon onto the chamber. Then detach the filling chamber from the balloon and place the mouthpiece into the valve balloon opening.
On the other hand, the XQ2 balloon has an amazing mouthpiece function. It has a 10mm male bong adapter to use with any 10mm female bong attachment for amazing hits. Also, the XQ2 is slightly less friendly than beginner-friendly. It needs the insertion of a glass mouthpiece through the bag connector. It gathers the balloon’s open end and then inserts the glass through the large opening in the threaded base. Moreover, the tightness is improved on this system compared to Extreme Q but not as good as the Hybrid kit.

Bottom Line

From the price perspective, the Arizer XQ2 is cheaper than the Volcano Hybrid but the Volcano is still known as the king of the vapor quality and the production. However, the XQ2 has its own place in the pace because of the wide range of accessories and for those looking for upgrades or want to enjoy the longer sessions. So if you don’t mind spending some extra money on the filling balloons, the XQ2 will be as good as the Volcano is.

Even though the Arizer XQ2 is an upgrade over the original Extreme Q and is one of the few latest release of a desktop vaporizer in the recent years, it still can’t really reach the level of Hybrid in terms of heating and vapor production. However, it is evident that vape enthusiast will appreciate the LED light system, remote control and the improved connoisseur bowl options.

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