Utillian 5 vs Utillian 2 – Powerful Waxy Brother’s Showdown

The Utillian 5 was the first-ever wax pen made by Utillian in 2019. It has risen to become one of the best wax pens on the market. Fast forward to 2021; the Utillian is back in the game with another wax pen, Utillian 2, a budget-friendly option for wax enthusiasts.  There is a lot to learn about both the units. So, we will compare and contrast these units to figure out which one you should buy for yourself. So let’s waste no more time and get started about Utillian 5 vs Utillian 2.

Utillian 5 vs Utillian 2

Vapor Quality – Utillian 5 vs Utillian 2

The Utillian 2 produces some amazing hits on the two lower settings. It comes with a Dual Quartz Coil & Ceramic Donut Coil that pulls the flavor out of wax pens. With this price, the vapor quality is fantastic, but it doesn’t rip like an e-rig.

On the other hand, the Utillian 5 can produce powerful huge clouds compared to rival e-rigs on the market, especially on the higher two temperature settings no matter which coil you are using.

The upper two temperature settings for Utillian 5 are real face-melting until you move down to lower settings and see how clean the flavors come out of your concentrate pen. The real deal with Utillian 5 is the adjustable airflow. There are four small holes on the bottom of the atomizer and directly above the battery. A small airflow ring allows you to adjust the number of open pores. With one air hole open, the device gives limited draw, and overall, the one or two air holes work perfectly with the two lower temperature settings. On the other hand, the four open-air holes work with the highest temperature and provide impressive clouds. 

Moreover, the Triple Titanium Coils adjusts larger amount of wax, and the Dual Twisted Kanthal produces flavorful clouds. Finally, it is worth mentioning that both coils have black ceramic rods, which absorb better and don’t let your concentrate fall off and under the coils.

Design – Utillian 5 vs Utillian 2                                                                                        

As we have already witnessed, Utillian put so much energy into the engineering and design of their devices. As a result, we can safely say that both devices look perfect.

Utillian builds the Utillian 2 well and includes a decent kit with it. For its price category, the device is impressive as most devices in this price category have plastic in it, but Utillian delivered the quality built with no plastic parts.

Made with stainless steel, the Utillian 5 features no glass or plastic parts. Overall, the device has a metal design and has a larger size than the usual wax pens making it an excellent and heavy vaporizer.

Despite having a larger size and heavyweight, the device doesn’t feel too bulky and can fit into a pocket very easily. In addition, the device is comfortable to hold and can surely withstand a few knocks. The device comes with a matte finish and is available in black, gunmetal, or titanium gold color.

For some extra bucks, you can pick the Utillian 5, which allows users to enjoy hard clouds and filter the taste through the water.

Temperature Range – Utillian 5 vs Utillian 2

Both of the devices offer four temperature options. The user can select 2.2V, 2.4V, 2.6V, or 2.8V. However, because of Utillian 5’s bigger battery, it will deliver more power through the same voltage settings.

The first two settings for the devices, 2.2V & 2.4V, are perfect for those looking for flavorful hits. On the other hand, the 2.6V & 2.8V options are for those looking for heavy vapors.

There are also LEDs on the side that light up, indicating the current set temperature. All four LEDs flash when the user turns on or turns off the device.

Battery Life

Most of the wax pens in the market come with a 600-800mAh battery. The Utillian 2 has the 650mAH battery, which is the case for most of the wax pens, but for Utillian 2, the battery is worth noting.

On the other hand, one of the best-selling points of Utillian 5 is a powerful battery. Powered by a 1050mAh battery, the internal battery is a beast among its competition. Moreover, the battery can last days without it needing a recharge. Of course, the Utillian 2’s battery gets the job done for the casual night out too, but if you are looking for something to last you more than one day for a trip, the Utillian 5 won’t disappoint you at all.


The Utillian 5 is a little larger than most wax pens on the market. However, it can still fit into any pocket, and the sturdy shell prevents and bumps to the device.

The Utillian 2 is one of the smallest wax pens in the market and comes with a travel case making it one of the most portable pens. It even takes less space in your case and is considered a great option for a night out. Another thing to count here is the battery, where Utillian 5 wins with a bigger battery to let users enjoy vaping on the go.

Ease of Use

One of the most prominent features of the devices is their ease of use. The user can turn on the device with five clicks and use the same buttons to set the settings. With two clicks, the four different temperature options can be explored, and another five clicks with turn off the device. In addition, the user can vape a load of concentrate by simply holding down the firing button.

Loading the concentrate in the oven is easy as well. The user can slide the top cap and mouthpiece to expose the oven, load it, and use it with one click. The only difference is the Utillian 2 has a magnetic mouthpiece while Utillian 5 has O-rings.

Cleaning the devices is a simple task as well as you only should be worried about the bucket. The Utillian 5 device comes with larger coil and black ceramic rods than the standard coils used in wax pens for concentrates which keeps it clean for at least a month before needing a clean. However, we always recommend you clean right after the session to leave less mess for later.

Final Verdict

There are several great portable wax vaporizers out there, but Utillian wax pens stand out with remarkable features.

But Utillian 5 and Utillian 2 do not fall in the same category. The Utillian 2 is a fantastic option for budget-conscious wax enthusiasts. On the other hand, the Utillian 5 offers a high-end vape’s performance for the price compared to expensive e-rigs on the market and is perfect for beginners and experts. So, if you are looking for a new wax pen with the latest features, Utillian 5 can be your choice.