Common Pax 3 Problems & Their Solutions

No vaporizer is perfect; they all come with shortcomings. PAX has only been the company that has designed the best-looking portable vaporizers on the market. The company has been busy releasing models with the latest updates. One of the latest releases PAX 3, is one of the most wanted and famous vaporizers in the market. However, due to some reason, the PAX 3 may develop some of the issues. We at Haze Smoke Shop will go through most of the problems with their DYI solutions. So, let’s get started!
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Hard to Inhale Thick Draws

This usually happened when you pack the oven too tightly. Moreover, the packaging should be with 25% empty room empty for the lid. So turn the lid sideways, and you will have an excellent push tool to pat down the herbs in the chamber, which will solve the thick draw problems.

Pax 3 Temperature Button Gets Stuck after Cleaning

The small size of the temperature buttons may cause them to get stuck after cleaning. This becomes clearly visible once you remove the mouthpiece. The button is on the tricky spot, which is hard to get to, but it’s easy for alcohol to drip down into. Be very careful while applying alcohol during cleansing near the button. Also, don’t use excessive in the mouthpiece, which will automatically drip around inside. Furthermore, this causes the temperature button froze stuck. If this happens, you need to lightly tap it with a hammer and nail to break it free from glue bonds.Watch the video here for a detailed tutorial on cleaning!

Pax 3 Mouthpiece Gets Tacky and Requires Frequent Cleaning

The PAX 3 mouthpiece gets tacky real fast and requires frequent cleaning. Moreover, the solution requires the user to charge the PAX 3 standing up. The charging proves straightforward but flawed because of how the device sits; PAX spends time with gravity working against it that pulls the resin down towards the mouthpiece. The heat of charging causes the debris to heat and melt in the mouthpiece. Standing PAX 3 up and attaching the charger like a hat wouldn’t allow the waste to stay and melt in the mouthpiece, making it sticky real quick.

Pax 3 Mouthpiece not making good electric contact

On many occasions, the mouthpiece of PAX 3 doesn’t make good electric contact. The device goes into heating mode and warms up; the other times; the solid red fails to warm up. Sometimes, the mouthpiece doesn’t work well because your device is not clean. This problem is to push the mouthpiece towards the stem until your PAX 3 is hot and ready to use. Another thing you should do is remove the mouthpiece and blow the warm air through it that helps the mouthpiece make better contact with the temperature sensor, or you could use a little paper shim in the mouthpiece to force it on one side, allowing it to make electric contact.

Resolving counterfeit issue

One of the biggest PAX 3 problems is the presence of counterfeits in the market. The new users may fail to figure out which one is the Real. Let’s solve this problem first.There are many fake and exact replicas of the PAX 3 available on different famous sites. Due to the device’s popularity and record sales, these websites are catching the opportunity to earn extra cash. It is better to get the device from an authorized distributor like Haze Smoke Shop.The difference in the packaging of fake one is different, which helps users find out the fake Pax 3. The fake one does not have the box color and the marking printed accurately. The cables are imperfect, and there are grammar mistakes on the box too. The fake unit’s battery needs the recharge every three hours , even when you don’t use the device. Moreover, the fake ones have inconsistent heating, LED lights have changed colors and are inconsistent. The fake device produces little vapor. The only solution is to get your PAX 3 from an authorized dealer like Haze Smoke Shop.

Charging problems

Many of the users complain about the charging issues in the PAX 3. It comes with a lithium-ion 3500mAh battery, and the battery lasts for 8-10 sessions. However, the charging of the device should be at a temperature between 50°F and 95°F.  To ensure safety, never charge your device below 50°F or above 95°F. Also, you should never leave your PAX device in the vehicle. If the problem doesn’t get solved, try and contact the company head office or their sales representative to walk you through some advice on the issues to resolve it.

Not Getting Enough Smoke

Sometimes the PAX 3 doesn’t produce much smoke, which hinders the enjoyment of the user. Well, sometimes, the oven of the PAX 3 can be tightly screwed. Moreover, the user needs to pack the oven from the down half and leave the unit to heat for about 20 seconds before you smoke. This should solve the smoke problem.

Enhancing vapor quality

If the PAX 3 is not producing the fine quality vapor or not helping you taste the right flavor. The best you can do is grind your herbs finer and pack the oven tighter. This should solve the issues of vapors.

Final thoughts

We talked about what are some of the PAX 3 problems commonly faced by the users. And, if his article doesn’t help you with the issues of your PAX 3. You should contact the company and their tech support department for the elaborated answers.