Dr. Dabber Switch Accessories – Still Relevant in 2021

The Dr. Dabber Switch has turned out to be one of the most famous products of Dr. Dabber in the last two years. In the time of the dab rigs, Dr. Dabber’s Switch captured enthusiast’s imaginations with innovation, sleek design, and induction heating in the e-rig. Also, it comes with several unique accessories that enhance the device’s performance and has kept it relevant in 2021 as well. So let’s dive in to find out about the accessories Dr. Dabber offer with Switch.

Dr. Dabber Switch

Dr. Dabber Switch Smooth Ceramic Induction Cup

The induction heating method involves the generation of heat with the help of the electromagnet. This method is superior to the others because of reduced heat-up time and heat creation directly into the induction cup.  

The ceramic induction cup is different from the standard ceramic nail because it has a titanium induction cup with a pure ceramic dish insert. The ceramic material is thicker that retains the heat for a longer time, so it lets users enjoy exceptional flavors. However, it is suitable for sticky wax, or oils, and low-temperature flower vaping. It usually comes in black color and takes around 4-6 seconds to heat up.

Dr. Dabber Switch Oil Induction Cup

This ceramic induction cup works to extract flavors from viscous oils and honey. It has a titanium induction cup with a pure ceramic dish insert. The ceramic induction is an upgrade to standard ceramic cups and comes in white color. The cup is easy to clean by wiping it with Q-tip once the vaping session is over! One of the most significant positives of the oil induction cup is the consistent, flavorful dab every time that forces vape enthusiasts to rely on the Switch in the longer run.

Dr. Dabber Switch Quartz Induction Cup

The quartz induction cup can be used with concentrates but can also be used with low heat dry herbs vaporization. It has a titanium induction cup with a pure quartz dish insert. The quartz induction cup lets the user enjoy the flavorful vapors with a fast heat-up time f 5 seconds.

Switch Reverse Action Tweezers

Dr Dabber Switch Reverse Action Tweezers

Dr. Dabber Switch accessories include reverse action tweezers that help to make vaping convenient. The primary use of tweezers is to lift and replace the induction cups from the unit. It has silicone tips attached to it but is useable without those tips too. The most important use which makes it ideal is it minimizes the chance of burning fingers. The tweezers are metallic with silicone tips attached.

Charging Cable and Adapter

Dr Dabber Switch Charging Cable and Adapter

The accessory lineup offers the certified cable and adapter for the Dr. Dabber Switch when the user loses or damages the older one.  It can recharge the device in 60 minutes, and supports pass through charging.

Switch Ceramic Filter

Dr Dabber Switch Ceramic Filter

One of the most loved accessories offered for the Switch is Ceramic Filter, specially designed for dry herbs. They create the oven effects for the dry herb making the vaping experience better than before. Moreover, the ceramic filters make sure the user enjoys flavorful clouds. The user simply has to put the ceramic filter on top of the induction cup after loading and enjoying vaping.

Switch Bubble Carb Cap

Dr Dabber Switch Bubble Cap

Want to control the Switch Session? This is the right glass accessory for the Switch to control the vaping experience. The bubble carb cap is an alternative to what’s offered with the Switch and allows more control over the vaping experience with more directional airflow. It also provides flexibility with exceptional vapor production and density. All you have to do is put the Bubble carb cap on the top of the glass attachment’s opening to cover the induction cup. You can also head to the official website to watch the detailed tutorial on the use of accessories.

Battery Pack

Dr Dabber Switch Battery Pack

Want to recharge your Switch? The accessory line up offers the battery-package with 3000mAh capacity that provides power and versatility with more vaping time and faster healing time than the average battery. This battery pack allows the unit to reach the heating time in 4 seconds and takes only 60 minutes to recharge. A user can enjoy 200 uses per single charge in simple words and comes with protection against over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, and short-circuit.

The use is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is remove the bottom cover and unhook the battery from two sides. Remove the older one by pulling it out and replace it with the new one.

Switch Glass Attachment

Another essential accessory that enhances the performance of the Switch is Glass Attachment. The glass attachment has a robust borosilicate build with large percolator holes, decreasing the chance of clogging. It is also designed for exceptional airflow and easy cleaning—the best way to use it is by snugging it in the glass mouthpiece on top of the unit. 

Switch Glass Loading Tool & Carb Accessory

The Switch accessories offer a carb cap, a replacement for the original carb cap that comes with the original packing. The top of the carb cup has an extended glass tool that is perfect for loading dabs. It fits perfectly on top of the glass attachment and comes with a silicone ring for an extra airtight seal. The carb cap is strongly built that perfectly fits the glass attachment on top of the induction cup opening.

Follow the following steps to use the accessory;

  • Place your dab at the end of the loading tool.
  • Load the dab directly into the induction cup once the light turns green.
  • Put the silicone seal cover around the carb cap.
  • Now place it on the glass attachment to cover the induction cup to enjoy vaping.