Arizer ArGo Review-Arizer’s Best Portable Vaporizer Yet

With the release of ArGo, Arizer can deliver extremely portable vape, something we have been expecting from Arizer. The device brings in tasty vapors, a trademark of Arizer, and swappable batteries that stand out in the crowd. It also features full control and also wide airflow, making it a perfect portable vape with appealing features.

Arizer ArGo - Haze Smoke Shop USA

Arizer ArGo Vapor Quality

Arizer vapes ensure excellent vapor quality, and ArGo is no different. The first few draws from the device are flavorful but thin. While the latter draws come out thick with impressive clouds. The last draws from the device stay nice. The device runs on hybrid heating and has the best material used in their air path- stainless steel, ceramic, and glass. This ensures the clean vapors bursting with flavor.

Arizer ArGo - Haze Smoke Shop USA

Arizer ArGo Swappable Battery

The ArGo comes with a swappable 18650 battery that you can find in several other high-end portable vaporizers as well. You can charge the Arizer ArGo via USB charging cable or take out a 18650 battery to charge using a compatible charger. This lets the user keep the party going until the user is run out of a charged battery. The swappable nature of the battery is one of the most favorite features of the ArGo.

Pocket-able Device

With the release of ArGo, Arizer has created a design that can fit conveniently into the pocket with the signature vapor quality of Arizer. The Air and Solo have a separate glass stem that requires the user to carry the extra piece for use in the time of need. Whereas, ArGo has a stem that fits within the chassis when you need to carry it only.

Digital Display with Full Control

Arizer ArGo - Haze Smoke Shop USA

ArGo comes with all control you need in a device, and you don’t even need a Bluetooth app for that to happen. The device comes with full temperature control from 122°F to 428°F and also indicates the battery on display. The device display also reflects when a particular setting is reached, shut off time, screen brightness, start-up time, and on/off can all be set from the device.

Arizer ArGo Airflow

The ArGo focuses on the broader and comfortable airflow that refines the experience for the user. The comfortable air flowing allows the user to draw comfortably, which almost takes no effort.

Hybrid Heating

The ArGo works on hybrid heating for efficiency. The device has a glass stem at the center, and it helps to keep the herb at a stable temperature throughout the session. Also, it lets the herb cool down between the sessions and ensures the flavor. The heater is a little smaller than the other devices of Arizer jut rearranged and works perfectly.

Arizer ArGo Battery Life

The experts have argued that ArGo can go for 100 full minutes, which means actual full 8 to 9 bowls of the herbs on a single charge. That’s a good time for a vaporizer of this size!

Shape and Material

Arizer ArGo - Haze Smoke Shop USA

The latest ArGo has come out with a new look and fine material. The top of the device slides down and exposes the glass stem and is made of plastic, while the midsection is of aluminium. The bottom is made of plastic but has a coat of silicon to give it’s a softer look. The plastic parts of the device are of high quality that is heat resistant.

Bowl Size and Loading

The stem of ArGo can hold up to 0.3 gram of the dry herbs, but usually, experts recommend using 0.15 gram, which draws tastier vapors. However, loading is easy as simple scooping up the ground herb and tamping down would allow the user to draw a tamp. It is advisable to leave a 1 mm air gap at the bottom as well.

Two Years Warranty

Arizer resolves the operational issues of ArGo for two years and shelters the heating element for life. However, glass products are not part of this warranty offer. The glass products are cheap and easy to replace. There is no warrant of batteries, but that doesn’t cost arm and leg either.

Final Thoughts

Overall, ArGo is all in one and comes with the necessary features that make the device a hit. The great flavor, wider airflow, and full control of the device make it one of the best choices among portable vapes. For anyone looking to enjoy the flavor, shop your ArGo from Haze Smoke Shop today!