Arizer ArGo Vs Solo 2 – Which Arizer to Buy in 2021?

Arizer is no amateur, and all of their products have been stellar. The Air 2 from Arizer is a close comparison to the ArGo. However, we decided to do another head-to-head in the Arizer Solo 2 vs ArGo. Both the vaporizers serve different purposes, but which one top overall is still a question. Today at Haze Smoke Shop, we will be comparing two highly competitive vaporizers famous in the vape community, The Arizer Solo 2 vs The Arizer ArGo. Read on to find out about the winner.

Arizer ArGo Vs Solo 2


The Arizer Solo 2 has a long borosilicate glass tube called an aroma tube and is considered the most distinctive design element. The glass tube is responsible for giving the user great vapor quality. Stainless steel construction ensures high durability, while a large LED screen lets users display settings. The glass aroma tubes are not the sole reason behind the quality vapors of Solo 2. The other thing that adds to the quality is the entire vapor path made of glass.

However, the latest ArGo has come out with a new look and fine material. The top of the device slides down and exposes the glass stem. It is made of plastic, while the midsection is of aluminium. The bottom is made of plastic but has a silicone coat to give it’s a softer look. The plastic parts of the device are of high quality that is heat resistant.

Vapor Quality – Arizer ArGo Vs Solo 2

Arizer Solo 2 features a glass stem that holds the herbs at its bottom and then inserts it into the heating chamber. The glass does the job better as it retains the herb’s flavor and doesn’t let the glass dirty very often. So, the result is a flavored session. Additionally, the vapors get cool down before reaching the mouth, which helps the user enjoy more enjoyable draws. Moreover, the draw resistance of Solo 2 is better than the previous version making it a better device.

Arizer vapes ensure excellent vapor quality, and ArGo is no different. The first few draws from the device are flavorful but thin, while the latter draws come out thick with impressive clouds. The last draws from the device stay nice. The device runs on hybrid heating and has the best material used in its air path- stainless steel, ceramic, and glass, which ensures the clean vapors bursting with flavor.

Battery Life and Charging – Arizer ArGo Vs Solo 2

The Solo 2 comes with a 3-hour battery life on average, which means it supports eighteen sessions of ten minutes in one go. The Arizer Solo 2 comes with a USB charging cable. You can also find the car charger compatible with it at Haze Smoke Shop.

On the other hand, the ArGo comes with a swappable 18650 battery. You can find this particular battery in several other high-end portable vaporizers. You can charge the Arizer ArGo via a USB charging cable or take out a 18650 battery to use a compatible charger. This lets the user keep the party going until the user runs out of a charged battery. The swappable nature of the battery is one of the most favorite features of the ArGo. Also, the experts have argued that ArGo can go for 100 full minutes, which means actual full 8 to 9 bowls of the herbs on a single charge. That’s a good time for a vaporizer of this size

Temperature Settings & Display

ArGo comes with all control you need in a device, and you don’t even need a Bluetooth app for that to happen. The device comes with complete temperature control from 122°F to 428°F and also indicates the battery on display. The device displays the device settings such as shut-off time, screen brightness, start-up time, and on/off can all be set from the device. The same is the case with Solo 2; Solo 2 provides complete control over the device with a maximum temperature of 428°F. The screen is giant enough and displays readable settings. It shows battery life, current temperature, your desired temperature, and other important information on the display!

Portability – Arizer ArGo Vs Solo 2

With the release of ArGo, Arizer has created a design that can fit conveniently into the pocket with the signature vapor quality of Arizer. ArGo has a stem that fits within the chassis when you need to carry it only. On the other hand, Solo 2 has glass stems, making it less portable than ArGo. They are extra pieces, and you need to carry them with care to break them.

Ease of Use

Both of the vaporizers are very easy to use. The Solo 2 is straightforward as it comes with three buttons. The one in the center and an up, down button. The center and up button will turn on the device, while the up arrow will increase the heat settings. Solo 2 is a convenient process as the user puts the dry herbs into the bottom of the glass aroma tube. However, for the ArGo, loading is easy as simple scooping up the ground herb and tamping down would allow the user to draw a tamp. It is advisable to leave a 1 mm air gap at the bottom as well.

Our Winner

Both of the devices score close after the comparison. However, if the personal experience is concerned, I find myself more attracted to the ArGo. ArGo is all in one and comes with the necessary features that make the device a hit. The great flavor, wider airflow, and total control of the device make it one of the best choices among portable vapes.

In the end, it comes down to personal preference. If you need a device for a discreet and portable experience, the ArGo is the winner. However, for home use and occasional travel, Solo 2 is a Winner. Moreover, you cannot go wrong with either of them and with Arizer vaporizers, you are guaranteed a reliable device either way. For anyone looking to enjoy the flavor, shop your favorite from Haze Smoke Shop today!