Which Arizer is Right for You: The Air 2 or Solo 2?

The Arizer’s dry herb vaporizers are one of the most liked in the vaping industry. Arizer vapes come with a glass mouthpiece, precise temperature control, and a simple interface. All these qualities make the vaping experience exceptional for the enthusiasts as well as for the beginners. But which of them is the best?

It’s a tricky move to pick the winner between the Air 2 and Solo 2. Both the vapes have a lot in common: clean vapors, temperature control, and interchangeable glass stems. Before we decide which one is the best, I’d like to mention that it depends on preference. Each individual chooses the vape based on functions, quality, portability, and other features. Today at Haze Smoke Shop, We will talk about what makes each unit awesome and will leave the final decision up to the vape enthusiasts!

Tasty Vapors & Open Airflow

Both the Arizer Air 2 and Solo 2 feature a unique heating element that ensures open airflow. As a result of the quality heating element, both vapes provide a similar quality experience with tasty vapors. Both use hybrid heat, so the herbs are not cooking when the user is not actively drawing.

Temperature Control

Both Solo 2 and Air 2 feature digital control and have the same temperature, roughly at 122°F. However, the maximum temperature for Air 2 is 392°F, and for Solo 2, it’s 410°F. Also, the user can manage the session without the need for the app. The only difference is the start-up time, two seconds for Solo 2 and four seconds for the Air 2.

Battery Life

When you are looking to buy a new vaporizer, the main feature one would want in a vaporizer is good battery life. Solo 2 offers a 3-hour battery life, and it lasts for about 20 sessions, which is excellent. Comparatively, the Air 2 provides a battery life of 90 minutes, which is not as great as Solo 2 but again, it has a removable battery. The user can charge the spare battery while using the device, and it is worth the purchase.

Solo 2 Heats up Faster

There is one complaint about Arizer 2, and that’s about its heat up time. Arizer tried improving it from the Air original, but it still takes a minute or more to reach the desired temperature. On the other hand, Solo 2 is one of the fastest vaporizers to heat up and achieve the desired temperature in just about 20 seconds. The 45-second difference doesn’t seem much while r4eading, but it doesn’t matter to vape enthusiast, so Solo 2 is a winner here.

Portability & Discreetness

Vape enthusiasts love devices that they can carry around easily and can enjoy on the go. A vaporizer with good built lets the user enjoy vaporizer convenience and makes the vaping experience more fun. The Arizer Air 2 has an aluminium shell and comes with glass tubes that can easily be broken, taking away its portability rating. However, the Solo 2 also comes with glass tubes, which are identical to the Air 2 glass tubes but a bit longer, so it will be a smart move to buy extra glass stems while choosing a vaping unit. While comparing the size, Solo 2 is larger of the two and is noticeably thicker. However, both devices are comfortable in hand during loading and vaping!


Both vaporizers have a different approach towards the charging of the device. The user has to use the included charger to recharge the Solo 2, which means it needed a dedicated three-hour time to go from empty to full and is compatible with the Solo 2 car charger. However, the longer battery time offsets the lengthy recharge time. Comparatively, the Air 2 uses rechargeable and interchangeable 18650 batteries. You can charge them using USB charging cable with an adapter or battery charger, making it convenient. Also, the car charger compatibility with Air 2 makes the device more compatible for vape enthusiasts on the go. Both Solo 2 and Air 2 supports pass-through charging so the user can use it while plugged in!

Air 2 vs. Solo 2- Which Unit Wins?

As mentioned earlier, I cannot pick a winner based on the discussed features as each model has some unique features making it desirable for the vape community. Both Solo 2 and Air 2 are popular in the vape community and are famous for high-quality vapors on the go.

  • Who Should Buy the Solo 2? Well, if you are planning to spend most of the vaping time at home, we recommend you to go for Solo 2. It offers a heat-up time of 20-30 seconds, and the vapor quality is better than the Air 2. Also, the device will run for several days without needing to recharge. It is easier to carry around the house, and you’d find it more portable than the Air 2.
  • Who Should Buy the Air 2? If you are planning to vape on the go, Air 2 must be your choice. The Air 2 provides a great atmosphere outdoors and allows users to carry the extra batteries that can be recharged with any portable source or USB. The swappable batteries are the go-to feature that makes it easy to carry around Air 2 without worrying much about the charging.