Yocan Evolve Plus – The Best Wax Pen by Yocan

Vaping has become extremely important these days, leading to the vaping industry’s progress in terms of vaping products, technology, and tools. It is essential to not only understand your needs but as well as the product to make a smart purchase. One of the leading brands is Yocan, which has introduced several models over the past few years. The Evolve Plus is one of the latest pens that offer thicker, smoother vapors in a discreet wax pen. In this particular vaping device, the focus is on the concentrates that led to designing the device in a way to emphasize the excellent flavor and potent vapors. Today at Haze Smoke Shop, we are going to explore the Yocan Evolve Plus and see what it is all about!

Design and Features

Most of the herbal vaporizers have a body shape, while the new Evolve Plus wax vaporizer more like an e-cigarette, ensuring a unique sense of portability. The device measures 120mmx19mm that feels sturdy and robust in the hands. It is safe to say that the device feels quite reliable in hand and is not even heavy.

Besides construction, the device comes with uniques features that allow users to have a fantastic experience. The pen-shaped device will enable users to enjoy the thick clouds. Now, we are going to take a look at the internal features of the device. The device’s most unique feature is the dual Quarts coil that ensures flavorful vapors along with potent hits. Along with the Quartz coil, it has a threaded cap that makes sure that concentrates stay inside the atomizer and help the atomizer maintain the coil’s temperature to enjoy quality vapors. These two essential features make it one of the most loved concentrate vaporizer and separate it from the devices in the same price range. Another crucial element is the powerful internal 1100mAh battery and a Micro USB cable that makes it even more desirable. Also, the device’s base comes with an attached silicone jar that allows users to carry the extra concentrates while on the go!

QDC Technology

The device’s highlight lies in the innovative QDC technology also known as the Dual Quartz coil. The difference with the traditional coil is that it uses quartz instead of fiver wicks. The quartz coil allows users to enjoy a more pure flavor and preserve the potency of the concentrates.

Getting Started with the Yocan Evolve Plus

The Yocan Evolve plus is not that difficult to operate. The most important thing while starting to use the device is the charging of the device. The user should fully charge the device for the best results. The Micro USB charging should be used by connecting the device to it on the bottom of the device and connect the other to the computer or a wall socket adapter. A red light will pop when the device plugs in that show the battery is still charging. Upon full battery, the red light goes out.

Tap the fire button five times to turn on the device until the LED light up to indicate that the device is on. Use the same control and press it five times to turn it off.  Take off the cap, unscrew the atomizer and load the chamber with the wax directly on the coil. Finally, screw back the atomizer and reattach the lid, and you are good to go! The Yocan Evolve doesn’t come with the adjustable temperature control settings but with the preset and fixed firing option to endure the best experience possible.  

Cleaning Your Yocan Evolve Plus

The regular cleaning and maintenance of the vaporizers are essential as it ensures the performance of the vaporizer. Fortunately, the chamber of Yocan Evolve plus is wide open that makes the cleaning easy. However, the user should give attention to the components, so it doesn’t get damaged.

The first step in cleaning your Evolve plus is to heat the chamber to burn off the residue left on the coils or in the chamber. The best way to do so is to repeatedly turn on the device and blow on the coils to cool them down. Once the residue burns away, use the Q-tip to clean the walls of the heating chamber. It would be best to make sure that the chamber is somewhat hot during the cleaning process as the chamber becomes sticky when it is cool. For in-depth cleaning of the vaporizer, you need to use the cleaning tools and isopropyl alcohol solution to clean off the wax.

Note: the concentrate should be highly dense as it has an exposed coil with an airflow valve underneath. The thin nature of the oil can leak out of the device, creating a mess for the user.


  • Long-lasting 1100mAh battery
  • Big Quartz Dual coil for clean vapors
  • Built-in Silicon jar
  • 15 second automatic shut off

What’s in the box?

  • 1 Evovle plus Device
  • 1Evolve plus battery
  • 1 QCD dual kanthal/quartz coil (Extra)
  • 1 Wax tool
  • 1 Micro USB Cable