Arizer Air Max Review : is it Worth the Hype?

Arizer is an established company from Canada with an exceptional reputation. The company has successfully ruled the market with its original products and updated version. The company acquired attention with the release of Arizer Go in 2017, and shortly before the release of ArGo, the company had released the updated version of Solo and Air by the name of Solo 2 and Air 2, respectively. Nevertheless, Arizer Air Max is the latest release in the Arizer Air lineup, followed by the well-regarded Arizer Air & Air 2.

Now that we have got our hands on the latest Air Max let’s not waste any more time and let our followers know how well this device is!

Key Features

  • Uses the same glass as the previous devices (Air and Solo), which means it has the same 0.25g chamber.
  • Includes 14mm WPA in package in place of the plastic-tipped mouthpiece
  • Rechargeable and Interchangeable 26650 Battery
  • Automatic Screen Inversion
  • Upgraded Custom Session Setting
  • Advance Hybrid Heating Technology
  • Dark Mode
  • USB-C Cable & Pass-through Charging
  • Single Button on the Left Side and Two Buttons on the Right Side
  • Only SAvailable in Color Black

Comparison with Previous Models

Compared with Arizer Air, the latest Air Max has a bigger battery, improved heating element, USB-C charging, and better user interface. Also, it takes only 60-90 seconds to reach a maximum temperature compared to 1.5 to 2 minutes of Air 2. Unfortunately, the battery time of 2 hours and 15 minutes still can’t compete with Solo 2’s 3 hours. However, the feature of swapping the battery and compatibility with the charging bank make it a real winner in the market.

Body Design

The Arizer Air Max has the same design as Air 2 and is available only in black stainless steel color. It is cylindrical and comes with a vent that outlines the heating element with a glass mouthpiece topped up. Additionally, the device uses the same glass as the updated version of Air and Solo, which means it comes with a chamber of 0.25g capacity. What’s different in this device is that it now has four recessed sides for OLED display, temperature control, firing button, and charger. With new button placement, the device comes off as more ergonomic. Moreover, you can also switch to dark mode with custom settings.

Portability & Discreetness

The first thing to notice about the Air max is the size of the Air Max. It’s an inch taller than the Air 2, with an upgraded ceramic heater and a larger battery adding to the device’s weight. However, from the specs point of view, it is of Solo 2 size with little more weight. This all means it won’t be able to fit into the pocket comfortably. However, the light carrying case with storage compartments can solve this issue. And, for the discreetness part, the device works great as it has only come out in black color. Moreover, the dark more has attracted the low profile users to have this device in their collection!

Vapor Quality

One of the primary things that have upgraded the vapor quality for the Air max is the ceramic heating element. It has cranked up the heating power of the vaporizer. As a result, the draw restrictions are less for Air Max, which helps to boost the air convection in the glass stem chamber. Also, it has an isolated air path and glass stem that ensures pure flavor. Moreover, combining the isolated airpath and upgraded oven could significantly improve the vapor quality.

Air max has included the water pipe adapter guaranteeing the use of the whip bubbler. Nevertheless, it will be easier to place the device upside down with the screen inverts than in the older model. Also, when you place Air Max on top of the bong, you can create a fun-looking setup!

 Interchangeable 26650 Battery

The latest Arizer Air Max comes with a swappable 26650 battery. This is the upgrade over the 18650 batteries featured in the older model. However, it will be difficult for the vapers to carry it as a backup on the go. Also, it features pass-through charging after fifteen minutes of charging. Moreover, it has a USB-C upgrade that will bring the charging time to an hour from the two hours on previous Arizer models.

Although 2 hours and 15 minutes are enough for heavy users, you can consider packing a battery bank or spare battery when you run out of battery on the go. On the other hand, one of the downsides of the battery is it takes three hours to charge battery fully.

 Note: one thing to keep in mind is that the battery isn’t made to use in very cold weather, or it will die quickly. So if you want to store Air for longer, charge it partially and not fully!

Updated User Interface

One of the nicest upgrades in the latest Air Max is the upgraded user interface. The major ones are the automatic screen inversion and a dark screen mode. The automatic screen inversion means when you hold the vape upside-down, the screen will turn so that you can read it easily. This option works well while using the bong that ensures reading temperature becomes easier.

For the dark mode, you can move between normal and dark mode with the “m” and “-” buttons which take 2 seconds. The information is displayed in shapes on a darker screen where the top right corner displays power-on delay. A square on the top left corner means idle, a + sign at the bottom left means heating, and a triangle at the bottom right means the device is ready to use.

 How to Use Arizer Air Max?

The Air Max has the same classic glass stem chamber as the other Arizer products have, and operating Air Max is pretty much similar to other Arizer devices. So follow the following steps to use the Air Max.

  • You have to grind the material and load it into the 0.2g chamber.
  • Now place it back on the stainless steel.
  • Turn on the device by holding the m and + buttons until the countdown is finished.

 The important thing to remember is to use the + and – button on the right side to set the desired temperature between 122° – 428° Fahrenheit. The device will beep after sixty to seventy-second of heat up or when the temperature reaches the desired temperature. Also, when you are done with your session, press and hold the m button until the device turns itself off.

Final words

Arizer has made many improvements in their latest Arizer Air Max, which is additional to ease of use and battery capabilities, making it a market-competitive portable dry herb vaporizer. Moreover, the upgraded ceramic heating element, enhanced airflow, and lesser draw restriction place it with top-notch devices like Crafty+ and Mighty + for cloud production and vapor quality. So, Air Max definitely makes it on our list of best dry herb vaporizers.