Arizer Extreme Q vs Arizer XQ2 Review: The Final Showdown

Aizer is a Canadian vaporizer manufacturing company known for producing one of the best designs in the industry. The company’s motto “Better by Design” and variety of stunning vaporizers have earned it a loyal customer base worldwide. The company made its name from devices like Arizer Solo and Airzer ArGo. They made their entry into the desktop vaporizes with Arizer Extreme Q, a feature-packed and powerful device. However, after 15 years of being in the industry and loyal customers’ feedback. Arizer launched a new desktop vaporizer- Arizer XQ2. The XQ2 comes with many improvements on the surface level and customizable features available on the application and remote control. In this review, Haze Smoke Shop will will discuss Arize Extreme Q vs Arizer XQ2. This will help customers to purchase the right desktop vaporizer. So, let’s not waste any more time and dive straight right in!

Arizer Extreme Q vs Arizer XQ2

Glossy Extreme Q vs Matte XQ2 Design

The Extreme Q is a large cylindrical device with a stainless steel body and glossy finish. The device comes with a digital screen at the bottom and buttons around it for controlling the fan and temperature. Moreover, it is on a disc-shaped base that glows a blue color adding to the device’s beauty. Also, the device comes with an option to use tubes or balloons, which are simple to attach. Watch the video here to get to know it better!

On the other hand, the XQ2’s design has improved, and it no longer looks like an outdated 90’s device. Additionally, the XQ2 is slightly taller & has a matte black design with an umbrella figure. It looks like a modern device. The base of the XQ2 has a digital display. It has five power buttons for settings, temperature control, and a dedicated button of the 3-SpeedFan. Also, XQ2 comes with an addition of bag specialization. This makes it unique and allows the users to enjoy the vapors of amazing quality. Moreover, the latest design comes with an isolated air path that complements the design and replaceable fillers that keep the vapor quality as amazing as they were at the start.

Extreme Q Cyclone Bowl vs XQ2 Connoisseur Bowl

Critics said the Extreme Q’s cyclone bowl had a screen positioned too high, restricting airflow for the herb and resulting in weak vapors. However, updates have been made to the XQ2 connoisseur bowl, including a grip and an added layer to protect the hot glass handling. This upgrade resulted in the improvement of the airflow, which allowed better vapors. Additional features include flipping the bowl to have the glass screen closers or far from the heater to have a variety of vapors. Also, the glass screen comes with large preformation that argues to be better used with the ungrounded herb and prevent falling of the product from the heater.

Updates in the Remote Control – Arizer Extreme Q vs Arizer XQ2

One of Extreme Q’s biggest selling points is a remote control that allows convenient vaping. It came with the power button, temperature adjustment setting, fan speed control button, turns on and off the sound, and auto-off timer button. Likewise, Arizer XQ2 also comes with remote control with some amazing updated features. It has a power button, fan speed control buttons, an audio control button, an LED, and an auto-off timer button. Also, three programmable temperature preset buttons give fully customizable temperature control.

Moreover, it allows you a variety of choices to set to dynamic mode, with each color telling you the start of the session. And with spectrum mode, the colors will change on their own by setting a friendly tone for the room’s session. Overall, the XQ2’s remote has better responsiveness than the Extreme Q remote. It responds even when further away, and the user doesn’t even have to point at the vape for it to respond directly.

The Difference in Vapor Quality – Arizer Extreme Q vs Arizer XQ2

Most people buy desktop vaporizers because they come with an excellent reputation. However, most of them are expensive and have unnecessary complications. With Arizer desktop vaporizers, you don’t only get great quality but also quality vapors. Extreme Q offers excellent vapor quality, considering the price is too low for this quality. The vapor path is with a silicone tube or a balloon, which is not as great as the all-glass path. Regardless of the fact, the device produces excellent flavors, especially in low-temperature settings.

On the other hand, the first thing about XQ2 is the instructions to allow a heat sink period for excellent heat distribution to the bowl. If the user does not follow the instructions, the first few hits will be slow with no dense vapors. However, In Cloud mode, the herbs will have great color and be well cooked after a waiting period. And, in the case of the flavor mode, the user needs to flip the bowl allowing the glass screen to be away from the heater, which may need to be stirred for full extraction.

As mentioned, both settings choices for the XQ2 will have better vapor quality than the Extreme Q cyclone bowl. Overall, the dry herbs take longer to heat up with flavor settings before being ready for a hit. Nevertheless, the bowl options for the XQ2 are better and different settings allow users to relax even without a bubbler accessory.

The Most Striking & Cutting-edge Features in Arizer XQ2

The heating system of XQ2 recommends a heat-up time of up to three to five minutes. Of course, you can skip this and take a hit in thirty seconds or a minute, but the vapor quality and heat won’t be as good as in the case of good vapor production. Nevertheless, Arizer’s key focus was redesigning the airflow system, eventually improving. For instance, the replaceable air filters are one of the most significant add-ons, and the users will appreciate it because of their decline over the years.

Another amazing thing about the XQ2 is the bag accessories which are easy to assemble. The new connector is infallible by keeping the vape secure in the bag in no use or keeping the glass connection free from dirt in time of no use. Also, Extreme Q was without any isolated air path, and this was one of the most significant issues with it. Moreover, the fan has been upgraded to be quieter, but the bag fill-up times for both devices remain the same.

The Bottom Line

Arizer has proven to be the king of desktop vaporizers in the market. With Extreme, Arizer entered into the world of the desktop vaporizer and became one of the best choices for people wanting to start vaping, but XQ2 is a step ahead. Some of the most notable updated features in the latest Arizer XQ2 are an easy-to-use remote, upgraded fans, improved airflow, customization of bag inflation, and upgraded bowl, making XQ2 a better choice than Extreme Q.

Overall, Extreme Q stays in the market as an upper-tier vape and has stood the test of time…. So, for the people looking for a replacement & modern-looking desktop or an update, the XQ2 is a device to go for!