Plenty vaporizer Review-Is It a Good Purchase?

The desktop vaporizers are designed for those who want to enjoy vaping at home with friends and family. The large flame of the vapes allows them to have more material and produce thicker clouds. Generally, the high-quality clouds sound great, but it comes at the cost of portability. The Plenty vaporizer from Storz and Bickel is the latest in the line of desktop vaporizers. It is smaller than the other options to the point that it could almost be called a portable vape. But it definitely has the power of the desktop vaporizer! So today, at Haze Smoke Shop, we will get to know this thriving desktop vape better.

Plenty vaporizer - Haze Smoke Shop USA

Vapor Quality of Plenty Vaporizer

One of the most important things to keep in mind while searching for a new vaporizer is the vapor quality. Storz and Bickel know this more than anyone else and always make high-quality products. For the Plenty vaporizer, the vapor quality is amazing, and the device is known as one of the best in the market. Additionally, it’s probably the reason why its name is Plenty.

The Plenty allows easy pulls, and the user doesn’t have to worry about lungs coming out of the mouth. Also, the internal heating unit is genius enough to offer quality vapors. The device tends to get a little hot because of the nuclear core at the center of the device. However, it shouldn’t be a problem if the user holds the device properly.

High-Quality Build of Plenty Vaporizer

The Plenty is slightly cheaper than the other Storz and Bickel Products, but the build is impressive. The Plenty is a solid and durable unit that can last for years if used with care. It has a stainless steel heating chamber that contributes to the amazing vapor quality. Moreover, it has no glass pieces that make it easy for users to move around without worrying about breaking. 

Overall, Storz and Bickel did a great job manufacturing plenty of vaporizers. They took care of small details and made the device close to perfection. 

Design & Aesthetic

Storz and Bickel have excellent designers in the workforce. They are pretty much the top vaping industry designers, leading them to introduce several innovative vaporizers. Likewise, the Plenty is yet another of their astonishing device, which is not portable but has an elegant design. However, none of the portables can match it when it comes to performance.

In the first look, the user will notice that Plenty looks different from most desktop vapes. It resembles the Black and Decker screw gun more closely resembles any vaporizer. It looks nothing like other desktop vaporizers of Storz & Bickel. Moreover, the design is heavier than most desktop vapes.

The only thing the user might not like is constantly holding it while vaping. The whole purpose of desktop vapes is to sit back and enjoy convenient vaping. However, holding the handle all the time just seems unnecessary work. 

In addition to its fascinating look, Plenty has a unique control system. The power switch on the side turns it on, but the device won’t start heating until the user squeezes the orange trigger on the handle. Also, the light under the temperature gauge will turn when the heating element is on.

Overall, the handheld device of Plenty makes people extra effort while they are vaping. So, it looks more like a handheld power tool than a desktop vaporizer. So, it is safe to say that it is not designed to work as most desktop vapes do. The user will have to hold onto it constantly while they vape! 

Performance and Features

One of the best things about this vape is its compatibility with the wax or oils and dry herbs. It is simple to use and doesn’t have any fancy features that could complicate the use. Plenty takes about 5 minutes to heat up, which is average for the desktop vaporizer. Moreover, the large chamber makes the loading convenient and quick.

The Plenty has a wide range of temperature settings ranging from 100 to 420 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing the user to customize the heating level to suit their taste. Also, the unit can stay within the temperature range while the use the heater ignition switch during drawing vapors. However, one of the coolest features of the device is the cooling coil that makes vaping comfortable and pleasing at higher temperature settings.

Another attractive feature is the large oven making it perfect for users to enjoy dry herbs. It also has a liquid pad for users to enjoy wax or oils. Moreover, it uses convection heating that not only ensures top-notch performance, but vape quality is greatly enhanced too. 

Overall Experience

To conclude, Plenty sure is a good purchase that has made its place in the amazing Storz and Bickel lineup. It has a unique design and brings along the same reliability and performance that users would expect from the Storz and Bickel device. In addition, the big heating chamber for a longer session, a liquid pad to enjoy wax or oil, and a convection heating feature with a winding metal vapor pathway cools down the vapors before reaching the mouth. The overall result of the device is impressive and allows users to enjoy cool and satisfying sessions every time they use it!