Arizer Solo 2 vs Pax 3 – Who’s the Winner?

Two of the world’s most famous vaporizers are now up for a battle i.e. Arizer Solo 2 vs Pax 3. I believe it will be an exciting session considering both vapes feature excellent and unique qualities that stand them out in the vaping session.

Today at Haze Smoke Shop, we will be comparing two highly competitive vaporizers famous in the vape community, The Arizer Solo 2 vs the Pax 3. So, let’s dive in and compare the two most famous vaporizers based on vapor quality, manufacturing quality, temperature settings, special features, battery life, ease of use, and portability. Although both units are unique in their qualities and functions, I cannot choose a winner for you. Instead, I will only draw a comparison and recommend based on my preference. Moreover, Arizer Solo 2 and Pax 3 are unique, and no matter whichever you choose, you will be satisfied.

Arizer Solo 2 vs Pax 3

Vapor Quality – Arizer Solo 2 vs Pax 3

Arizer Solo 2 vs Pax 3

The Pax 3 can deliver good vapors, but it is not the best one out there. The heating chamber is quite similar to the previous version and still supports conduction based heating. Also, the Pax 3 makes sure the even distribution of heat and the device starts tasty vapors, which is the case till the end of the session. However, one drawback of the session is stainless steel heating changer builds up quicker than the ceramic or the glass heating chamber. So the user needs to make sure that the heating chamber is clean. However, two options of the flat mouthpiece and raised mouthpiece makes vaping convenient with Pax 3

On the other hand, Arizer Solo 2 features a glass stem. It holds the herbs at its bottom and then inserted into the heating chamber. The glass does the job better as it retains the flavor of the herb and doesn’t let the glass dirty very often. So, the result is a flavored session. Additionally, the vapors get cool down before reaching the mouth, which helps the user enjoy more enjoyable draws. Moreover, the draw resistance of Solo 2 is better than the previous version making it a better device. So, if the improvement of the Pax 3 and Solo 2 argues that Solo 2 has come out with better improvement in vapors making.

Battery Life & Charging – Arizer Solo 2 vs Pax 3

The Solo 2 comes with 3-hour battery life on average, which means it supports eighteen sessions of ten minutes in one go. Comparatively, the Pax 3 has an average battery life of one hour and thirty minutes that translates into a total of eight sessions. The Solo 2 wins here, and Pax 3 is relatively average as compared to its competitor.

The Arizer Solo 2 comes with a USB charging cable, and then you can also find the car charger compatible with it. On the other hand, Pax 3 offers a USB charging cable with a magnetic dock and a mini charger to charge device on the go!

Temperature Settings

Both devices offer good temperature flexibility. However, the one difference is Solo 2 provides full control over the device, While Pax 3 uses the smartphone app to adjust the settings. While talking about the temperature flexibility, the Pax 3 has a maximum temperature of 215C, and Solo 2 beats it by 5 degrees and offers a maximum temperature of 220C.


Pax 3 is the most portable vaporizer in the market. The device is small, easy to carry, and can fit into the pocket.  There is no glass component of the device that can break, and battery life is good.  If you are looking for portability, you can never go wrong with Pax 3. On the other hand, Solo 2 has glass stems, making it less portable than Pax 3. They are extra pieces, and you need to carry them with care to break them. However, it has exceptional battery life and a fantastic carrying case that Pax 3 can’t match.

Ease of Use

Arizer Solo 2 vs Pax 3

Both of the vaporizers are very easy to use. The Pax 3 comes without an operational button. You have to click the mouthpiece down to control it. On one click, it turns off or on. Pressing and holding the mouthpiece will let users enter the temperature settings. The users can check the battery by shaking the device. However, additional settings are approached using an app. In comparison, the Solo 2 is more straightforward as it comes with three buttons. The one in the center and an up, down button. The center and up button will turn on the device, while the up arrow will increase the heat settings.

The cleaning and maintaining is the crucial part where keeping Solo 2 clean is more comfortable. Once the tubes get clogged, the user can easily spot them, submerge them in a cleaning solution until the dirt melt away. However, Pax 3 uses an aggressive approach towards cleaning because it has a stainless steel heating chamber. Oils tend to build up quickly around a stainless steel chamber, and not cleaning will make it hard for the user to use. Moreover, the cleaning requires Q-tips, alcohol, and a poking device to clean the device. You can get your maintenance kit for Pax 3 at Haze Smoke Shop.

Our Winner!

Like we discussed at the start, we cannot decide the winner for everyone but ourselves. The choice depends on the features user is looking for! So if you are a big fan of powerful battery life and excellent vapors, Solo 2 is a good buy. I cannot recommend it highly enough, and the device is just exceptional. However, portability is one such area where it doesn’t perform as well as Pax 3, which is the biggest strength of Pax 3. If portability is what you are looking for, the Pax 3 should be your choice.

In the end, I would say, if you know what you need, the choice between these two isn’t hard. You will get a premium product either way!