Arizer Air SE Review

Air SE is the latest dry herb vaporizer by Arizer. Actually this is the smaller brother of Air Max. No one was expecting this to come out and it just came out at an extremely good price. It competes the Xmax V3 Pro and it’s actually as good as the Xmax V3 Pro. It is a perfect dry herb vaporizer for beginners, especially for those who are conscious about budget as it is available at an affordable price. It’s a conduction vaporizer with a removable battery. It weighs only 102g and can be easily carried in any pocket or purse.

Inside The Box

  • Arizer Air SE vaporizer
  • Micro-USB charger cable
  • Glass Aroma tube
  • PVC travel tube
  • Stainless steel stir tool
  • Replacement screens pack

Overview and Build Quality

It has a polymer body and is made of good quality plastic. Some may not find the build quality amazing if compared to devices that are made of metal or other alloys, but this device is made of good quality material and does not feel inferior than any other expensive device. This new version of Arizer has fast heating ceramic technology, just like the previous model. You get your usual glass pod system and it has a full glass pathway which is capable of giving you some nice satisfying hits even for smoke. It can be compared to Xmax V3 Pro, it feels way more restrictive and does not have LED that Xmax V3 Pro has. You can put vape bands on this device for protection, these are bands that go around the tank of an e-cig or vaporizer to protect the glass if you drop it. You can put one at the top and one at the very bottom, so if you drop it, it’s protected.

Five Preset Temperatures

This device works off of 5 presets temperatures. These basically are covering your entire temperature range quite nicely;

  • Blue – 180°C or 356°F
  • White – 190°C or 374°F
  • Green – 200°C or 392°F
  • Orange – 205°C or 401°F
  • Red – 210°C or 410°F.


It is portable but it is not necessarily the most discreet device. That’s not something a lot of people are going to be looking at when they are using this. It comes with a travel tube to carry your glass mouthpiece in it. If you are looking for a new good quality portable conduction vaporizer in a cheap price, then Arizer SE is one of the best options in the market.

High Quality Budget Friendly Device

It is a budget vape and probably that’s the reason it is not all metal like some of the high end products. But it does not mean that it feels cheap, it still feels like Arizer quality. It’s just more budget friendly materials being used in the manufacturing. Although when it comes to the vapor, it does not feel like there has been any compromise. For being a budget friendly vaporizer, this is a really great option, or if you really need to get a new vape and budget is restrictive, this is a really worthwhile vaporizer to look at.

Glass Stem Capacity

The glass stem holds up about 0.3 gram of your material but it is better to put around 0.2 gram.

Heat-up Time and Glass Stems Compatibility

It has a fast heat up time i-e less than a minute. It has the same glass stem that goes with the Solo 2, the Solo, the Air and Air Max. There are so many stock pieces available already for this device, which is a beautiful thing. They don’t mix it up too much, they are staying with same dimensions. So that if you already have the accessories then you are all set and if you are just getting into vaporizing with an Arizer product, as you grow in their product line, your accessories remain the same. It’s a great feature of this device.

Attaching Desk Top Glasses and Water Bubblers

You can attach it to other desk top glasses or water bubblers. The airflow through this device is the same as you feel through most of the Arizer products because it’s limited to the holes in the glass stem. You can open the air flow to unrestricted by altering the openings on the glass stem.

Ceramic Heat Element with Stainless Steel Liner

The technology that’s inside this device is the same basic Arizer setup that we are used to, the ceramic heat element with the stainless steel liner. It works absolutely fantastic and does not feel like there’s been any compromise in the oven and when you are ripping on it, it can absolutely keep up.

Vapor and Flavor Quality

At 200°C you will immediately get some really nice vapor with wonderful flavor. Taking a long slow draw is the very best way to get the most out of any of the Arizer vaporizers. It’s not to hit it hard but it’s just to take a nice long slow sip, you can do that through attaching the water bubbler and produce some really great vapor with this new device.

Battery Life and Charging

Arizer is typically known for extended battery life, this device has a replaceable rechargeable 18650. They claim that this battery can give you about 80 minutes of run time off of a single charge. Its great because you do have that replaceable battery feature in it so you can just put the battery in there anytime the battery is out of charge. It takes around 100 – 120 minutes to fully charge the battery. If you are using it at 210°C (Arizer products works great at high temperatures – flavor is fantastic at high temperatures) from a cold start, it will give you 6 or 7 sessions without needing a recharge.

Pass Through Charging Feature

It has pass through charging feature, which is nice so you can use it even when it’s plugged in charging. It has a micro USB charge port on the bottom. Some people don’t like it on bottom, that’s just a matter of personal preference as you have to put your device on its side when charging instead of having it stand up.

Color Options of Arizer Air SE

It’s a super cool looking device and is available in two beautiful color options i-e Blue Haze and Reefer White.