Crafty+ vs Crafty Vaporizer Review: A Comparison

The German company Storz and Bickel has been known for its amazing craftsmanship and durable products. One of the most iconic vaporizers that have been out in the market for quite some time is Crafty. The company went on to release the updated version by the name Crafty Plus. The latest version made the users excited about the new release. Many of the original Crafty users were curious whether the latest version is better or not. That’s why we found it essential to make Crafty+ vs Crafty comparison and let our customers know about all the features so that they can decide which is best for them. In this Crafty vs Crafty Plus comparison, we at Haze Smoke Shop are going over every detail about both devices and letting our audiences know what we have found about each vaporizer.

Crafty+ vs Crafty Vaporizer
CategoryCraftyCrafty Plus
Compatible withHerbs and Concentrates Herbs and Concentrates
Heat-up Time90-120 Seconds90 Seconds or less
Temperature SettingsBoost Mode is Accessible ManuallyBoost Mode and Max Mode Accessible Manually
Heating ElementConvection/ Hybrid HeatingConvection/ Hybrid Heating
Oven MaterialStainless Steel and Ceramic Stainless Steel and Ceramic
Vapor PathPlastic Plastic
Removable BatteryNo No
Session Per Charge3-4 Sessions6-7 Sessions
Average Battery Life+1 Hour+2 Hours
Charge Time2 Hours1 Hour 15 Minutes

You can see that both are quite similar to one another when looking at the basics. This is because both are the same in many ways. However, the Crafty Plus is the updated version of the original Crafty vaporizer, but it remains Crafty in many ways. Moreover, this doesn’t mean both are equal!

Let’s look at the features of both vaporizers to find out the difference between them both!

Build Quality – Crafty+ vs Crafty

Both the vaporizers are incredibly similar in terms of feel and look. Both vaporizers come with hard plastic shells. However, not much has changed in the Crafty Plus in terms of the overall design.

 The Crafty Plus has a different feel in the hands due to a change in the grip design. Also, it feels a bit easier to hold than the original version. In terms of quality, both Crafty and Crafty Plus are high-quality and long-lasting devices.

Battery Life and Charging – Crafty+ vs Crafty

The battery life of the vaporizer makes or breaks the portable vape. Because of the battery, users can go out and enjoy vaping without worrying about plugging in vaporizers.

The Crafty is famous for having a shorter battery life of only 1 hour long. It has non-removable batteries, which can be quite a downside for many users. However, the Crafty Plus came with a whole extra hour of battery life. This allows the user to vape continuously for more than 2 hours on a full charge. There are several vapes with even better battery hours, but Crafty Plus’s power makes 2 hours hard to beat. Also, both devices come with a Micro USB charging cable and power adapter that makes charging even more east. Also, you can always get a car adapter and charger that allows you to vape between destinations.

Temperature Control – Crafty+ vs Crafty

Both vaporizers have the same temperature settings, which are 40C for minimum and 210C for maximum settings. This range is incredible for vaporizers, especially for the ones having hybrid heating technology. There is one positive thing about Crafty Plus, where users can switch from whatever temperature to the maximum mode with three touches of a button. It says a lot about Crafty Plus.

Both devices support mobile apps that allow them to control the temperature, which is s huge pro. However, it is up to the personal preference and whether you prefer to have the power to adjust the temperature or not.

Discreteness and Portability

 The Crafty and Crafty Plus are a bit larger than the other portable vaporizer, which means the devices might receive more attention than you are comfortable with. They also have a unique design making it more prominent. In terms of the vapor clouds, the device is more productive at low temperatures. However, they both are easy to store away or carry in the pocket, which contributes to both devices’ discreetness.

As far as the portability is concerned, the Crafty is made smaller than the Mighty vaporizer. This means that Crafty vape was designed keeping portability in mind. Also, the Crafty plus is the mirror image of the Crafty original which means it is as portable as the original one.

Whether you want to carry your devices in your pocket or want to stow them away, the Crafty and Crafty Plus are both portables. We highly recommend both to the people looking for portable vapes!

Vapor Quality

Anyone who has used and experienced the Storz and Bickel vaporizer knows that their devices have the serious potential of delivering amazing vapors. Knowing this, it is easier to say that Crafty and Crafty Plus have a high standard of living up to. 

The original Crafty is famous for delivering great vapors which are tasty and smooth, but the device is also known to produce less impressive vapors by the end of the heavy session. However, it is expected in vapes, but most users prefer that vapes don’t do this.

On the other hand, Crafty Plus is also famous for producing amazing vapors that are cool and tasty. However, it has the same issue towards the end of the session. Moreover, many users say that it is better than the original Crafty. You can head to following link to know more about the Crafty Plus.

A user can prevent this from happening to empty the chamber before it starts to make the vapors harsh. If you wish to use all product in the device, you will have to tolerate the average vapor towards the end of the session

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are essential for the vaporizer’s functionality and the quality of the vapors. If you don’t clean the vaporizer regularly, it could affect the vapors’ quality, taste it produces, and heating abilities.

With that said, how do the Crafty and Crafty plus get cleaned? Is one easier than the other to clean up? If so, why?

Well, both devices are equally easy to clean and maintain because of the similar internal design and the build. All you need to do is to remove the mouthpiece. Scrub it well with a pipe cleaner and some isopropyl alcohol on it. The maintenance of the devices is easy after the deep cleaning session. You just need to brush the device after each session with the cleaning brush. Also, wipe the outside of the device with an alcohol wipe. Just make sure you clean the mouthpiece every time to keep the vapors tasty. You can use the wear & tear set available at Haze Smoke Shop for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

Which one is better?

In our opinion, the Crafty plus is a fantastic upgrade from the original Crafty vaporizer. It has many of the same features but is an actual upgrade in battery life, session per battery, heating potential, and temperature settings. So if you are someone, who has heard all the good things about the Crafty vaporizers and are curious to see what’s it like to vape it, and with the upgrade of original to Crafty Plus,  we suggest you get Crafty Plus.