Buying Guide for Portable Vaporizer 2022

When someone wants to buy a portable vaporizer, it becomes a hassle as so many options are available on the market. This article will help vapers to find the best portable vaporizer according to their preference so that their money doesn’t go to waste.

If you are new to vaping and don’t know where to begin, you have come to the right place. This buying guide will help you pick the right one based on categories such as Portability, Battery Life, Temperature Control, Cleaning, Maintenance, and Vapor Quality.

Buying Guide for Portable Vaporizer 2022 - Haze Smoke Shop USA

The Basics of Portable Vaporizer

Portable vaporizers come in different types, sizes, and price ranges. However, the basics include the discussion on conduction heating, convection heating, hybrid heating, and internal and external rechargeable le batteries.

Conduction Heating in Portable Vaporizer

The conduction vaporizers transfer the heat from one entity to another. In this heating method, the herbs directly come in contact with the sides of the chamber, resulting in only the outer herbs heating while the inner remains green. Also, the conduction heating chamber is always heating even when one is not inhaling.

One of the best examples of a conduction vaporizer is Pax 3. The conduction vaporizers ensure the quality of vapors depending on the herb, pack type, and temperature the user vape. Overall, these are very easy to use.

Convection Heating in Portable Vaporizer

Convection heaters provide heat to herbs by passing hot air through the chamber. This means herbs are not directly in contact with the heating source, and hot air usually passes the chamber when the user is inhaling. Convection vaporizers, like the Firefly 2+, earn their reputation as some of the most efficient devices because they only heat up when you draw, unlike conduction heaters that constantly apply heat.

Hybrid Heating

The hybrid heating units come with a combination of conduction and convection. These units have enhanced flavors and are easy to use, like conduction units. Some famous names in the hybrid heating units are Crafty+ Vaporizer and Mighty Vaporizer.

Internal and External Rechargeable Batteries

The choice of vaporizers depends on the specific situation. The vaporizers with external batteries allow more options, including having a spare battery on the go. Additionally, the user is not held down by an outlet. On the other hand, the internal battery vapes come with multiple charging choices, including battery packs and car adapters. 

Top Portable Vaporizers by Category

Vapor Quality-Flavor and Density

Firefly 2+: The latest Firefly 2+ has finally figured out how to make it work every time and is better than the first two Firefly vaporizers. The later device features reduced draw resistance and has better battery life. It also heats up quickly and maintains the heat resulting in consists vapors.

Crafty+: The Crafty+ is similar to Firefly 2+ in smooth vapors and flavors. The device produces dense clouds but is less efficient than the Firefly 2+. However, it has an improved battery life compared to previous versions allowing users to enjoy vaping on the go!

Mighty: The Mighty is considered the elder brother of the Crafty+ vaporizer and ensures the same taste, smoothness, and density. The only difference between the both is the size of the device, battery life, and the heat-up time. Overall, the Mighty is bigger, faster, and stronger and produce excellent vapors.

ArGo: The Arizer ArGo is an amazing hybrid convection unit considered one of the most portable Arizer units. Like other options in the category, it also offers flavorful and efficient vapors.

Portability-Weight and Overall Size

Pax 3: The Pax 3 is one of the most portable devices with a lightweight, small size, and updated mouthpiece that allows users to carry it around easily.

 MIQRO: The Davinci MIQRO is another small portable device and light. On top of it, it is cheaper compared to other market options.

Davinci IQ2: The IQ2 is slightly bigger than the MIQRO but still comes in the top portable devices. It is a little bigger but more powerful too.

Pax 2: The Pax 2 is the same size as Pax 3 but has a smaller battery life.

Crafty+: The Crafty+ is smaller than other options in this category but is considered portable and easy to carry.

Battery Life-Unsurpassed Average Battery Life

Mighty: The Mighty is an amazing offer by Storz and Bickel. The unit is considerably more significant than other portable options, but it has a fantastic battery life. It uses two internal rechargeable batteries that allow the user to use his unit for 100 continuous minutes. Overall, the users can enjoy eight full sessions before the battery dies, and it takes almost 2 hours to recharge it completely.

Solo 2: The Solo 2 is another amazing option that can be used for days. It allows use for almost 120 minutes on a single charge.

Pax 3: The Pax 3 comes with one of the best battery life among vapes. Despite having a small, single battery, it can still be used for 90+ minutes.

Temperature Control-Control over Session

Mighty: It comes with an LED display and allows select temperatures ranging from 104F to 410F. The display is easy to read and allows absolute control over sessions.

IQ2: The IQ also offers full temperature control with a fun LED screen. The device also has a cool “boost mode” feature that enhances the temperature while the user holds the button. Moreover, it also has a vapor path allowing users to set the desired temperature during a session.

ArGo: ArGo is one cool device that allows full temperature control on the unit. It is easy to use and is not as expensive as other options with similar features.

Cleaning and Maintenance-Convenient Cleaning and Maintaining

Mighty and Crafty+: The Crafty+ and Mighty are the top-selling devices. Unlike other devices, these devices are rarely cleaned, making them convenient. However, the user can use it without cleaning it for a long time.

Arizer Units: The Arizer units come with the same type of heater and vapor path. The devices’ bowls require no maintenance; the only thing that needs cleaning is the glass stems. So just like Crafty and Mighty, the user can go a long time without cleaning the device. However, the glass looks gross if the user waits too long before cleaning it. Moreover, a user can clean it quickly with isopropyl alcohol.