Utillian 421 vs Utillian 620-Best Mid-Range Vapes?

Utillian has recently released Utillian 620 that promises good convection heating in a new design. It carries the features of fan-favorite Utillian 421 and Utillian 722, except it features the magnetic mouthpiece for easy loading, a built-in stir tool, and a new form of heating called the helix heating. Well, today, we are here to see exactly the difference between the 620 and 421.

We are excited to explore the details and share them with our audience: read on to learn more!

Utillian 421’s Conduction vs Utillian 621’s Helix Convection

The 421 came out in 2018 and instantly became the most selling device on a budget. Evidently, it came with a few updates making it better than other options in the market. The most notable updates include airflow control and six preset temperatures.

The Utillian 421 comes with a glass mouthpiece that helps the users preserve the herb’s flavor. The glass is easy to clean and also provides excellent quality vapors. The mouthpiece screws into the place during use and is very easy to remove. Also, the vapors cool down before it hits your lip, making the device unbeatable in vapor quality.  Moreover, on the flavor front, the Utillian 421 surprises especially considering it is a conduction-style vape.

On the other hand, the 620 comes with helix convection. The air goes from the spiral-shaped metal before it reaches the oven and then creates the heat before distributing it in the oven. The Helix element is tucked magnetically at the bottom of the vape. Also, it ensures the easier cleaning of the vapor path. Convection heating means that the heating element doesn’t touch the herb in the oven. Instead, the unit generates the heat outside the oven and then pulls in while the user vaporizes, resulting in flavorful vapor.

The vapor path of Utillian 620 is isolated and composed of metal and glass, which results in solid flavor. Also, the device’s cloud production is healthy, and the stir stick allows the user to stir herbs mid-session for the right consistency. The device also supports the airflow that helps the users to enjoy vapors of excellent quality. Overall, the unit’s vapor quality is perfect, and if you are looking for a budget-friendly portable vaporizer with solid hits, this is the one for you!

Comparing both the devices, the 620 looks like a clear winner here!

Difference in Design

The 421 comes with a rigid aluminium shell and a ceramic chamber, making the flavor of herbs amazing. Moreover, the ceramic chamber of 421 can hold more amount of herbs than 620. Additionally, the Utillian 421’s display upgrade is evident from the previous version, 420. The user can see the device’s set temperature on display and the charge’s level, making it one hell of a convenient unit at such a price.

Also, the 421 works on the single button operation rule that makes it very easy to operate. Using the same button, you can turn on the device and run through the different temperature settings.

Moreover, the moment you pick up the 421, one key feature you notice is the airflow control. The user can control draw resistance, which is a wonderful thing. It adds an extra level of customization that can accommodate a vast number of users.

Likewise, 620 also has a sturdy and durable aluminium body that is unbreakable. The unit makes the loading easy with the magnetic mouthpiece made of glass. The sliding mouthpiece also cools down the vapors before they reach your lips. Moreover, 620 comes with an aluminium heating chamber that can fit 0.1 to 0.2 grams of herbs in the chamber. Additionally, the heating chamber is removable that helps the user keep it debris-free. The unit also comes with a stir tool attached to the bottom of the unit. The tool is magnetic and helps in the loading, emptying, and stirring between the sessions.

Overall, the design of 620 feels like it has been made keeping the user’s experience in mind, so this category goes to 620.

Full Extraction vs Precise Temperature Control

The 421 features six different temperature settings- 356°F, 374°F, 392°F, 410°F, 428°F, and 446°F and offer full extraction. Compared with the earlier model and other dry herb vaporizers, the extensive range of temperature makes it a better option for those who prefer the rich flavor and thick clouds.The 620 comes with precise temperature control that controls the temperature by setting it between 320°F-428°F and customize exact specifications.

Overall, both temperature settings are amazing and could be selected on individuals’ preferences based on how a person wants their vapors!

Battery life

Powered by the 2300mAh batteries, 421 and 620 can run for about 90 continuous minutes. Moreover, the device uses a USB charging cable to recharge the device. Both devices offer 6-8 sessions per charge, so they justify their price point with battery life.

How the Utillian 421 & 620 Work?

Utillian is a convenient device, and both of the devices fall under easy-to-use devices. The 421 comes with a one-button operation. All you have to do is unscrew the glass mouthpiece to expose the heating chamber. Next, load the herbs using the scoop and put back the mouthpiece. Next, press the power button five times to turn on the device. The device will start to heat up at the last set temperature. Now, Press down the same button to select through available temperature settings, and you are ready to go!

That being said, 620 comes with three buttons- two for the temperature control and a power button. All you need to do is pull off the magnetic mouthpiece from the unit and load the dry herb into the heating chamber. Then, replace the mouthpiece and turn on the device by clicking the power button five times. You can use the up and down button to select the desired temperature and enjoy vaping.

This category seems pretty tough, but with a one-button operation, 421 wins it here!

Final Thoughts

Both of these devices are great in terms of their price and portability. And, if you are looking for a pocket-friendly vaporizer with the most unique and valuable features of high-end brands, you have come to the right place!

The Utillian 421 gives you the glass mouthpiece, impressive digital display, control on airflow, and a large ceramic chamber in a portable unit. But for some extra money, you get helix convection, built-in stir tool, magnetic mouthpiece, precise temperature settings making vaping fun for the users.

So 421 is for someone who wants to spend less money on a vaporizer with great portability. However, if you are interested in stepping your vaping game up, go for Utillian 620.