9 G Pen Roam Problems & their Solutions

G Pen Roam is a concentrate vaporizer with a unique built-in water filter called Hydro-Tube. Powered by 1300mAh removable battery, the device heats up in few seconds and has a wide range of temperature to choose from. Also, the device comes with a travel case that allows user to keep all the accessories they need for a session. The device is perfect for vaping and there are several pieces on how the device perfectly works. However, there are limited advices on how to handle the device when it meets problems. Today at Haze Smoke Shop, we are going to talk about exclusive G Pen Roam problems and how to deal with them.

So let’s waste no more time and start it!

When the battery needs to be recharged?

Whenever the device needs to be charged, the LED display of the device will reflect the image of flashing empty battery. Also, the device will not heat if the battery is low.

How to turn off/on the G Pen Roam?

The central button location above the G logo on the rear of the unit is responsible for the activation and deactivation of the device. The device can be turned on with five clicks and can be turned off with five clicks again. The device will vibrate to indicate that device is on or off.

What to do If Roam’s airflow seems clogged?

If the G Pen reflects problems with the airflow or you want to clean & maintain the device, you can see following the following to de-clog the device.

  1. Separate the Quartz tank, tank cover, and the two air path channels detachable, including the stainless steel central path channel inside the flip-flop lid of the battery and the silicone air path attached to the internal backing of the battery.
  2. Soak all the separate parts for one hour into the isopropyl alcohol except silicone air path channel. Now wipe down all the parts with cotton swabs.
  3. Now, take the cotton swab, dip it in isopropyl alcohol and clean off the residue from the silicon air-path channel liner and the battery. Now leave it to dry completely.
  4. Common clogging can be found in the stainless steel air path, inside the flip-top lid of the battery, the air path opening at the bottom of the quartz tank, and the battery’s air path liner to minimize the clogging of these areas, dab the smaller size of wax. 
  5. Lastly, assemble all the parts and activate them at a full temperature level to burn off the residual on remaining parts.

Note: Regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary by the makers to avoid clogging and extend Roam’s life. Watch the video here to follow the detailed tutorial on how to clean G Pen Roam.

How to fix a display connection and heating issues?

If your G Pen Roam is displaying the connection issue, follow the following steps.

  1. Remove the tank and cover from the battery.
  2. Now confirm the flush connection between the tank and rank cover. There should be a small tab on the bottom of the tank that should fit flat into the bottom of the cove. The tab should face toward the Roam mouthpiece while you are placing the cover back onto the battery. The front panel of the cover should sit level to the front of the battery.
  3. The problem should be reviled after it, and if you still experience issues. Please contact the official customer service of G Pen.

How to replace the Roam’s atomizer?

Has your Roam atomizer not working fine? Do you want to replace it? You’ve come to the right place. The first thing to do is flip the tank lid upwards to expose the quartz under it. Let the tank cool down before you replace it. Now pull the quartz tank with silicone cover away from the base. The tank also can slide downwards and out of the cover. Now, insert the new Roam atomizer into the cover to ensure the tabs line. Finally, slide the tank and cover it back into the appropriate slot on the device.

How can I fill the water tube in the Roam?

The first step is to remove the battery and the heating chamber by pulling up and away from the mouthpiece to fill the G Pen Roam water tube. Now remove the mouthpiece from the enclosed water tube by pulling it upward. You can pour the water into the opening until it reaches the black fill line of the tube. Once you reattach the mouthpiece, the Roam is ready to use.

How to load concentrate into the Roam?

The first step in loading the concentrate is the exposure of the quartz heating element by flipping the unit lid upward. Use the tool and place the concentrates into the center of the enclosed quartz dish. Now close the lid to cover the heating element. Turn on the device and activate the heating.

How to activate the heating of G Pen Roam?

Once the device is turned on and desired temperature is selected, you need to click the main button two more times to start the heating process. The device will vibrate, and the display will show the wavy lines that indicate that the heating process has begun. Once the unit reaches the desired temperature, the device will vibrate and show the thumbs up. You can cancel the heating at any time with two more clicks on the main button.

How to change the temperature of G Pen Roam?

Once the device is on, you can adjust the temperature settings to 25 °F by using two buttons on the side. You can change the settings to C by holding the power button and temperature increased by holding the button for three seconds.