FocusVape Tourist Review 2021-The First Ever 2-in-1 E-rig

We have witnessed several effective vaporizers that vape both herbs and concentrates. Still, the FocusVape Tourist is the first-ever e-rig style vaporizer compatible with both herbs and concentrates. While most of the multi-functional devices do not function particularly well, the Focus V Tourist offers excellent sessions for herbs and concentrates. So let’s jump right in and take a more in-depth look.

FocusVape Tourist - Haze Smoke Shop USA


FocusVape stepped up their game with the Tourist. The device looks well made. It comes with glass pieces and also features two separate attachments to handle concentrates and herbs. The herb attachment is like a regular ceramic heating chamber like most units and is large enough to load many herbs for more extensive sessions. On the other hand, the concentration attachment has a ceramic rod with a titanium nail that heats up very quickly and has a quick vaporizing process.

FocusVape Tourist - Haze Smoke Shop USA

How it works

The Tourist can achieve satisfying vapors with both herbs and concentrates because it comes with two different attachments for each method.


FocusVape Tourist - Haze Smoke Shop USA

For the concentrates, attach the wax attachment to the base. Now, fill the filter with water and attach it to the wax attachment. Switch the unit to wax mode. Set the temperature and wait for the device to reach the desired temperature. Load the concentrate into the applicator and place it on the titanium nail. Draw from the unit and enjoy. 


FocusVape Tourist - Haze Smoke Shop USA

For the herbs, select the dry herbs attachment and attach it to the base of the unit. Now unscrew the mouthpiece and expose the heating chamber. Fill it with the desired herbs. If you wish to use the water filter, attach the mouthpiece and remove the mouthpiece’s glass tip. Fill the filter with water, and now place the glass water filter into the herb attachment. Now switch the vape into the herb mode. This will turn on the LED lights on th4e display. Set the temperature and wait for the device to reach your desired temperature. You can draw once the device reaches the temperature.

FocusVape Tourist Battery Life

Battery Life

The FocusVape Tourist contains 18650 battery to run the device. With the herbs, the user can use the device for almost an hour which is average with the e-rig. Also, the battery is removable, and you can always buy the spare one to swap to keep vaping on the go! For the concentrates, the battery stands longer. The wax sessions last for 1 to 2 minutes, while the herb’s session lasts for 10-15 minutes. So, the user can use the Tourist without charging it for a longer time

FocusVape Tourist Temperature Settings

Temperature Settings

The two attachments of the device allow it to be very flexible about temperature settings. The herb attachment can use the temperature settings between 90C—240C enabling users to enjoy herbs at max. On the other hand, the wax attachments allow the users to use the settings between 260C—450C. With a wide range of temperatures, the device satisfies the user and produces vapors as per the user’s desire.



The device is not fully portable as it comes with two separate pieces for herbs and wax attachment along with a glass filter. The device design is more like a home-use device than to be out for vaping on the go! However, if you wish to use it for the herbs, you can use it without water filters and a standard mouthpiece. The herbs setup I quite portable but is still large enough to not fit into the pocket.

Ease of Use

The most user-friendly feature of this device is how easy it is to use Tourist instead of other devices. The device comes with separate attachments that make it easy for the user to swap from concentrates to herbs and ensure that vaping is efficient. All you have to do is switch the device’s mode to desired one- hers for herb attachment and wax for wax attachment. Set the temperature and Enjoy! However, another important thing that comes with the device is a water filter. When the user is removing the water filter, the device needs to turn upside down, stopping the accidental spillage of water onto the device.

Overall Experience

We are happy to have a quality 2-in-1 device that can handle herbs and concentrates. The device might not be compact because of multiple attachments, but the quality and excellent performance make its purchase worth it. Also, the water filtration provides a smooth draw each time and allows users to increase the temperature for thick vapors. From the price’s point of view, the device seems like the best option as both worlds offer the best. So, if you are a vape enthusiast, head to the Haze Smoke Shop today and get yours without any further delays!

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