Source Orb 4 M2 Review 2021-Premium Kit for Concentrates

Set the tone for the occasion with the best possible available portable vaporizer, SOURCE Orb 4 Model 2. Certainly, the Source Orb 4 M2 is an excellent choice for concentrate lovers. It comes with five different voltage settings and seven other atomizers and airflow adjustments, making it a priority for the users! Today at Haze Smoke Shop, we will dig into the Source Orb 4 Model 2 to find out how it works best among the wax pens.

Source Orb 4 M2 - Haze Smoke Shop USA

Source Orb 4 M2 Performance

It’s hard to choose the coil from all the given options. All the coils offer a different experience with different vapors’ quality. Also, the airflow adjustment makes the experience further. Moreover, the Orb has a unique shape. This also cools down the vapors before it reaches the lungs. The user can get mighty or light vapors depending on the temperature settings of the device. The device comes with built-in storage that makes the device convenient. The device is very well made and comes with several accessories that make the buy convenient. The latest model comes with a variable airflow system that switches up the experience.

Source Orb 4 M2 Battery Life

With so many available options of the atomizer and the excellent quality device, the device comes with a 700mAh battery that is average for this fantastic device. It needs to recharge throughout the day. Also, it comes with a 14500 removable battery, making it a plus point of the device.


The Orb has an oblong shape and features a pen-shaped battery that is easy to carry into the pocket. Also, it is a lightweight device with a magnetic mouthpiece that is convenient to carry. Also, it wouldn’t be difficult for vape enthusiasts to take this device along.

Ease of Use

The Source orb 4 is a waxy pen that is quite simple to use. This specific device comes with a couple of more steps when it comes to tuning. The device comes with several coil options making it hard for users to pick which one to use. Also, the device comes with an adjustable airflow that will take some time for the user to discover what works best for them.

Cleaning is a mandatory task as well, where the first step is the disassembling of the atomizer and the mouthpiece. The next is the removal of the O-rings and then submerge parts into the isopropyl alcohol. Let parts be there for 10 minutes and rinse them with distilled water. Leave them to dry and enjoy fresh vapors!

Reasons to Buy Source Orb Kit

You should buy a Source Orb kit if you want a pen-style wax vaporizer with a range of flexibility. The kit is one of the most versatile units on the market, with unique features.

  • 5 Preset Temperature

The Source Orb kit comes with five preset temperature voltage settings, which can be accessed with three clicks on the power button. Five different temperature settings are quite generous and offer a range of vapors.

  • 7 Atomizers

It comes with seven different atomizers, including source nail max in titanium and quartz, 1 Terra 2 with Terra core, one triple quartz coil, one triple black ceramic coil, one double quartz coil, and one double black ceramic coil. Three of which are bucket-style atomizers, while the other 4 are coiled atomizers.

  • Auto-Sesh Mode

The Source Orb Premium kit has a new feature called Auto-Sesh Mode. It means if you click a power button two times, the device will run a heating minute cycle on the atomizer of your choice.

  • Removable Battery

The device has the shape of a pen and features a removable battery. The user can charge the battery externally, allowing users to keep an extra battery to enjoy vaping on the go!