Zeus Arc GTS Hub Review-The Outstanding All-In-One Vape Solution!

Zeus has been known for the fantastic vaporizers for quite a time now. With each launching vaporizer, the standard of the devices has gone higher than the previous one. Likewise, the latest release, Zeus Arc GTS Hub, from the company is out to bring vaping to the future. Some amazing upgrades have been made to the device with the same gold vapor path and the gold chamber as the predecessor. In short, the latest release fives toy everything you need for a great session. Also, as a third-generation in the GT line, the Hub includes the Xtruder to aid the grinding and arcpods to keep the session mess-free.

In this current Zeus Arc GTS Hub review, we will discuss what this excellent vaporizer has on offer. So, let’s waste no more time & dive straight in! 

What’s in the Box?

The Zeus Arc GTS Hub Comes with a Zeus Hub & Arc GTS. The New thing is the GTS Hub which include the following;

  • Zeus Hub
  • Zeus Xtruder
  • Zeus ArcPods Triple Pack(15 ArcPods and 45 ArcPods Lids)
  • Zeus Hub Manual
  • Zeus Xtruder Manual

Similarly, Arc GTS comes with the following parts;

How Does GTS Hub Works?

The GTS Hub comes with a tray mold made of matte-black plastic. The tray comes with Arc Pod boxes bolding trays, the Xtruder, the ARC pod processing slots, and efficiently designed arc storage space. Two of the essential parts of the GTS Hubs are;

Zeus Arc Pods: Connected directly to the Xtruder, grounded material is pushed into Arcpod for a hassle-free session.

Xtruder: The Xtruder in the Hub works with the ArcPods to fill them with 0.3g of dry herbs before releasing them.

However, you need to follow the following step to make the right use of it!

  • Select the dry herb product and place it into the grinder.
  • Attach the Arcpod to the tail end of the Xtruder and begin the grinding process.
  • Grounded material is then pushed to the Arcpod and ejects when it is full. .

How Does the Arc GTS Works?

Using Arc GTS is a straightforward process. Follow the following steps to enjoy the amazing session!

  • Load the Arcpod directly into the Zeus Arc GTS chamber.
  • Turn on the device, and LED will illuminate when the device is on.
  • Set the temperature by tapping the power button
  • The LED light will flash when the device heats up.
  • Start inhaling from the mouthpiece now to enjoy amazing clouds!

ArcPod Compatibility

The Zeus Arc GTS is compatible with the Zeus patented Arcpod for the convenient loading of the dry herb vaporizer into the chamber. Moreover, they work best with the Zeus Xtruder for the amazing grinding and loading experience.

Gold Components for Amazing Vapors

The Zeus Arc GTS comes with a gold heating chamber that evenly distributes the heat while the gold heat sink pulls the heat from the vapors before hitting the lips. Using these gold components results in enhanced vapor production.

Heating System

The Zeus Arc GTS has a conduction oven with a heat-up time of 8 seconds before the device vibrates to let the user know the hit is ready.

Built-In Sensor

The Zeus Arc GTS comes with a motion sensor that auto shuts-off the device after 30 seconds of no use. Moreover, the sensor makes sure Arc GTS shakes when the heat settings have reached.

Upgraded Mouthpiece

The new mouthpiece comes with less surface area to the vapor path, making the vapor quality pure. One of the primary benefits of having the silicone mouthpiece is the improved heat reduction that keeps the vapor warm and doesn’t burn the lips.

Battery Power

The device uses a 3500mAh battery and an updated airpath of the chamber. Additionally, the Zeus Arc GTS comes with power saver mode and powers down itself after 10 minutes. Consequently, the device works amazing for a continuous session where the arc pods will keep the party going. Moreover, the device has a battery life of 90 minutes before it needs a recharge.

Three Temperature Settings

The device primarily has three temperature settings; 401°F, 419°F, and 437°F. With these temperature settings, each temperature setting usually stretches one bowl longer. Moreover, it comes with a firmware update that allows users to choose different heating profiles based on their preferences. 

One-button Operation

With ease in mind, the device comes with a single button operation. You need to hold the unit and tap the power button to turn on the device and change the temperature settings.

Final Thoughts

If you have reached here, you’ll know that we are a fan of Zeus products. And As far as the latest Zeus Arc GTS is concerned, it hasn’t disappointed us either. The Zeus Arc GTS has a premium feeling because of its luxurious gold parts and the ability to conveniently vape with or without Arcpods. The convenience Arcpods offer is a game changer! The entire process of loading herb has changed to point that the beginner won’t face any difficulty loading and using this device.

Moreover, the updated mouthpiece, gold heating chamber & Gold Sink technology adds to its it’s class. In conclusion, if you want to enjoy a convenient vaping session with amazing features, you cannot go wrong with the Zeus Arc GTS Hub!