Mighty Review-An Ultimate King of Portable Vaping Since 2015

Many vaporizers claim portability and efficiency, but only a few of them claim to be mighty! Storz & Bickel’s Mighty Vaporizer is greeted as the king of portable vaping by most vape enthusiasts and wears the top vaporizer’s crown. The Mighty vaporizer works as a hero for those wanting quality and ease of travel with the device.  Storz & Bickel offers an exceptional experience in the Mighty. So good that you might give up on your desktop vaporizer. So, let’s not waste time and get started at Haze Smoke Shop!

Tasty Vapors

The device produces the most tasteful vapors below 370° F. This is the perfect option for those who would want to enjoy the relaxed and drawn-out session with tasty herbs.

Massive Clouds

The cooling unit of the device at the top keeps the vapors hydrated and smooth even at the highest temperature. With no resistance, no draw, the device produces massive and tasty clouds.

Simple Control

The market is now filled with vaporizers coming out with button sequences and apps. However, the Mighty’s approach is simple and with zero learning curve. The temperature and battery life are visible on the interface while it takes only one button press to change the settings.

Quick Heat-up Time

The device reaches the highest 400°F temperature just one minute when the device is fully charged. However, the device might take a little longer to heat up once the charge drops, so it’s better to keep your device charged for quick heat-up.

Enhanced Battery Life

The device offers an exceptionally better battery life than most of the similar devices in the market. It comes with two built-in batteries that make sure devices run for 90 minutes on a single charge. The extra power allows users to enjoy eight or more full ovens in a single charge, which is enough for a few days.

Moreover, it takes only 45 minutes to recharge it using power adapter and supports pass-through charging.  The user can start using the device as soon as the charger is plugged-in without waiting for the device to reach a minimum charge. Storz & Bickel also offer a seperate car charger that allows enthusiats to travel with a vaping device!

Stays Cool

The unit doesn’t stay hot even after a long session. The minute you turn off the device, the plastic near the oven and the removable mouthpiece gets cool down, which no other compact vaporizer can claim. It doesn’t seem a lot, but it feels nice to load the device right after finishing the previous session.

Who’s the Mighty for?

The Mighty is perfect for the experienced user looking for a quality vaping experience that they could carry around or for those who want the best quality vapors with ease of use. The price point is slightly high for this category, but the exceptional features like desktop vaporizers and no cord make it one of the best choices in the market!

Final Verdict

The mighty indeed is a robust product! So, if you are looking for a portable vaporizer with exceptional performance, Mighty is the right choice!