Puffco Plus V2 Review-A Top Level Magnificent Pen for 2020

Puffco Plus V2 - Haze Smoke Shop USA

Markedly, the dab rig’s popularity is growing with passing time has led to Puffco to revolutionize its population Puffco Plus Flavorful concentrate dab pen and create a new sleek model: Puffco Plus V2. Moreover, the new design features the type of elements that allows dedicated enthusiast to experience the best dabbing experiences on the go!

Certainly, Puffco has a reputation of manufacturing the best products and their dabbing pens are considered to be best choice in the market. So, we decided to give you a breakdown of a Puffco plus V2 in detailed manner. Is the new Puffco plusV2 worth buying? Let’s find out at Haze Smoke Shop!

What Comes in the Puffco Plus V2 Box?

When you buy a dabbing pen, you would expect you to find everything necessary to start dabbing. Fortunately, this is certain with the latest Puffco plus V2. Let’s find out about what comes in the box!

  • Puffco plus V2 Device
  • Cleaning Swabs
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Two Grips– Colored

An Exquisitely designed Superior Vaporizer

Now that we know what comes in the box, it is now time to take a closer look at the latest release design. One important known fact about the Puffco is that they release superior vaporizers, and Puffco plus V2 is no different. First, it has a pen’s size and comes with a taper, making the device discrete and portable.

The design features a lighted button that illuminates upon press and dims when released. Additionally, the Puffco plus V2 is stylish and a durable device with lightweight.

Puffco Plus V2 - Haze Smoke Shop USA
Puffco Plus V2 - Haze Smoke Shop USA

Color Options for Puffco Plus V2

The Puffco Plus comes in two different colors. One is “Standard Black,” and the new version “Vision.” Moreover, the black comes with a dark brown smoky tint look. On the other hand, the vision features a bright and rainbow-like look, which is attractive. Furthermore, Puffco launched the Vision exclusively for the Puffco Plus V2, making it a huge selling point.

Groundbreaking Features That Make People Opt for Puffco Plus V2!

The next important step is to breakdown the exceptional features that one can find in the Puffco plus V2. Furthermore, the device has introduced a series of improvements that have been integrated into the latest version.  Certainly, the latest features make it one of the powerful devices nearly impossible by the vaporizer of the same size and price. Let’s take a closer look at what you can enjoy using Puffco plus V2!

Puffco Plus V2 - Haze Smoke Shop USA

1. Coil-Less Ceramic Bowl

The first thing anyone notices about the device is the ceramic bowl in the Puffco plus V2. The device comes with an innovative bowl that evenly distributes the heat and lets users experience one of the best flavors one can have with the portable vaporizers.

2. Exceptional Mouthpiece

The next most evident feature of the device is the mouthpiece of the Puffco plus V2 vaporizer. The device has come with a specialized mouthpiece with a carb cap, loading tool, and a built-in splash guard that prevents the material’s splash. The connected dart can be extended by pressing down on the mouthpiece’s tip that ensures easy loading.

3. Three Different Convenient Heat settings

The next important feature it offers is three different heat settings. Puffco believes in the free choice of power according to the desired heat modes. Based on the load’s consumption and size priorities, the user can select the heat setting on the Puffco plus V2. If the user prefers the light or thick flavor, he can choose from three different featured heat settings to find their perfect balance!

4. Sesh-Mode Function

Another feature that is of primary importance is sesh-mode. The device features the 12 second continuous heating mode that can be activated by double-tapping the power button. The device ensures the perfect dose and flavor each time.

5. Long-Lasting Battery and Fast Charging

One of the most critical aspects of a portable vaporizer is battery life. Plus V2’s battery life can be expected between 40 and 50 puffs on a single charge. The average battery life is quite reasonable with a device of this size. The device also features fast charging that includes the USB charging cable that allows users to hot back in no time. The Puffco separately offers a supercharger compatible with Puffco Plus V2 that charges the device in almost 35 minutes.

How to use Puffco Plus V2

The Plus V2 is a very user-friendly device. The experts advise users to use it as a rig and frequently be cleaned to preserve the flavor.

user-friendly device
  • The first step is the removal of the detachable mouthpiece from the device.
  • The next step involved using the dart from the mouthpiece piece to scoop up the wax.
  • Subsequently, reconnect the mouthpiece after placing the wax into the chamber.
  • Press the power button five times to power the device.
  • Adjust the temperature of the device.

Inhale from the mouthpiece after your device is heated

Cleaning & Maintenance

The Puffco plus V2 is easier to clean because it has a ceramic heating chamber. The user gets the five cotton 1-tips with the box that is used to wipe away the residue from the chamber.

Another meaningful way is to heat-up the chamber in sesh mode to melt away residue left in the chamber. Self-cleaning is one of the most practical ways as it requires minimal efforts to clean the device. It is also essential to prevent any clogging. However, regular cleaning can make the user use this pen for a longer time.

Bottom Line

The Puffco plus V2 is a small and durable pen that brings out the flavor in all wax types. It comes with features that you won’t usually see in similarly priced vape pens. However, the product is not for someone fan of intense clouds. On the other hand, it produces the mild and flavorful vapors that most enthusiasts prefer. In conclusion, the Puffco plus V2 is for those who would like to have discrete sessions and prioritize the quality over anything.