Dr. Dabber’s Smallest Ever Portable Vaporizer: XS Nano E-Rig

The Las Vegas-based company Dr. Dabber has released the latest cannabis vaporizer, Dr. Dabber XS. The XS Nano E-rig is an advancement in technology evolution as it is the smallest and most portable e-Rig Dr. Dabber has ever made! The XS offers power along with the temperature stability of the bigger vaporizer while the user is on the go. The device stands tall at 4 inches and integrates industry-leading features such as Direct flavor pathway, TCR (Temperature Controlled Resistance), and water filtration system, making vaping experience top-notch. The top features are broken down in the following ways;

Patented Heating Technology

Dr. Dabber’s XS Nano e-Rig is built on the company’s earlier models’ technology, including Switch and Boost Evo. The user can control the heat settings of the device by the TCH technology that ensures the range of temperature. The temperature range ensures increased vapor production and satisfies concentrate enthusiasts according to their preferences.
The heating profile reflects different lights on different heat settings; Purple light at 475° F, Blue at 525° F, Cyan at 575° F, and Green at 625° F. The light on the button usually reflects the heating profile the user has entered. Moreover, the company recommends using low settings for maximum flavor and higher settings for maximum vapor production.

No Frills

The device is simple to load and use as it features the signature direct flavor pathway that delivers flavorful clouds. Also, it features a quartz heating dish with a knurling finish that further enhances the vaping experience.

Performance on the Go

The XS is declared one of the best choices while you are on the go! The device features the internal dual feature splash guard or spill-proof downstream along with the latest additions, such as a filling tool and carb cap that make the XS the best traveling companion.

XS Specifications

  • 4 Precise Temperature (475-625° F)
  • TCR Heating Technology
  • Pass Through USB-C Charging
  • Splash Free Glass Filtration System
  • Nano Compact Design
  • Auto Shut-off Feature
  • 9-12 Second Heat up Time
  • Quartz e-Chamber with Built-in Temperature Sensor and Auto Preheat Feature
  • Straight Quartz to Glass Vapor Pathway
  • Built-in Protection Against Over Voltage and Short Circuit
  • 30+ Hits on a Single Charge

Compatible Accessories

The XS is compatible with XS Replacement Glass Attachment, XS Replacement e-Chamber, XS Replacement Carb Cap with a Seal, XS Replacement Filling Tool, USB-C Charging Cable (Compatible with XS, Stella and Boost Evo), and Dab Tool.


  • If you want to enjoy the vaping session without any problems, you have to make sure of certain things that are as follows;
  • Fully recharge the device before use.
  • Make sure the connection points between the e-chamber and units are clean. Also, you can use the cotton Swab and ISO to clean these points.
  • Do not force the threading of the e-chamber into the unit. The forcing could cause damage to the e-chamber or the unit.
  • The e-chamber has to be completely threaded down. Therefore, it will help to avoid the residue at the connection port.
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