Dr. Dabber Stella 2020 Review-A Perfect Choice for Vape Fanatics!

If you are looking for one of the original brands that took concentrate vaping to another level, Dr. Dabber is the one! Markedly, Dr. Dabber integrates the latest innovation into their products, ensuring their longevity in the market. One of their latest addition to the concentrate vaping is Dr. Dabber Stella!

Dr. Dabber Stella is a versatile and powerful vape that efficiently vaporizes the concentrates. Moreover, the device looks sleek and always gets the job done. It has taken some very cool features from the Dr. Dabber pens and has added many great new features in the next generation. Today, Haze Smoke Shop will be talking about what to expect from the top features of Dr. Dabber Stella Vaporizer. This review will discuss the top features that will make you buy one for yourself. With that, let’s get started!

Dr. Dabber Stella - Haze Smoke Shop USA

Features That’ll Make You Go for Dr. Dabber Stella Vaporizer!

Dr. Dabber Stella is an exceptional dab pen that comes under $100. The discrete design device has a top-shelf performance. It delivers tasty vapors and adjusts settings precisely. The device Vision is “less heat more flavor” and is one of the best vape pens of 2020.

1. Vigorous Vapors

The devices ensure the cyclone airflow that lets the users enjoy flavor and quality vapor production. The mouthpiece comes with irreplaceable vortex-like airflow functions that make sure vapors cool down and optimize the flavor. It also comes with silicone filters that regulate the airflow and reduce splashing during vapor production.

2. Dr. Dabber Stella Improved Heating System

Dr. Dabber Stella - Haze Smoke Shop USA

Company experts analyzed customer feedback and modified the device’s heating settings accordingly. This led to the designing of a heating system that works with a variety of oils. The device heats up very quickly and can operate on variable voltage settings. The Stella has three different heat settings along with the pre-heat settings between 460℉ and 775℉. The lowest temperature reflects the green light at 550℉, then comes cyan at 630℉, and then highest at 775℉, which reflects red.

3. Dr. Dabber Stella Functionality

The device is built with medical and food-grade material. Stella’s atomizer is constructed with ceramic material and has a floating coil, which reduces heat transfer to the other device’s other parts. It heats up very fast and distributes the heat evenly.

4. Dr. Dabber Stella Long-Lasting Battery Life

The device comes with a 600mAh battery that features the overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, over-voltage protection that makes the coil last longer than usual. The device features pass-through charging that allows users to use it while it is charging. The battery lasts longer and takes a shorter time to recharge. Additionally, the battery uses the temperature coefficient resistance technology that adjusts the device’s voltage based on the designed temperature of the coil. Also, the technology ensures the coil preservation and consistency of the battery. The unique feature of Stella is to adjust the temperature according to the coil. This ensures that the device is not overheated.

5. Haptic feature

Dr. Dabber Stella - Haze Smoke Shop USA

The device features one of the coolest features of haptic feedback that no other device offers. It notifies the user when it reaches the set temperature. The device vibrates and helps the user enjoy the consistent taste by letting them know when it is ready!

6. Enhanced Flavor Quality

Overall, Stella is an expert when it comes to flavor and taste. The expert uses the preset heat setting to vaporize the concentrate consistently. Also, the ceramic nature makes a difference in the taste. The device doesn’t overheat the concentrates making flavor useful in all the available settings.

Ease of use

The device comes with a magnetic cap and has an atomizer of right size. The loading of concentrate is almost effortless, while only five clicks can turn on the device. The device operates using one button and cycle through different temperature settings using the same button.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The device involves the simple cleaning method where at first, all the connection places between the coil and the battery are cleaning with a cotton swab and the ISO alcohol. Secondly, the residue from the airflow holes is cleaned. Subsequently, take off the mouthpiece to push the tool into the mouthpiece and remove the airflow regulator.

Submerge the mouthpiece and airflow regulator in ISO alcohol. Leave both of them for 15 minutes, at least—further, heat-up the atomizer for 4 seconds ad use a q-tip to remove the atomizer’s residue. Clean the heating plate’s bottom using cotton and then move on to dry heating atomizer to evaporate anything left. Please leave it to dry for 10-15 minutes.

Reconvene the regulator, mouthpiece, and atomizer. Again, heat-up the atomizer dry for 3 seconds before loading it. Do not rinse the atomizer with water and make sure alcohol is dried before using the device.

1 Year Warranty

Finally, the device comes with a one-year-long warranty. You can replace it if it stops walking or have some technical issues in the first year of use.

Our Final Thoughts!

In conclusion, Dr. Dabber Stella is a hit! At Haze Smoke Shop, we offer this premium vaporizer that anyone can buy for under $200 that delivers on all fronts. The device is handy and straightforward with updated features. Without any doubt, Stella is one of the best vape pens and is available at an affordable price for everyone!