Does Buying Dry Herb Vaporizer Save Money?

Many people switch from smoking to vaping for health-related reasons. For example, using dry herb vaporizer avoids the carcinogens and toxins inhalation that affects the lungs in the long run.

However, vaping can prove to be great for the money you spend too. The initial spending is high, but even the expensive vaporizers such as the Mighty pay for themselves in a few months of use compared to smoking which requires constant spending. Also, the vaporizers reach the maximum temperature of 210c, which cause the evaporation of cannabinoids, leaving the plant matters uncombusted.

On the other hand, smoking the herbs literally sets the joints on fire, which burns almost 1000c. Also, exposing the herbs to high temperatures destroys terpenes and cannabinoids before the user even inhales them. Moreover, smoking makes the herbs burn between the sessions, meaning another 10% or 20% of the cannabinoids cannot be inhaled.

A study by Normal has found the following statistics;

  • A smoker only inhales 25% of cannabinoids
  • A smoker inhales 46% of cannabinoids while using a vape
  • Moreover, he also loses cannabinoids through side smoke

In short, vaping is way more effective and efficient than smoking!

Example of Vaping with Dry Herb Vaporizer

Let’s see how this works in real life;

Let’s meet my friend Tom!

Dry Herb Vaporizer Save Money - Haze Smoke Shop USA

After a hard day at work, he smokes a blend of tobacco and CBD dry herb. He uses 0.5 grams of CBD herb with her tobacco in each joint. This means he uses 3.5 grams of herbs weekly and 14 grams monthly. So at the rate of $10 per gram, his total spending is $140 for the CBD and 15-20$ for tobacco.


So finally, last month, Tom decided to get a new dry herb vaporizer. It took some time to get used to the vaping device, but she got the hang of it as he has found that he can get fantastic vaping sessions of herbs in just 0.2 grams every evening. This means he uses only 1.4 grams per week and 5.6 grams monthly. So now, at $10 per gram, he spends $14 weekly and $56 monthly on CBD dry herbs, and he doesn’t have to spend $20 on tobacco!


Switching from smoking to vaping saves Tom almost $84 each month, which is $1000 in a year.

Dry Herb Vaporizer Save Money - Haze Smoke Shop USA

Yes, Tom, you could have saved that much in a year!

So at this rate, a Pax 3 at $219.99 would pay for itself in just 3-4 months, while the Mighty would pay for itself in just 5 months.

Overall it’s impressive to see how a user can save a significant amount of money by switching from smoking to vaping. While this may be one of the considerable benefits of vaping, the greatest ever remains health benefits because health is wealth!