Arizer Extreme Q Review-A1 Vaping with Excellent Value!

Arizer is an established company from Canada with an exceptional reputation in the market. Arizer released Extreme Q in 2010 to give their Extreme line a new face. Certainly, the company’s primary focus was to lift the already favorite product by improving their most critiqued aspects. Moreover, upgraded features transform this device into a powerhouse, all at a bargain price tag! Boasting remote control, digital temperature control, adjustable fan speed, and a host of other updated features, this desktop vaporizer positions itself as a top contender in the market.

Arizer Extreme Q - Haze Smoke Shop USA
Arizer Extreme Q
Arizer Extreme Q - Haze Smoke Shop USA
Arizer Extreme Q

Let’s get started with Extreme Q at Haze Smoke Shop and find out how it survives in the modern market!

1. Design

The Extreme Q is a large cylindrical device that looks striking with a stainless steel body and glossy finish. Furthermore, the device comes with a digital screen at the bottom, surrounded by the button for controlling the fan and temperature. The screen is clear enough to be read from some distance. Moreover, it displays vital information about the speed of the fan and temperature settings. It is fixed on a disc-shaped base that glows a blue color adding to the device’s beauty.

Markedly, the device comes with a handy remote that allows users to control the device without touching it. Moreover, it gives the device a refined look like most modern vapes. Furthermore, the device can be used with tubes or balloons, which is simple to attach.

2. Temperature Flexibility

The device allows users to complete digital control on the temperature setting. Moreover, it allows users to set the temperature between 122°-500°F. However, the device tends to provide great flavor at a lower temperature.

3. Prep Time

It takes around 2 minutes to fill up the balloon with the vapors. On the other hand, if the user uses the other draws method, it would take less time. The glass components get used, so if you are looking to prep it for another session, you will have to wait for 10 to 15 minutes to cool down the device.

4. Performance

The Extreme-Q takes a few minutes to heat up, which is quick for a desktop vaporizer. The device is quiet so that the user won’t be bothered by the fan’s roar at any speed. The user won’t have to worry about the heat as the device’s body remains cool throughout a session. Also, the power adapter lets user to recharge device conveniently.

5. Vapor Quality

Certainly, it offers excellent vapor quality, considering the price is too low for this quality. The vapor path is with a silicone tube or a balloon, which is not as great as the all-glass path. Regardless of the fact, the device produces excellent flavors, especially on the low-temperature settings.

6. How to Use Arizer Extreme Q

You can use the Arizer Extreme Q using a Whip and balloon. Follow the steps below and enjoy vaping!

Arizer Extreme Q - Haze Smoke Shop USA
Arizer Extreme Q with a Whip

Arizer Extreme Q with a Whip

The first even step is to plug in the Extreme Q. Now, set the temperature using the remote or LCD screen. Leave the unit to heat up for at least 15 minutes. Subsequently, load the herbs in the cyclone bowl and place it on the unit. Now, connect the glass elbow to the bowl, whip to the glass elbow & start inhaling from the mouthpiece. Lastly, cool down the bowl after session and then empty it.

Arizer Extreme Q - Haze Smoke Shop USA
Arizer Extreme Q with a Balloon

Arizer Extreme Q with a Balloon

The first step in this regard is the plugin of the Extreme Q. you need to set the temperature using the remote or LCD screen, which is followed by heating of the unit. The unit has to heat up for 15 minutes. Now, attach the mini whip to the bag and load the herbs in the cyclone bowl and place it on the unit. Then, connect the mini whip to the cyclone bowl. Now, turn on the fan to the highest speed and waiting for the bag to fill. Subsequently, turn off the fan and disconnect the mini whip from the bowl and then from the bag. Keep fingers on the mouthpiece till you are ready to inhale from mouthpiece!

Remote Control Keys for Extreme Q

  • The LCD screen has indicator lights for the timer, heat level, and fan.
  • The power button on/off,
  • Up and down keys,
  • A menu button- Temperature settings, adjusting fan speed, setting automatic shut off time, and turning the base light on and off.

Keys on Arizer Extreme Q

Arizer Extreme Q Remote

Fan keys- 1 for low, 2 for medium, and 3 for the high speed.

Light Key- Press one time to turn on the lights, and press again to turn it off.

Power key- Press one time to turn it on, and press again to turn it off.

2H Key- Push this key to turn on the 2 hours shut off time.

4H Key- Push this key to turn on the 4 hours shut off time

OH Key- Push to cancel the shutter time.

Audio Key- Press once to turn on the beef, and press again to turn it off.

Temperature Keys- Press the keys to preheat the unit to different temperature settings automatically.

Plus and Minus Keys- Use to adjust the temperature manually!

7. Cleaning and Maintaining Arizer Extreme Q

The device should be cleaned regularly to make it useable for the longest time. Follow the steps for the best results.

  • Unplug the unit and cool it down before cleaning it.
  • Use the cotton swab, pipe cleaner, and rubbing alcohol to clean the glass components.
  • Rinse the parts with the water to remove the residue from the components.
  • Use the damp cloth to clean the remote control and heating housing.

8. Final Verdict

Most people buy desktop vaporizers because they come with an excellent reputation. However, most of them are expensive and have unnecessary complications. With Extreme Q, you don’t only get great importance but quality vapors as well. Moreover, you will get something that can be used regularly and can be gotten cheap. So, Hurry up & get yours from Haze Smoke Shop!!