Volcano Hybrid Review-The Reinvention of an Icon

Storz & Bickel released the most iconic vaporizer, the Volcano Classic, over a decade ago, then came the Volcano Digit with the same winning formula. The latest Volcano Hybrid is the third release from the series of desktop vaporizers, and it is easily the best one yet. The device has now been recognized as one of the most technologically advanced desktop vaporizers and offers some solid improvements while adhering to the old perfect game. The Volcano improves from the previous versions as it comes with Bluetooth compatibility, quicker heat-up time, a whip, and many other small improvements. There is a lot more to the Volcano Hybrid, so let’s check out what we, at Haze Smoke Shop, have to say about the latest Volcano Hybrid in our latest review here!

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

What’s in the Box?

How Volcano Hybrid Works?

The latest released Volcano Hybrid is just as simple as the earlier released desktop volcano vaporizers. You can use the dosing capsule or either use the filling chamber reducer to pack 0.1-0.15 gram herbs or wax for the lighter sessions. On the other hand, you can use the standard chamber to fill more than 1 gram or more for the more robust sessions. After packing the chamber, set the temperature and wait for the device to heat up. The newly released vaporizers take less time to heat up than predecessors, which is around 20-40 seconds. After the heat up, use the balloon or attach the whip to draw the vapors.

Volcano Hybrid Temperature Flexibility

The Volcano Hybrid offers a range of temperature that allows users to choose between 104°F- 446°F. The users prefer the hybrid over the other volcano vaporizers because it provides the accuracy that it tends to provide. So, the vaporizer is perfect for use with all kinds of cannabis. The device allows users to play with temperature settings that make the vaping experience smooth with each inhalation. The new addition with the lower temperature settings allows the users to adjust the temperature during a session.

The New Addition of a Whip

The well-accepted change in the Volcano desktop vaporizer is the whip. If you have previously used the Volcano, you’d know that it has only delivered vapors with balloons. But now, the device comes with a whip that hits the tasty clouds. The whip allows the open and comfortable airflow making it harder for the user to give up. The whip is set on top of the loading chamber, making it easier to move around, and usually, silicone tubing is preferred to deliver the perfect vapors!

Updated Heater & Quick Heat-up Time

The Volcano Hybrid comes with a better-designed heat exchanger, which is more efficient than the previous versions. The redesigning allows the material to heat up in less than two minutes and talk’s maximum of 35 seconds to fill the bag with vapors. This is a massive improvement from the previous versions, which earlier took up three to six minutes for heating up. The device has one of the fastest heating time in desktop vaporizers, making it a perfect choice.

Another significant change in the heater is conduction heating to the mix where the metal ring on top of the device gets hot earlier, allowing the loading chamber to gets hot early and pre-heats the herbs. Finally, the device has a hybrid heating style, making it such a successful vaporizer choice.

Rich Smartphone App

The app provides control over Crafty Vaporizer and the Volcano Vaporizer. The app is easy to use with four options- one for the primary control, the second for the detailed setting, the third to monitor its status, and the last for access manuals, shopping pages, and help. Moreover, the app allows the user to customize the setting and make vaping a convenient experience. With the app, the user can choose the setting they want and tailor the session to the personal style.

Easy Maintenance

The Volcano Hybrid is one of the easiest to maintain. Device cleaning and maintenance involves brushing off the screen after the session and allows users to use it for months without deep cleansing. The Hybrid comes with a balloon and adapter that lets the user change the bags without throwing away the mouthpiece.


Storz & Bickel offers a warranty on the Hybrid for three years, including workmanship and defect issues. Like all the other Storz & Bickel products, the device carries a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Who is the Volcano Hybrid for?

The Volcano Hybrid is a pricy, top quality vaporizer that produces satisfying vapes and serves the vape enthusiast well. With whip included with the device, the device allows the user to wander around in the house. So, if you are looking for a desktop vaporizer, the Hybrid has to be your choice.

Our Take on the Hybrid

The Volcano Hybrid is one of the finest desktop vaporizers on the market. The device comes with durability, multiple delivery options, top tier performance, app compatibility, and medical-grade material. Additionally, with few options available on the market today, the device comes with a quick heat-up time and a whip! We are confident that Hybrid can satisfy whoever wants to get it!