Puffco Peak Pro Indiglow Review-Know This Stunner Better!

The Puffco Peak Pro offers a new standard in functionality for concentrate consumption. For beginners, it has proven to be the most efficient and smooth way to experience the magic of the concentrates. And for the enthusiast, it offers the highest level of customization and control over a device they are looking for! While the Peak pro has been out for nearly a year now, Puffco has released its limited Edition Peak Pro Indiglow with additional benefits and features, taking it to new heights of success. At Haze Smoke Shop, we will try this latest device and let our followers know what’s different about this limited edition device.

So let’s dive straight in without wasting any further time!

Changed Color

The Peak Pro Indiglow has a smooth purple and blue gradient that vanishes over the luminous silicone base and metal band. In addition, the color combination allows the LED lights of the Pro to reflect on the front side of the base. So, if you are a fan of a colorful visual engagement while enjoying your dabs, this limited edition Indiglow is the one for you!


Besides the color change, the Peak Pro Indiglow has changed the glass. The Indiglow Peak Pro glass comes with a glass of blue color on the base, which moves upward and merges into purple, and the tip of the glass is of purple color as well. The color meets the geometry-inspired inner dome and the outer cone glass. The interior of the glass glows, and the exterior lights also reflect on the glass creating a multi-color aura as the device is on. Furthermore, it doesn’t splash the water back into the mouth, making it a better option than the original Peak. Check out the video here to see how amazing it looks!


If you are looking for functional customization, Peak Pro Indiglow is the way to go! The device’s unique feature is the customized app available exclusively for indiglow users. The app allows the users to create and save the new heat profiles and personalize the “Boost” settings by adjusting the temperature and time. 

The app also enables the “ready mode” that streamlines the dabbing experience of the vape enthusiast. More features include the real-time device diagnostic that includes the bowl temperature and the battery percentage. Furthermore, the app can enable customized LED settings through the Lantern & Stealth Mode to make the experience more vibrant than ever!

Bottom Line

The Puffco aims to offer a different look and energy with limited edition devices. Consequently, the Peak Pro Indiglow comes with high-level functionality, amazing features, and a sleek design to turn around your vaping world. In addition, the simple yet fading colors of the device and high-quality glass create the device’s unique impression. Overall, the limited-edition looks different and takes you on a different dimension journey altogether.