Puffco Peak vs Peak Pro: Battle Between Two Top-Tier Rigs!

Puffco is one of the leading brands of electric rigs globally, with many followers in the dabbing community. You will find lots of people in the community using their devices for a quality experience. Puffco has released several products, but their Puffco Peak remains one of the world’s most famous products. So, when the company announced the Puffco Peak Pro, its followers became skeptical. The main concern was how the company could improve its already existing mind-blowing and fantastic product?

The Puffco introduced Peak as an electronic device that allows users to vaporize the concentrates with a button’s push. The device ensures safe and easy dabbing while conserving the concentrates, unlike other traditional nails. The latest release, Peak Pro, has the heart and soul of the Puffco Peak. It has some added impressive benefits and features. At Haze Smoke Shop, we’ve had a chance to try out both products, and it’s time to let our followers know how we feel about these two amazing devices!


Puffco Products are considered as one of the most stylish and best-manufactured devices. The Latest Puffco Peak pro has addressed all the shortcomings in the predecessors. With Puffco Peak Pro, the company has delivered a high-quality product worth the price tag it comes with!

While comparing with Peak, the device has a matte finish that makes it look slicker. The device doesn’t hold the fingerprint, which is an excellent update. The glass it offers is more tapered and is a little longer than the previous model. It doesn’t splash the water back into the mouth, making it a better option than the original Peak.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality for the Puffco Peak pro is actually excellent! The device’s atomizer can handle 40% more concentrate than the predecessor, Peak. The original Peak showed problems with a large amount of load, but the Pro has solved all these problems with a large atomizer. The carb cap now has a directional airflow that makes the vapors more distributed, allowing the even distribution of heat.

As far as the ranking is concerned, the Peak Pro comes in the top category, e-rig. The vapors at the lowest temperature produce flavorful and smooth clouds, while at the higher temperature, the clouds get a little harsh and intense, but the use of water filtration makes sure the vapors remain tasty. As discussed, the atomizer is 40% larger in Peak Pro, so it can handle more concentrate than before and ensures less burning of concentrates. Additionally, it comes with an oculus carb cap, an update in this device that allows users to watch wax swirl around in the atomizer before inhaling!

Temperature Settings & App

Both Devices come with four temperature settings reflecting different colors at a different setting. The significant difference between both devices are the smartphone app and control over settings. The Peak Pro allows the live temperature control that allows the user to specify the desired temperature using an app. You can watch the detailed tutorial on the use of the app with Peak Pro here!

Battery Life and Charging

The Peak Pro lasts about 30 sessions before you need to recharge it, which is the same for the Puffco Peak. However, the company has addressed the central issue of the original Peak that supported micro USB Charging. The latest Puffco Peak Pro supports USB-C charging cable that recharges the device in 2 hours. The latest Puffco Peak Pro can also use the Puffco Peak Pro power dock for wireless charging. Both these updates allow users to recharge the device and enjoy vaping quickly!

Our Winner

When Puffco Peak came out, it set the standard for the rivals against its fantastic quality. The device is silent and comforting as well as easy to use and approachable. You can easily pass from person to person with double-tapping to reheat the device, and it feels more like a smoke session with friends. Find out more about the use here! However, with the Puffco Peak Pro release, the bar has gone even higher than ever.

The Puffco Peak Pro costs more elevated than the Peak but justifies better design and latest features. Puffco has made the expected changes in the newest upgrade, and it is nearly hard to deny that they now sit at the top of the category. It offers USB- charging, a new mobile app, a new carb cab, and along with better design, there is a lot more to like about this device.

So if you are serious about dabbing and want to control your concentrates, Peak Pro is your right choice. The app compatible with Peak Pro has provided precision like never before. You will not go wrong with Puffco Peak, and with Peak Pro, you’ll be dabbing with the highest quality rig the world can offer right now!