Guardian Peak Pro-The Highest Standard for Concentrate Consumption!

The Peak pro hasn’t been out for too long, and Puffco is here again with another powerful device- the Guardian Peak Pro. It is a limited edition device that has set a high standard for concentrate consumption. The device features all the basic Peak Pro features with some impressive updates and accessories in Guardian Collection, preserving oil quality and ensuring Guardian Peak Pro supremacy.  

Today at Haze Smoke Shop, we will discuss this latest wonder and let our followers know what’s different about this limited edition device. So let’s dive straight in without wasting any further time!

3D Chamber

The breakthrough feature of the Guardian Peak Pro is the innovative 3D chamber. Firstly, the chamber is 40% larger, allowing bigger dabs. Secondly, the ceramic bowl has embedded heating tracers that vaporize the oil on the side wall of the chamber instead of the bottom only. This preserves the oil’s quality and guarantees a flavorful, smooth hit.

App Assisted Control

Guardian Peak Pro is the way to go if you are looking for functional customization! It is compatible with a Bluetooth app that allows users to create and save custom heat profiles and Boost Mode. The app also allows users to customize temperature, time, and LED color. Furthermore, it enables the user to customize the LED lighting by choosing among a range of colors and animation styles, including Fill, Fade, Disco, Split and Spin animation. Click Here to see the video!

Art Deco Style Glass

The limited edition Guardian Peak Pro comes with an Art Deco Style glass that makes sure the device is read all the time. The patented design only locks the water into the device by twisting the mouthpiece. Furthermore, it doesn’t splash the water back into the mouth, making it a better option than the other options.

Electrical Hot Knife

The Guardian Hot knife is a chrome-finished electronic heating loading tool from the Guardian collection. It guarantees that the loading is a simple, effective, and mess-free process. Moreover, the total time to drop off the oil right from the tip is only 3 seconds, making it a desirable accessory.

Oculus Carb Cap and Ball Cap

 The limited-edition Guardian Peak pro Collection has an Oculus Carb Cap and Ball Cap in an offer to make vaping more exciting. The former features a window with a press-fit connection to lock the chamber. Additionally, it ensures a directional air path that enhances the quality of vapors. The latter comes with a 360-degree directional airflow that allows oil to move around in the chamber. This ensures even heating and flavorful vapors. The Guardian Collection also has the Chamber Jacket and Tether in the offer to secure the carb cap to ensure the device prevents spillage and a quality experience.

The Power Dock

The limited edition Guardian is compatible with the Power Dock released in the Guardian collection. It is a sleek wireless charger that assures the home base is secure for the Peak Pro. The Power dock can also enable “Ready Mode” when the user connects through an app, validating the device is ready to use without clicking any button. It is also compatible with any other version of Peak Pro and USB electronic devices.

Final Words

Peak Pro devices are the most efficient and smooth way to experience the magic of concentrates for beginners. And it offers the highest level of customization and control over a device for enthusiasts. Likewise, the Guardian Pak pro comes with additional benefits and features resulting in new heights of success. So, get yours today and let us know how you found this fantastic addition to Puffco devices!