Utillian 722 Vaporizer Review-The Best on a Budget!

Utillian is one of Canada’s most popular brands that make vaping devices in the reasonable price range and provides excellent value to the price. The Utillian 722 is one of the latest releases as a portable dry herb vape, and it has several upgrades over the previous generation 721.

The Utillian 722 is a simple and convection using vaporizer that supports four preset temperature levels and a +Boost mode. The device is also compatible with wax and extracts and has better airflow. Today at Haze Smoke Shop, we will explore the 722 and see how it has become one of the best possible choices in the market!


The Utillian 722 has a square design, where the bottom of the device constitutes a battery and an air path, and the top has an oven that also covers the mouthpiece. The device’s outer shell is aluminium with a rubber coating that helps to contain the heat. The device also has a non-slip touch making it more desirable. Also, there is a Micro USB charging port at the bottom.

Magnetic Mouthpiece: The devices’ mouthpiece is on the top of the device and uses the magnets to hold it. It can easily open up to expose the stainless steel chamber. The mouthpiece part of the device has an extension. You can fold it away when you are not using it. The mouthpiece also cools down the vapors when they travel inside the mouthpiece.

Stainless Steel Chamber: The chamber is of stainless steel material and has a capacity of around 0.3grams. The device uses convection heating, which is an improvement from the previous version, 721 Utillian. The convection heating allows the device to generate the heat outside the oven, then pulled into the chamber with each draw. This type of method preserves the flavor of the herbs and produce high-quality vapors. The air path and battery are also in isolated places that keep the flavor as pure as possible. 

How Does It Work?

The Utillian 722 has a one-button operation that is straight forward and simple to operate. The device lacks precise temperature controls but comes with four temperature settings. However, the device works in the following ways!

  • Use the inset and load the dry herb or wax into the chamber. Do not pack too tight to let air travel through the buds,
  • Use the only button and click it five times to turn on the device. The vape will start to heat up, and the LED light will start blinking.
  • Two taps on the button will change the temperature settings.
  • The LED light becomes solid when it is ready to use.
  • Inhale through the mouthpiece.

Boost Mode: When the user holds the power button for more than a couple of seconds, the device will heat up to maximum temperature. The Boost mode works well for the extracts or to finish off the session.

Heat-up Time: The device heats up in 40-60 seconds, which depends on the temperature settings.

Performance & Quality of Vapors

The device excels when it comes to vapor quality. The vapor produced is pure, flavorful, and better than the vapes in a similar price range. The devices supporting convection heating are a lot more expensive than the Utillian 722. Also, 722 gives a fair fight for vapor quality and produces thick vapors, especially in high settings. The second and third settings of the device provide the perfect experience of flavor and vapors.

The device is efficient in extracting the herbs. The device comes with a 2300mAh battery that allows users to use it for continuous 60 minutes, proving the device’s efficiency.

Tip: The Haze Smoke Shop also offers the official accessories compatible with 722 and wax canister set-tops it allowing users to enjoy extracts as well. It also offers a care package that will enable users to maintain the device!

Bottom Line

The Utillian 722 is a successful vape at a reasonable price. The device has achieved everything it was trying to achieve- an outstanding vape at a fair price tag. It might not have all the top features like smartphone app compatibility or precise temperature control. Still, it has a crucial feature of exceptional vapor quality in a fair price tag.