The Firefly 2+ (Plus) Vaporizer – The Complete Review (2021)

Firefly 2+ Plus Vaporizer - Haze Smoke Shop USA

Firefly vaporizers are arguably one of the best portable vaporizers on the market. The famous Firefly 2 has received an upgrade, Firefly 2+. The Firefly 2+ (Plus) is a portable convection vaporizer that features all the qualities of the Firefly 2 that makes it famous across the world, such as fast heat-up and quality vapors. The Firefly 2 has gone further by perfecting other features such as airflow that has turned the performance even more spectacular.

Today at Haze Smoke shop, we will get ourselves familiar with the updated features of the Firefly 2+. So, let’s not waste time and start our journey!

Here’s what’s included in the box of Firefly 2+

There are number of optional accessories which are compatible with Firefly 2+ and can be found at Haze Smoke Shop.

Firefly 2+ (Plus) vs. Firefly 2

The original Firefly was a good catch, but it was a tricky device to use and required the user to take long draws to enjoy the vaping. The Firefly 2+ is more accessible than the original vaporizer, and the herb also doesn’t need to be ground as fine.

Another significant improvement is the 33% increase in the airflow and easier to draw from the device. The improved battery is another plus, but it doesn’t have the second battery as Firefly 2 had.

One more critical factor is the lower price point. The latest version is cheaper than the original that makes it a bit more of an affordable unit.

Firefly 2+ (Plus) Performance

Compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates, the Firefly 2+ has a fast heat-up time of only 3 seconds. The Firefly 2+ supports convection heating which means the user can pull great hits from it. The vapors are unique for their size. Also, it is easier to draw big vapors than the original one.

What makes it different from the competitors is the potent, flavorsome vapor that the user can taste from each draw. This is all because of the Firefly 2+ heating system.

Most vaporizers heat the material at the selected temperature, and that’s what most of the vaporizers fail to realize that few of the compounds from plants activate at a specific temperature only! The Firefly 2+ takes this into account, and with dynamic convection heating, the material starts to heat up at a lower temperature that goes way up to chosen temperature with each draw.

Firefly 2+ (Plus) Technical Specifications

  • Height: 4.7”
  • Width: 1.4”
  • Width: 1”
  • Weight: 140g
  • Bowl Size: 0.15g
  • Temperature settings from the App: 200° F -500° F
  • 2 years Warranty

Heat-up Time

One of the best features of Firefly 2+ is the instant heat-up feature. This means that when you click the two buttons, the device starts to heat up right away. Once the device lits up, you can begin drawing vapors. The device is also perfect for micro-dosing or if you just want to take one puff at a time.

Charging Dock

Another good thing about Firefly 2+ is the quick charging dock. Like the original version, it gets to 80% battery in only 20 minutes which is very fast for vaporizers. You don’t need to waste hours and wait for the vaporizer to recharge. It doesn’t support pass-through charging, but the pass-through charging is not an issue with speedy charging time.

Battery Life

The Firefly 2+ comes with a powerful, rechargeable, and replaceable 7.4volt lithium-ion battery that takes only 45 minutes for a full charge using a USB Cable. While in comparison with other vaporizers, the battery life is average. The user can enjoy four or five-session on a one-time charge and would definitely want it to be longer than this. However, the fast charging with charging dock makes it up for the battery life. Also, if you are taking the device on longer trips, the user definitely needs to buy a second battery.

Smartphone App & Temperature Settings

The device is compatible with the smartphone app, which is pretty good. The app gives you a greater ranger of temperature than through the device. On the vaporizer, the user can select temperature from 320°F to 420°F in 20° increments. On the other hand, using the app can change from 200°F to 420°F in 10° increments. The app is also helpful as it comes with tutorial videos and allows to customize the configuration of buttons.

How to Use the Firefly 2+

The first step is taking off the lid and load some ground herbs into the chamber. Pack the bowl tight!  Don’t tamp it down, allowing airflow in there, and now toss on the lid again. You need to hold the two side button, which will glow green. It will glow solid green, and the bowl will turn orange. This is the time you are ready to go!

Simple steps:

  • Take off the lid.
  • Put herbs in the bowl.
  • Put the lid back.
  • Hold the two side buttons.
  • The device is ready when it glows green, and the inside of the chamber glows orange. How to Clean Firefly 2+

Cleaning and Maintaining

Cleaning Firefly 2+ is an easy task. In fact, Firefly 2+ is one of the most accessible vaporizers to maintain on the market. All you need is a g-tip and rubbing alcohol to clean it.

Here are the basic instructions for cleaning the device.

  • Pour rubbing alcohol into the bowl.
  • Take off the lid to open the vaporizer.
  • Dip a Q-tip in the rubbing alcohol.
  • Now clean the lid and central unit too.

After you clean it, please leave it to dry off before you use it again!

Wrapping it up

Overall, I love the Firefly 2+ vaporizer. It not only looks good but produces excellent vapors. The battery could be better, but the fast working charging dock makes it up for it. Two things put people off original Firefly2: the airflow and the price. The Firefly 2+ has improved the airflow, and the price has been reduced significantly.

So, If you are looking to get into the vaporizing world and need a cheaper vaporizer that delivers delicious, cool and potent vapors, you can’t go wrong with Firefly 2+!