Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer Review-A Powerful Desktop Revolution

Arizer has been considered to be at the forefront of the desktop vaporizers line for quite some time now. Now, when they announced the latest Arizer XQ2. The market has again become excited about what Arizer has new on their plate! The latest Arizer XQ2 features a new look with an amazing aesthetic and a redesign of the digital display. Today at Haze Smoke Shop, we will do our best to let our followers know what Arizer XQ2 has to offer!

Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer - Haze Smoke Shop USA

Arizer XQ2 Operating System

Arizer had promised the updated looks and easier-to-use device’s operating system, and here they are, with the latest XQ2 and its user-friendly operating system. The original Extreme had the retro-styled LCD screen, which is not the case anymore. The latest Arizer XQ2 is replaced with a toned-down LED display that looks better than ever. Also, the latest display highlights the current temperature and the target temperature in the large and bold text, which is much easier to read. Moreover, it now has a 3-speed fan button, settings button to customize session, power button, and up & down button to approach different settings.

Glass Connoisseur Bowl’s Chamber

The XQ2 seems to care for the flavor and clouds for vape enthusiasts with two options. First, it has an option of the chamber with a larger capacity where the glass screen is closer to the heater. The other has a smaller capacity & a glass screen further from the heater. Moreover, the former produces thick vapors and is ideal for extensive sessions, while the latter produces light vapors and is ideal for micro-dosing or personal use.

Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer - Haze Smoke Shop USA

Arizer XQ2 Whip & Balloon System

The latest Arizer XQ2 has the new whip system that can rotate a full 360 degrees allowing users to share the sessions with friends. Moreover, the balloon system offered for the Arizer XQ2 looks like an update. It is in the form of a balloon connector, which features a valve similar to Volcano one. 

LED strip

One of the top features of the XQ2 seems to be the LED strip which can be set to Dynamic Mode, Spectrum Mode, one of the 8 color options, and can be turned off. For the Spectrum mode, the color changes every two seconds. Likewise, for the Dynamic mode, the change happens in the given ways. 

  • Yellow to Orange- Heating process
  • Blinks the Green color twice- Set temperature
  • Pulses Orange continuously- Stable temperature
  • Pulses purple- Fan operation
  • Pulses Cyan- Cooling mode
  • Pulses Blue- Cooling with a fan

Moreover, you can switch off the lights whenever you want!

Arizer XQ2 Remote Control

The Arizer has redesigned the remote control and has added direct access to amazing features. The amazing remote control features include separate buttons for power, audio control, auto-off timer. It also comes with four buttons dedicated to fan speed control. Moreover, three preset temperature buttons are there to choose the temperature setting of choice.

Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer - Haze Smoke Shop USA

 Who is the Arizer XQ2 for?

It’s been more than ten years since Arizer has revolutionized the desktop vape market with the launch of the Arizer Extreme Q. Now is the time for its successor- the Arizer XQ2. The company was aware of the customer feedback, so Arizer has made several improvements to the latest device. So the best part about the successor is that it is for everyone, whether you are an occasional vaper, just getting started, or vape enthusiast. With unique features and high-quality parts, you can be sure that if you buy Arizer XQ2, you will not need a replacement for the next many years.

Bottom Line

The vaping enthusiasts are already a fan of Arizer products. Arizer offers great vaporizers at an amazing price. The quality of their accessories and the attachments of the vaporizers are really great and are one of the main reasons that make them famous in the market. The case of the Arizer XQ2 is not going to be any different either! It is starting another wave of fresh and new devices from the Arizer.