Using the Handy Dosing Capsules in 2022

The dosing capsules used with vaporizers are becoming increasingly popular over the last few years. Their primary purpose is to cut down on the cleaning of the vaporizer, ensure micro-dosing and allows users to be precise about their dosage.

What are Dosing Capsules?

Dosing capsules are small containers that one fills with dry herb or concentrate. The next step includes placing it in a chamber or oven. The material is aluminium or stainless steel and has holes allowing airflow. It has dozen of advantages, but the most important ones include the reduction of the cleaning time. Additionally, it will enable pre-packing of the material for easier and faster use later.

History of Dosing Capsules

The first ever portable vaporizer, Vapir One, came out in the early 200s and came with the dosing capsule feature. This feature worked amazingly with the Vapir One, but the concept wants to be carried forward for the time being.

Haze V3 Dry Herb Capsule

In 2014, Haze V3 dry, a unique 3-in-1 vaporizer came with a silicone e-liquid can. People realized they work incredibly for pre-packing dry herbs after removing the cotton pad. So, Haze took notice of this popularity and released dry herb stainless steel with two holes and fantastic airflow. With this release, the dosing capsules were back in demand.

Haze V3 Dry Herb Capsule - Haze Smoke Shop USA
Haze V3 Vaporizer & Capsule
Storz and Bickel Dosing Capsule

Storz and Bickel launched the dosing capsules in 2016 for the Crafty and Mighty Portable vaporizers. The vape enthusiasts have entirely accepted the this accessory as part of the kit. Also, Storz and Bickel released many accessories soon after the dosing capsule, including a waterproof capsule caddy, a magazine with eight dosing caps, and a filling set of 40 dosing capsules.

Storz and Bickel Dosing Capsule - Haze Smoke Shop USA
Dosing Magazine & Capsule
DaVinci Dosing Pods

DaVinci is the newest on the list for making the dosing pods. The IQ2 dosing pods is made of alumina ceramic, which has an advantage over other capsules. Firstly, it’s easier to clean and conducts less heat, making it more desirable than other capsules.

DaVinci Dosing Pods - Haze Smoke Shop USA
DaVinci Dosing Pod with Sleeves

How to Use Dosing Capsule?

Dosing capsules are straightforward to use with easy steps, including the following;

  • Take a capsule, fill it with a dry herb, and use of scoop to pack it.
  • Use the lid to shut the capsule.
  • Put the capsule inside the chamber and turn on the device to enjoy the session.
  • Replace the capsule once the bowl is done to keep the session going. 


The capsule ensures the user doesn’t have to clean the vaporizer very often. So, using the capsule makes the cleaning process more manageable. Also, it provides the cooling unit, mouthpiece screens, and mouthpieces say cleaner longer.

Another advantage people consider very valuably is the ability to pre-pack the capsules for fast swapping. Whenever someone is filling the chambers of vape, they can spill a little bit of herb. With pre-packed capsules, the swapping becomes convenient and fast, and spillage doesn’t happen. Moreover, the capsule is pre-packed, and the user can easily measure the doses before vaping.


As the capsules are small and the lid can be tough to get off, they could be a burden if the person isn’t handy. Also, it takes up the space in the oven, which reduces the size of the bowl and adds more conduction to the heating. This lowers the vapor quality of the device with convection and hybrid heating.

How to clean Capsules?

The capsule starts to become dirty after repeated use. They begin to become sticky and even reduce airflow during a session. This call for cleaning requires anyone to follow the following.

  • The first thing is to open them and wipe out the residue of dry herbs.
  • After brushing them out, soak them in the isopropyl alcohol for a little while.
  • Just remove them from the isopropyl alcohol once they start to look clean.
  • Rinse them off with water and leave them to air dry.

Final Words

Overall, the dosing capsules have a lot of advantages to offer and can be a session savior for people looking for convenience. So, if you are someone who wants to enjoy convenient vaping with no long pauses, you should try your hands on dosing capsules.