Crafty vs Mighty – The Powerful Sibling’s Rivalry

Storz & Bickel’s Vaporizers are the king of portable vaping by most vape enthusiasts. The German company offers excellent craftsmanship and durable products. Two of the most iconic vaporizers that have been out in the market are Mighty and Crafty. Both, Mighty and Crafty vaporizer work as a hero for those wanting quality and possess similar characteristics such as Comb-like structure and plastic build. However, there are few differences in both devices, but both the devices are so good that you might want to give up on your other vaporizers. So, let’s not waste time and get started at Haze Smoke Shop about Crafty vs Mighty!

Crafty vs Mighty - Haze Smoke Shop USA

Vapor Quality – Crafty vs Mighty

Anyone who has used and experienced the Storz and Bickel vaporizer knows that their devices have the severe potential of delivering amazing vapors. Knowing this, it is easier to say that Mighty and Crafty have a high standard of living up to!

Both the Mighty and Crafty offer quality vapors. The process starts with convection heating that slowly heats the chamber and then brings in the conduction to extract material. The vapors come out efficiently and are generally satisfying, which means both devices give similar vaping experiences. The cooling units have a similar design, but Mighty’s significant difference comes with a larger top piece, which makes the cooling better. One can only notice the difference at hotter temperatures or over series of sessions.

Battery Life and Charging – Crafty vs Mighty

The Crafty is famous for having a shorter battery life of only 1 hour long. It has non-removable batteries, which can be quite a downside for many users. Also, the Crafty comes with a Micro USB charging style that makes charging even more efficient. Also, you can always get a car adapter and charger that allows you to vape between destinations.

On the other hand, Mighty offers an exceptionally better battery life than most similar devices in the market. It comes with two built-in batteries that make sure devices run for 90 minutes on a single charge. The extra power allows users to enjoy eight or more full ovens in a single charge, which is enough for a few days. Moreover, it takes only 45 minutes to recharge it and supports pass-through charging.  The user can start using the device as soon as the charger plugged in without waiting for the device to reach a minimum charge.

Temperature Control – Crafty vs Mighty

One of the most significant differences between the two vaporizers is temperature control.  The Mighty’s approach is simple as it comes with an LCD with two buttons next to it as control. The temperature and battery life are visible on the interface. Simultaneously, it takes only one button press to change the settings, which means it provides full temperature control for the Mighty vaporizer.

On the other hand, Crafty comes with fixed temperature settings which are 356°F and 383°F. Also, it comes with no display. By pressing the power button once, the device will heat up to the first setting, and when the button is pressed twice, the vaporizer will switch to the second temperature setting. However, if you wish to change the settings, you must first download the Crafty app and configure it.

Manual Mighty and Crafty App

The Mighty is a straightforward device that a user can control manually without the need for an app. In case of any problem, the user can download the manual from the website and resolve the issue. On the other hand, Crafty support mobile apps that allow them to control the temperature, which is s huge pro. However, it is up to the personal preference and whether you prefer to have the power to adjust the temperature or not.

You can watch how the app works here!


IF you look at the Mighty vaporizer, it is bigger than Crafty. One of the most important characteristics you may consider while buying the vaporizer is mobility. It entirely depends on the individual if he wants to use the vaporizer outdoor or at home.

The mobility of the vaporizer relates directly to the battery of the vaporizer. The bigger the battery capacity, the bigger the vaporizer is. The Mighty vaporizer has doubles usage time compared to Crafty, which justifies the bigger size of the Mighty. You may need a more oversized bag while carrying Mighty out. However, you can easily carry the Crafty in your pocket.

Mobility could be the only issue of the Mighty as the device works fantastic. The device is a cordless home vaporizer. On the other hand, Crafty comes with mobile app and has half the power of Mighty, but you can easily carry it.

Watch the video here to get yourself familiar with Mighty!


One of the apparent similarities between the Mighty and Crafty vaporizer would be a column of the cooling fins that provides cooling for vaporizers during the usage time.  The Mighty has three columns, and the Crafty has two. One of the columns is for the heating chamber and the other for batteries.

Another prominent and visible similarity would be a heating method; both devices utilize hybrid heating where convection is dominant than conduction. Both have excellent airflow systems and produce high potent vapors. Several Storz and Bickel’s accessories are used by both Mighty and Crafty and include Ceaning Brushes, Dosing Capsule Set, Magazine with Dosing, and Liquid Pad Set.


Both devices are great and come with their advantages and disadvantages. However, I cannot make an objective statement on which one is better than the other. Everyone has differences in opinion and choices, and that depends on their preferences. Some might not like how big Mighty is, and another might think that Crafty is too small. In the end, it is your choice to decide for yourself.

Personally, I cannot decide which device I like more as Mighty allows the control on temperature and comes with a better battery that will enable it to work as a desktop vaporizer. Moreover, there is no need to rely on the app to change the temperature, which is a convenient choice. On the other hand, mobility and technology make me a fan of Crafty too. The size and mobile application make it easier for the enthusiast to enjoy vaping. So, the comparison ends with the preference of a person and what features he needs!