DaVinci IQC-A Better option than the Predecessors!

DaVinci released the IQ in 2016 and has since been improving the device’s material quality and design technology. Consequently, the improvement was seen on the DaVinci IQ2, which was praised by the critics as well. Just when we thought IQ2 was perfect, DaVinci bought us the latest innovative device of DaVinci IQC. The first-ever thing to notice is the retaining of the iconic and portable body of the previous version. But few of the features of the IQ2 trimmed off, including the dosage control and air dial. Additionally, hi-temperature silicone parts replaced various zirconia pieces, and antimicrobial polymer lids replaced aluminium lids, which also lowered the device’s price. Moreover, the charging port has changed to USB-C from the outdated Micro-USB. 

DaVinci IQC - Haze Smoke Shop USA

With all the fantastic updated features, the only question is if the device matches the level of the acclaimed predecessor. So let’s not waste any more time and dive in to find out the reality of the device and compare it with the predecessor! 

DaVinci IQC Design

The design philosophy of DaVinci argues about designing tiny devices to change the conversations about cannabis consumption. Keeping the philosophy in mind, the DaVinci IQC is a sleek and discreet device perfect for daily use, even in public.The IQC has maintained the classy DaVinci style and has an aluminium finish with a dot-matrix display and a sleek DaVinci logo on the underside. Moreover, the body has a rugged feel in comparison to the IQ2 giving it overall balance.

DaVinci IQC - Haze Smoke Shop USA

A black antimicrobial polymer lid at the top houses the mouthpiece exposing it to to the air path and battery, which is the latest update. The bottom of the device comes with an exposed ceramic oven and zirconia pear. The zirconia pear is a DaVinci signature style that encloses the oven from the bottom to create even distribution. It sits on the short thread to allow it to move, reducing the oven’s space, allowing users to use fewer herbs. Moreover, DaVinci always claims to build the device with pure materials to ensure clean vapors, so the IQC comes with a zirconia/glass vapor path that provides purity to the vape enthusiast. 

DaVinci IQC - Haze Smoke Shop USA

DaVinci IQC Flavor Chamber

Like the other IQ devices, the IQC comes with a flavor chamber that cools down the vapor and doubles the storage container. Also, the material of the flavor chamber is zirconia and can hold enough herbs for one session. For previous devices, the lid of the flavor chamber was of zirconia; however, silicone has replaced the zirconia in the IQC.

DaVinci IQC - Haze Smoke Shop USA

DaVinci IQC Battery

The IQC uses a single 1865 battery. However, the battery is replaceable and rechargeable, allowing the user to swap in the fully charged battery to keep the session going. The DaVinci IQC receives an update with a type-c charger, enabling it to fully charge in only 2 hours. Furthermore, it allows users to have a session of 60 minutes on one go!



Just like the IQ2, the DaVinci IQC comes with two mouthpieces, a flat mouthpiece for discretion, and the extended one to use the 10mm glass connection. The flat mouthpiece sits on top of the device while the other is straw style. However, the material has changed for IQC as both mouthpieces are made of polymer that feels like sturdy rubber and keeps the vapors cool. Also, the new one is antimicrobial that is patented by DaVinci and curb germs and bacteria growth. Moreover, the magnet to secure the mouthpiece is much more secure and robust than the previous versions. 



To use the DaVinci IQC, you need to open the bottom latch, adjust the pearl and pack the oven with herbs. It is important to remember that material needs to be filled just right and not too tight for a good experience. Also, the pearl makes sure that the material stays closer to the heating element without squeezing it hard.  After filling the oven, turn on the device by pressing the power button five times and toggle through the pre-set heating profiles via up and down buttons.

Once you select the smart path settings, the LED lights will flash until the device reach the temperature settings. Once heated up, the device will vibrate to notify it’s ready. Moreover, the smart profiles will increase the oven temperature during the session and last eight minutes. You can also choose to customize and control settings to a “T” with the app.

  • Mode 1: starts at 350° F and can increase to 370° F
  • Mode 2: starts at 370° F and can increase to 390° F
  • Mode 3:starts at 390° F and can increase to 410° F
  • Mode 4: starts at 410° F and can increase to 430° F

Additionally, the IQC can also turn into a precision mode that keeps the temperature constant throughout the session. To use the precision mode, click the power button once and use the arrow to set the temperature. Also, you can see the precise temperature on the LED grid, and the device will vibrate once it reaches the temperature.  

Note: The IQC comes with a Bluetooth option, making the app functional only on the Androids. The best thing about this feature is the availability of the onboard that includes the smart path mode. The app was also available for Apple devices a couple of years ago, which was later banned.

Vapor Quality

With a heat-up time of 30 seconds, the IQC is quick to produce amazing vapors. Like IQ2, it has a glass-lined ceramic oven that maintains the flavors of the herbs. Additionally, the removable chamber and discrete mouthpiece cool down the vapor along the way. Another outstanding feature that enhances the vapor quality in the device includes the complete digital temperature control with different modes, including four smart paths, boost mode, and stealth mode, making vaping convenient for the vape enthusiast.

Vapor Quality

Comparison between IQC & IQ2

We have mentioned the differences and similarities between the IQC and the IQ2 throughout the article. However, I have recorded some of the noticeable differences and similarities for the users to make the buying decision easy! 

Incorporated Changes:
  • The magnet to secure the mouthpiece to the device is bigger and better secured. 
  • The IQ2 bottom has an airflow dial that allows the users to adjust the draw resistance. It has been removed and replaced with a simple logo image in the case of IQC.
  • The USB-C has replaced the Micro-USB allowing faster charging and more power than the predecessor.  
  • The mouthpiece and lid covering the flavor chamber are made of silicone instead of zirconia which is better heat resistant and cools down the vapors. 
  • The hinges on the top and bottom covers are now more durable. 
Incorporated Changes
  • The IQC has the same funnel-shaped oven with zirconia pearl as the IQ2.
  • Both devices have a removable 18650 battery that lasts for around 6-8 sessions.
  • The LED grid displaying temperature level remains the same and toggles through various settings and three buttons interface. 
  • Both devices are compatible with the DaVinci mobile app with the same type of functionality. 

Final Verdict

It is not very common that we come across advice that’s an update on something which has already proven itself in the market and is even cheaper than the predecessor. Basically, IQC is the updated version of the original IQ, and it has stayed true to the quality the brand offers with the list of updated features. The changes and updates of the IQC have been massive and innovative. Also, it has made way for the IQC to become the top-selling vape of the current time. Overall, the outstanding balance of the performance, feature, and portability stands it out from the crowd.