Arizer Air 2 Review-Superb Vape Outperforming Predecessor!

The Arizer Air 2 is an updated version of the original Arizer Air. It has brought dry herb vaporizers into the 21st century with updated features such as digital temperature, session control, improved battery, USB charging, larger display, and more color options.

We, at Haze Smoke Shop, had a chance to get our hands on the latest Air II device. Upon first glance, the latest device doesn’t seem different from the predecessor. As soon as you spot the digital display and larger buttons, you sense something new. Most of the device’s improvements are not very obvious, but they matter for enthusiasts a lot!

Arizer Air 2 - Haze Smoke Shop USA
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Tasty & Cool Vapor

Toothsome and cool vapors were the emblem of the original Arizer, and Arizer 2 doesn’t disappoint either! The vapor path is made with glass, ceramic and stainless steel, making sure that no off-flavors and dirt changing taste of vapors. Consequently, the Arizer Air II produces clean and tasty vapors with the use of conduction and convection heating, highlighting the herb’s flavor.

Arizer Air 2 - Haze Smoke Shop USA
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Wide & Open Airflow

The original Arizer Air restricted the airflow while the latest Air II addressed this shortcoming best. Air II comes with a more powerful heating element that allows users to maintain the device’s temperature and draw harder than ever. It also offers an open-air path that evenly distributes the heat around the oven, giving users more smooth and easy draws via glass mouthpiece.

Arizer Air 2 Efficient Hybrid Heating

The latest Air II offers a blend of conduction and convection heating that delivers a clean and efficient vaping experience. The glass stem starts to heat on the bottom and evenly distributes heat through the oven while the air moves through each nook inside the path. The heating element in the Arizer II is compelling and lets the user draw tasteful clouds.

Improved Features of Arizer Air 2 Battery

One of the favorite features of Air II is the replacement of 18650 batteries. If the vaping time offered by Arizer II is not quite enough, you can always bring a couple of extra batteries to keep the party going. Additionally, if you have an issue with your battery, you can always buy a new battery to replace the older one.

The new Arizer Air 2 adds an extra 15 minutes to the original vaping time of 60 minutes. It makes the vape time around 75 to 80 minutes, which is enough for another ten-minute session. It is quite a noticeable improvement for a vaporizer running off a single battery.

Temperature Control with Effortlessly Updated Interface

The days of guessing are gone, and Air II offers digital temperature control with an enlightening OLED display. The small screen illustrates the temperature, battery life, display brightness, and a reminder tone volume. It is simple to use and requires no learning curve.

Arizer Air 2 - Haze Smoke Shop USA
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Arizer Air 2 - Haze Smoke Shop USA
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Arizer Air 2 Robust & Subdued Design

The updated devices have slightly different paths but are in the same spot, but the device uses USB Micro-B rather than DC for charging. The device is available in a carbon black or mystic blue color. Additionally, the outer shell is aluminium that feels light without a battery.

An Improved heat-up Time & Multiple Charger Options

The updated Air 2 reaches the maximum temperature of 410°F in just 100 seconds, which is 5-7 seconds faster than the predecessor. The device is compatible with a Micro USB charger. The additional plus points include the compatibility of dual battery charger with Air II batteries and a car charger that lets users enjoy vaping on the go!

Easy Loading & Cleaning

Although the stem of Air II holds only about 0.15 grams but offers the most comfortable loading of it, grind your herb and load it conveniently to enjoy vaping on the go! Also, the device is maintenance-free, and the removable glass piece makes the cleaning process easier.

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Final thoughts!

The device addresses all the original Air’s shortcomings and noticeably improved the vaping experience for the users. Excellent vapor quality with ease of use and the changeover of batteries makes it a superior choice for many enthusiasts. Check out the Haze Smoke Shop Store today and get your Air II today!