Crafty+ (Plus) 2019 Review-A New Joyful RULER is here!

Storz & Bickel launched the new and updated version of dry herb Crafty vaporizer in 2019, CRAFTY+. How exceptional the CFRAFTY+ works in person? Find out here at Haze Smoke Shop!

Crafty, one of the best dry herb vaporizers in the market, has been around for many years. SO, the expectations from the newest version were high too. The latest and updated CRAFTY+ Promises improved battery life and performance and some other boosts making portable vaporizers better than ever!

What’s To Get Excited About?

The original crafty was already considered one of the best dry herb vaporizers in the market, so what’s new in the updated crafty to get excited about? Storz & Bickel claims 30% better heating time, improved battery performance, and the enhanced durability of the device.

Other significant improvements can be noticed during a session and include the improved airflow during a session and third temperature settings, called Super-Boost. The device offers more open airflow making the vaping experience smooth. At the same time, the Super-Boost temperature setting is the highest setting that ensures creamy clouds.

An Integrated Control And a Smartphone App

The CRAFTY+ offers the same integrated control as the original, excluding the Super-Boost temperature that perfects the user’s vaping temperature. The previous version only had two temperature settings. Now the user can temp-step the third perfect temperature setting without evening opening the app, making the vaping experience better than before!

The CRAFTY+ comes with one button for power control. However, if the device connects to the smartphone app, it offers a full control suite. The app allows users to control the temperature, locate the device, access technical information, battery meter, and provide support related to shopping pages and instructions. It allows users to adjust the alerts, brightness, shutoff timer, and to be able to reset the factory settings. Storz & Bickel also offers timely software updates for exceptional performance.

Note: Apple removed all the vaporizing apps from its store on November 15th, 2019, including the Storz & Bickel app. The device works fine without the app but can’t be customized using the app. However, the apps downloaded before November 15th are working fine.

Enhanced Durability

There have been several changes in the updated crafty version to enhance durability. The most notable improvements include better firmware, circuit board, and also improved outer housing material. The outer shell also has new looking cooling fins and directs the heat away from the device’s battery. Storz & Bickel has shown a lot of confidence in the updated design and offers a third-year warranty when a Crafty+ user registers.

Battery Life

One of the primary improvements is the better battery life for CRAFTY+ that has become the selling part. Storz & Bickel has managed to nearly double the battery life as compared to the previous version. The user can enjoy a 5-9 session with a single charge, which is double the original battery. Moreover, it just takes 90 minutes to recharge the battery using power adapter. Also, the device’s battery is irremovable, but since the internal one is improved much, it doesn’t create any problem for the user!


The powerful battery in CRAFTY+ makes it the best choice for those who want to travel with their vape. With CRAFTY+, the user won’t need an extra power bank unless you leave for the day. The device comes in a portable size that fits it into your pocket. Also, the device has a durable body that can handle a few collisions. So, if you take CRAFTY+ out for an adventure, you can use it without any worries!

Healthy Approach 

The CRAFTY+ is made with medical-grade material, including stainless steel and aluminium, and has no ceramics or glass used in it. The air path of the device is detached from the electronics. Moreover, the device has been certified and tested by the TUV SUD, which is Southern Technical Inspection Association in Munich, Germany. The device is tested more than any other vaporizer, so you can always use it without worrying about anything!


CRAFTY+ maintenance is simple and easy. The fully downloadable manual is available online. All you need is some rubbing alcohol along with soapy water for cleaning the device. The brushes empty the bowl from residue and brush off the screen after every session, easy work.

Wear & Tear Set Crafty

Warranty & Accessories

The user will find the accessories and the manuals inside the bag. The “safety” and the “usage” manuals are in different languages that are easy to follow. It comes with a series of back-up screens and drip trays called wear & tear set. Additionally, it offers a QR code scan to register the device with Storz & Bickel to upgrade the warranty from two to three years. Additionally, the use is convenient with liquid pads, dosing capsules, and magazine with dosing capsule to store the dose.

How To Get Best Results Out Of Crafty+?

The CRAFTY+ works very well, no matter whatever setting you use. All the options are available in the smartphone app, and the user can tweak the device to their style. It allows users to use the device with the dosing capsule conveniently. One of the best ways is to use the temp-step with dry herbs in the dosing capsule. The dosing capsules are convenient, keeps the bowl clean, and herbs are cooked without stirring.

Final Thoughts: Should We Get the Crafty+?

The CRAFTY+ is an excellent update on the original crafty as it features significant improvements that leave us excited. The better battery life and enhanced durability make it one of the top vaporizers. Additionally, the heat-up time has slightly improved. Although the original crafty was already exceptional in many ways, Storz & Bickel only offered the necessary changes in the updated version rather than some fancy feature with no real use. In conclusion, if you are looking for a portable dry herb vaporizer, you won’t find a better option than CRAFTY+!