Dr. Dabber Stella vs Puffco Plus : May the Best One Win!

People often wonder about the best vape pen on the market to enjoy vaping. There are tons of options available in the market, and then there are now brands that have established the minimum quality standard, and that is what we are going to cover here. Two of the most important wax pens with an established reputation in the vaporizing market include Dr. Dabber Stella & Puffco Plus. Dr. Dabber has seen its fair share of ups and downs in the long tenure of vaporizing the world. However, their latest released Dr. Dabber Stella, a sleek wax pen, has left the other vaporizing pens behind. Similarly, the Puffco Plus is no less either. So let’s dive right in and see how these both wax pens are doing in the market? i.e. Dr. Dabber Stella vs Puffco Plus.

Dr. Dabber Stella vs Puffco Plus

Ease of Use – Dr. Dabber Stella vs Puffco Plus

We recommend charging all the devices thoroughly before your first use as far as the user is concerned. For Dr. Dabber Stella, you need to remove the magnetic mouthpiece and then load the concentrate into the chamber using a dab tool. Next, turn on the device with five taps, and three taps will change the device’s voltage. Once selected, press and hold the fire button to start the healing process. Moreover, you can also double-tap the fire button to activate the preheat mode that will heat up the device to 460F for 15 seconds only. Watch the video here for a detailed overview!

Dr. Dabber Stella vs Puffco Plus

Similarly, the functionality of the Puffco Plus wax pen is pretty much the same as most vape pens out there, with few exceptions that help the device to step above the cheaper options. The device comes with a battery, chamber, and mouthpiece with one button to control everything. Moreover, the device comes with three temperature settings which feel nice to have some power flexibility. The power is adjusted by clicking the button four times when the device is on. 

Unfortunately, the user manual doesn’t tell about the temperature level, but it means about the three settings: low, medium, and high temperature. The three settings are reflected by the colors green, blue and white, respectively. 

Built-in dab tool

When you take off the mouthpiece from the top of the chamber, you will notice a white object protruding down, known as a dart, a built-in dab tool. You can use this tool to load the concentrate into the chamber, making this process extremely convenient. Moreover, when the time to vape comes, you can press and hold down the power button like usual or start the “sesh” mode. The “sesh” mode keeps the unit heated for at least 12 seconds without holding down the button.

Overall, both devices come with highly convenient and easy operation making them both desirable.

Temperature Flexibility – What Temperature Setting Do Stella & Puffco Plus Offer?

The Dr. Dabber Stella features three different voltage settings. The first setting reflects green at 550F, the second one reflects the blue color at 630F, and the third one reflects orange at 775F. However, one of the most notable features is preheating function-15 seconds of 460F to heat the solid concentrates. On the other hand, the Puffco also comes with three different heat settings. However, the user manual doesn’t tell about the temperature level but instead gives a low, medium, or high indication. 

Dr. Dabber Stella vs Puffco Plus

Comparing the temperature flexibility, Stella won here as it reflects the color and tells the exact settings. 

Vapor Quality: Which One Offers Better Flavor & Clouds?

The Dr. Dabber Stella features cyclone airflow that allows the free-flowing air to come through the bowl, creating a wide-open draw. Moreover, the vapors are flavorful, especially on the two lower settings.

One of the biggest positives about Dr. Dabber Stella is the temperature coefficient resistance battery. This allows the battery to adjust the voltage of the device based on the coil’s temperature. In easier words, the device will prevent dry hits and keep the atomizer from burning the concentrates. Moreover, it comes with a ceramic coil that vaporizes efficiently and heats up earlier than the average coil.

Dr. Dabber Stella vs Puffco Plus

The vapor is usually not harsh, even on the highest settings. However, the mouthpiece gets very hot after few long draws. This is not the worst thing in the wax pen but indeed a thing to remember! Overall, the flavor is excellent, and the cloud product is amazing.

On the other hand, the vapor quality of the Puffco Plus is really excellent, especially its flavor. This is because of how the wax heats up in the coil. The Coils will heat up faster and deliver significant and thicker clouds, but they tend to overheat at times that cause a small amount of burning. There is also a downside attached to the Puffco Plus as the vapor density and strength tend to become a little weaker by the end of the session. 

Considering the comparison, Stella wins in this category too.

Battery Life – Whose Battery Life is Better?

Dr. Dabber Stella comes with a 600 mAh internal battery that helps you vape for a reasonable amount of time before you need a recharge. In addition, the USB-C port is on the device’s side that allows faster charging and pass-through charging- meaning you can use it while charging. Another essential addition is the temperature coefficient resistant battery which made a difference to the device’s performance.

Battery Life

The Puffco Plus comes with a 520mAh battery which the company could improve a bit. Moreover, for the price of Puffco Plus, there are options with at least 650mAh battery capacity. So it’s pretty surprising why they didn’t go with the bigger battery. However, one thing you notice is good about its battery is the quick recharge time of 45 minutes.

Comparing both batteries, it is pretty evident that Stella wins in this category too.

Manufacturing Quality – How well is the Dr. Dabber Stella & Puffco plus made?

Stella is one of the most straightforward devices when it comes to design and function. It looks pretty similar to many devices on the market, with the lights on the logo and bottom being unique. Moreover, it comes with a stainless steel shell which is tough and sturdy and can tolerate limited shocks. Also, it has a mouthpiece with a magnetic connection to slip it off quickly. 

Manufacturing Quality

On the other hand, the manufacturing quality of the Puffco Plus is quite good too. The first unique thing is design is the built-in dab tool which is relatively better than previous devices offering it. The Concentrates slip off the tool and onto the heating element creating amazing vapors. Moreover, the loading system of the device is one of the easiest among the wax pens.

wax pen

Another important thing that we love about Puffco Plus is the “Sesh-mode’ to heat the device for 12 seconds. Combining it with a built-in tool makes the Puffco Plus one of the most accessible wax pens to use. 

All in all, the look and the feel of Dr. Dabber Stella is premium for the budget-conscious device. However, the built-in tool and easiest loading with unique built makes Puffco Plus a winner in this category.

Bottom Line – Dr. Dabber Stella vs Puffco Plus

The Stella is a sturdy device with unique flavors and cloud production. The positives from the device are the TCR battery, USB-C charging, and LED lights on the bottom. Overall, it is a solid device that introduces wax enthusiasts into the wide world of wax. On the other hand, Pufcco Plus comes with amazing vapor production with a built-in dab tool and Sesh mode. The only downside is the short battery life which could be improved.

We have listed down all the features and detail about both the devices, and it’s really on the user to decide which features they prefer better!

If you have questions about our reviews or want to let us know how you feel or think, feel free to drop us a comment below! Thank you for reading!